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Exhaust Pipe Hanger question

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by swade41, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. What can I use that will allow me only an inch of hang ? (ok get out of the gutter)
    I need to hang my pipe under the running boards and will attach to the running board bracket. It has to be tucked up tight to the running board for ground clearence. The pipes will exit right in front of the rear wheels and coming off a set of fenderwell headers.
    I thought about using a small length of chain so they are not solid mounted but wanted to hear what else is out there if anything.

  2. J&JHotrods
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    Universal hangers suck. I plan on hanging mine using 3/8ths or 1/2 round stock, bent at a 90, welded to the pipe and somewhere on the frame, and using a modern rubber hanger that you see underneath today's cars/trucks. I do collision repair for a living and get to see what the majority of manufacturers are using. It seems that the chrysler town and country or voyager(whatever) have some of the most durable rubber hangers out there, Saturn vehicles coming in second(just my opinion). If designed properly, it will make removing/installing a snap while providing a secure yet flexible mount for the exhaust system. Put a small bend at the end of the round stock where it goes into the rubber hanger so it will limit it's ability to back out by itself. This is similar to what I was referring to(in the middle). Pypes website.
    Just a thought for ya.

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  3. This is what I did on the other car, this look is from underneath of course at the back side of the pipe. I cut a muffler clamp U-bolt in half and welded it right to the pipe then used one of those oem hangers off of a bracket I made.
    This hanger was the shortest I could find but was still about 3 inches tall

  4. Hackerbilt
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    Use the TPHV6 style mounts. (In J&JHotrods pic)
    Fasten two of them to the runningboard brace inside of the pipe and run a longer hanger thru both at the same time to give support and stability to the exhaust pipe.
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  5. Steves32
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    from So Cal

    Hard to find anything that looks decent.
    These are expensive ($42.00 a pop!) & a little too billet for the room but they work great. I got them in satin & they match the ceramic coated exhaust. Everything else I tried melts the rubber out. Not these.
  6. TexasT
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    from Texas

    call around to some muffler shops and ask about some red "snapper" and L or straight straps to weld to the pipe. The "snapper" looks like the red bushing on the fancy hanger pictured above. Gives some play in the mount to the frame.
  7. lots of time on trucks i use 2 straps with 3/8 hole drilled and 3/8 bolt and a heavy short spring and double nut it and it will have a little give and can swing or move with the bolt

    getting down to a inch or two is gonna take some tricky bracketing but the wire hooks and rubber frame mounts proabbly would be best, and avoid vibrations and not fall apart
    you could even weld the wire hook under the pipe to gain the thickness of the pipe
  8. Hey Eugene how goes it, that rubber mount I used on the t-bucket was about 2 3/4 inches tall so it wasn't bad hiding it behind a 3 1/2 inch pipe. These pipes are 3 inch so not sure if it can be hidden as easy. What kind of spring were you using ?
  9. i was having same problem, found something called exhaust hanger grommets. got them at hortons street rod but you can get them else where. do a search for them. work excellent only need a inch or so of clearence. craig
  10. Danimal
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    I work in OEM exhaust. The red snappers above are made of silicone and much less likely to melt. The black ones are usually a rubber and most of the OEMs direct us to have 40 mm distance to the heat sources. Make sure you keep in mind thermal expansion as an exhaust system will grow as it heats up.

    My company made a good lightweight system and presented it at SAE a few years ago. It mounts almost rigidly by using 10-12mm tube UNDER the pipe and both sides are mounted to rubber or silicone isolators that are hooked to the frame. It keeps the vibration noise down, allows for growth because they pivot as it heats up, and passes durability. They kind of look like the middle ones shown on J&J's post above.

    If you are looking for a real "kitchen sink" isolator, get a rear one from a DTS/Lucern/Le Sabre/Bonneville/Aurora from about 96 on. It has a strap on the outside as well as the rubber core.
  11. fab32
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    Member Emeritus

    Damn Dan, you ALMOST sound like you know what your talking about.:)

  12. wickedgoodracer
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    little on the oddball side but Saab Model 96 and early Saab 99 [MODEL not year] exhaust hangers were 1 1/4 inch long hourglass shaped with a 1/4 inch stud 5/8 inch long at each end. well worth looking into ,they are a simple,clean and strong isolation mount. i use one on each side of the pipe with a strap welded to the bottom of the pipe or two small brackets ,one welded to each side.BTW they cost about $2.00 ea
  13. those are interesting
  14. The old Walker and Maremont exhaust catalogs used to have a section showing all sorts of hangers, not sure if the newer ones do, but worth a shot if you find a friendly parts counterman.

  15. I went to the muff shop and they had no idea what a red snapper was, so off to NAPA's wharehouse. I asked for the book and went through and found a couple different small ones they had in stock.
    I bought the ones I used before and ones like the saab ones, I'll let ya know how and if it works out. I also stopped at Harbor Freight and bought their exhaust pipe expander, let ya know if that thing works or not too.
  16. Well that exhaust expander would expand a wet piece of toilet paper but not the pipe, the pipe would keep spinning the more you cranked the expander.
    I went to a custom exhaust shop and they did the two ends I needed and I also picked up a different hanger from them. I used that hanger with a bit of modification and all that's left is the kick outs.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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