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History Ex-Dave Duncan '32 Roadster (West Australia)

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Brootal, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. I'm looking for more info on this roadster that was built in Western Australia in the mid-60s. It was built by David Duncan and last I heard it was bought by a Frenchman, possibly a friend of @Empire32.

    It's for a magazine story that I'm working on and it would be great to get more photos, and hopefully, some current photos from the new owner.

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  2. I hope someone can help. BTW that's a pretty decent old shot. Is it a slide (transparency)?
  3. I imagine so, Tony. Sure looks like it was scanned off a transparency. The colours always look so much nicer.
  4. swifty
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    Boris, car was featured in the first issue of Custom Rodder and was called "The Bandit" cos it took most of David's money! Car at that stage was painted Moonstone White with red metalflake dash and red interior. Exhaust was the same but grill insert was different.
    Corey posted a pic of this car on cover of our January newsletter and he got that pic off an English website which would tie in with the French Connection.

  5. Cheers, swifty. I've seen a scan of that 'Bandit' story. Sounds like not much has changed since the 60s in that respect! LOL
  6. rooman
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    I have a colour trannie of it at Brooksfield Dragway (most likely immediately following the SA Hot Rod Show) and will search through my files for it.

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  7. That would be awesome, @rooman.
  8. hudson48
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    Australian Hot Rodding History there. Shame if it has left our shores.
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  9. Dragging this one up for old time's sake. I got an email from the current owner in France saying that the car was on the cover of a magazine in 1965. I think it's unlikely as the car was only just finished. When featured in Custom Rodder in 1967 it was white, but Dave had already repainted the car candy apple red by then.

    I called Dave and he seems to think that when the car was at the SA Hot Rod Show Eddie Ford took some more photos of it. Any idea whether the candy apple red version made it into the pages of Custom Rodder? Either way, it would be cool to see the pics. @swifty???

    The car was on the cover of Australian Hot Rodding Review in Sept '67 with Vince Berriman's roadster.
  10. grumpy32
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    from Australia

    Check out the South Australian Hot Rod Heritage page on FB, I have seen it mentioned on there. Larry Kavanagh has a great memory regarding old hot rods, if Rooman can't help that is.
    That is a very cool looking roadster.... unfortunately a little bit before my time...

  11. Thanks @grumpy32, I have checked out that FB page a while back. Lots of very cool photos from the car shows, etc. but I don't think there was anything in regards to magazine coverage.
  12. Is that Brooksfield in pic above?
  13. RoddyB34
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  14. Yep.
  15. rooman
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    Finally found it.

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  16. Awesome. That candy paintjob looks killer.

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