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Ethanol - How are you dealing with it?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by johnnybronco, May 2, 2012.

  1. Tman
    Joined: Mar 2, 2001
    Posts: 34,954


    You have other issues that have nothing to do with ethanol.
  2. djust
    Joined: May 31, 2006
    Posts: 1,230

    from Oklahoma

    Were still lucky here where I live and most stations have the real deal.
    I like stopping at the stations that have big signs out front saying 100% gas, no corn here!!
  3. gatordave
    Joined: May 28, 2010
    Posts: 57


    I don't drive my '56 much, but I throw in a can of SeaFoam two or three times a year. Just moved to Dunedin, FL, and found a station a half-mile away that sells non-ethanol gas (91 octane). It's just 20 cents or so more expensive than 93 w/ethanol. If you live in the area, it's at Curlew and Alt 19.
    I've started using that gas, but haven't used enough to notice a difference. A couple of Harley guys say the bikes run better on the 91 non-ethanol than the 93 w/ethanol. Time will tell with a small block Chevy.
  4. Mpls 40
    Joined: Mar 18, 2005
    Posts: 165

    Mpls 40

    I know people who obsess over it ... I'm never had a problem. I fill up with low-grade unleaded ... never use Stabil in the winter either and the car fires every spring and runs great.
  5. FuelRoadster
    Joined: Nov 17, 2005
    Posts: 1,078


    Ive been using Marvel Mystery in the fuel tank of my daily '04 GMC crew cab gasser.
    Since the fuel pump (and filter) are IN the fuel tank, I figure it will help the pump a little bit with lubrication.

    It hasn't hurt a thing,& it may prolong the hassle of taking the tank down if the pump ever bites the dust.

    This may also help the electric pumps(and carbs) that some guys use on their Hot Rods.

    It pisses me off when I fill my tank & some of the gas hits the ground when I hang up the pump/nozzle.Then I watch it evaporate as quick or,quicker than laquer thinner or acetone
  6. Truckedup
    Joined: Jul 25, 2006
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    My vehicles,older and newer,chainsaws ,log splitter,ATV and old Triumph 650 all run just fine on 10 percent corn gas with no tuning at all.My saws are newer pro models and that might make a difference? However......After my 50 Chevy truck sits for a week it needs some cranking to get it fired up.The 51 Willys pu doesn't have this problem....And the 10 percent ethanol does leave a sticky residue in the intake after it evaporates like when you pull a carb and spill a little fuel into the manifold.Fresh fuel cleans it up apparently.......And maybe lost one MPG on my newer Jeeps...

  7. I don't get the boiling dry thing. The only boiling problems I have ever had was with 6 cylinders. I got ethanol laced gas in the Willys on my drive, it goes for months at a time without being started or has in the past. I stroke it once and hit the starter. It lights right off, let it run a bit and kick it down off the fast idle. It settles in a mild rump rump just like a 283 should.

    There is only one place to buy ethanol free fuel in KC that is a marina and they will not sell you gas for your car. You have to tell them it is for a boat and carry it off in cans.

    The carb in question has been in use since 2004 and I only had the bowls off of it once. When we changed the fuel lines a couple of years ago I managed to gouge the rubber line and got some pieces in the needles.

    Of course I run holley carbs they are pretty much set it and forget it.

    I have let some of my stuff sit a long time without anything special at all.

    I di use alcohol resistant flex lines on everything that I put together. I haven't gotten to the teflon lined lines yet. I have to change my flex lines at least every two years, better if I do it annually, but sometimes I get lazy. My lines rot on the outside. That is actually caused by hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, or air pollution if you prefer. I suppose when i get out in the country it won't be as big a problem.
  8. Ddooce
    Joined: Oct 27, 2010
    Posts: 132

    from Memphis Tn

    There are many additives available to take care of the Ethanol problems. I get a lot of snake oil salesmen calling on me at work and I have had samples from all of them which I have "tested" in my own vehicle - 283/ edelbrock carb/ electric pump.
    I can say that all of them work - the best is Stabil, marine version blue, and the new BG two part.
    I cannot comment on price as I still have enough "test" supplies to last a while.
    There is also a web site that list all the ethanol free gas staions country wide - I forget the details.
    I am surprised that many have used ethanol without problems - I left one car for a year unstarted due to ill health and the stuff corroded the carb internally.
    At the best 10% ethanol seems to translate to 10% worse gas milage.
  9. We just pay a few cents more per gallon around here for non-ethanol fuel in any grade.
  10. farmboyhotrodder
    Joined: Dec 19, 2011
    Posts: 66

    from PA

    Nobody mentioned Sea Foam's fuel stabilizer. It was the only thing that worked with the ethanol based fuels when first introduced. Sta-bil actually reformulated their stabilizer to work on the ethanol crap later on. With 2 cycle engines, the manufacturers recommend that you ONLY use mid grade or higher gasoline with their mix. Otherwise the unit will overheat and fail prematurely. Until the elimination of this ethanol-garbage they call gasoline now, we will have to suffer with fuel system problems. Not like the old days with varnish being the only culprit. . . . . Corn belongs in food. Not gasoline!
  11. My lawn mower sits normally from Aug to May. I had to start mowing early this year but normally Aug to May. It is late model so it is built ethanol friendly but it fires right up just like I used it yesterday. I can see through the side of the fuel tank and I don't see any separation.

    2 stroke motors is going to be an entirely different animal. But the fuel for my chain saw sat for two years, I gave it a shake filled the tank and went on with life.

    I probably shouldn't say this but hell I have already pissed someone else off with statements along the same line. I think a lot of the problems with ethanol fuel have to do with poor mechanical ability, and well worn parts.

    I do not think that the OP is having a problem along those lines, if his carb is crapping out on him it probably has to do with low grade parts. That autolite should never ever have a fuel related problem. It should get cleaned up one time assembled and run for the duration.

    I just noticed your edit. Priceless. :D:D:D
  12. You are lucky you are not in good ol' Missouri you could end up on the sex offender's list for that. :D

    I have a personal wish, I wish they would make the alcohol out of wood. Saw dust is free because no on wants it, they used to burn it at saw mills. Methanol is a better product to burn in an engine. :D

    Can you see it, a trip down to the methanol pump in your fuel roadster. Then blasting on up the road, slight flames out of your headers that are glowing red hot.
  13. bohica2xo
    Joined: Mar 6, 2012
    Posts: 153

    from Las Vegas

    Gasoline boiling is not related to ethanol. Ethanol boils @ 173f

    Many of the components in gasoline boil off way before that. Of the many compounds in modern gasoline, some boil below 50f Gasoline has always had a requirement to maintain a flash point below -45f Otherwise nobody would be able to start a car in Winnipeg in the winter.

    Gasoline has changed quite a bit over the years. According to my 1931 SAE Handbook, gasoline octane ratings over 100 were predicted as a "probable future development".

    For an interesting look at fuel mixtures, look at this testing:

    Even the same fuel brand from different stations varies. Then they get in to "adulterated" fuels. Stations that have mixtures of fuel in one tank.

    A carb on a hot engine will rapidly evaporate half of the chemicals listed in that report.


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