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electrial problem

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by chainsaw, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. I have a short that I cant track down on my 62 t bird. The airride switch is spliced into the power window wiring . I have voltage to both the power window switch and to the airride switch but neither works. If I drive for awhile, both will start working again (loose connection I cant find ?) and they both stop working at the same time. If the power window switch is bad (none of the windows work) will it still pass voltage to the airride switch but not let it or the windows work? I cant figure why I have voltage at both switches but neither works. Thanks.
  2. Your getting voltage but no amps.
  3. Yup, To much Amp draw. Usually, on any additional equipment they're( for exp. AirBag systems) run on their own power source. No tie in with existing components.
  4. I would start checking grounds...All clean and tight

  5. How do I get more amps? It looks like the airride is hooked into a connection on the original wiring (not sure what was disconnected to do this) When I was checking for voltage I unplugged the airride switch and the windows still didn't work. When they do work they both work with the car running or off in the acc. position. All the grounds and connections seem to be good, everything else works fine. Thanks.
  6. 40FordGuy
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    Power windows are usually wired thru a self resetting circuit breaker; Adding the air ride pump is overloading that circuit, and the breaker trips. After a while, it self resets.
    Take that air ride pump off the window circuit, and give it it's own, independent electrical feed.

  7. 24riverview
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    What 40fordguy said, the wiring diagram I have shows a relay fed from the starter relay, controlled by the ignition switch that feeds power to a 30 amp circuit breaker. I'd start checking there to see where you're losing power but I'd bet on a over worked circuit breaker myself.
  8. The pump is wired to a separate toggle switch and still works when the windows don't. Only the solenoids are hooked into the windows. When you drive, sometimes it starts working within 2 or 3 minutes, sometimes it takes over 30 minutes, no real pattern to it.
  9. Marcel8u
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    I take it you didn't wire the air ride yourself... I would re wire the air ride system, take it off power window circuit, and fuse the new air ride circuit.

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  10. M224SPEED
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    from Missouri

    I agree 100% with what some of the guys said,rewire that air ride connection to a relay all on a seperate circuit for the air ride ONLY.
    Also take a good look at the present wiring and grounds for those power windows as I am sure they have been overloaded !!
  11. handyandy289
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    from Georgia

    Ground. Connect a temporary ground to the pump and see if that corrects the problem.
  12. indyjps
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    If the window circuit is on a self resetting relay, the alternator kicking on may alow it to rest, this gives you the random situation you have, move the airride to its own circuit
  13. Thanks guys , I'm going to rewire it today as suggested.
  14. Okatoma cruiser
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    Okatoma cruiser
    from Ms

    Really clean ground connections make life easier!
  15. Ok, I just rewired the airride straight to the acc. position on the fuse box. Airride works again but still no power windows. Ill look into that latter.
  16. 325w
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    On later model cars sometimes the wire in the door jamb breaks down. Normally from being opened and closed so much. Jus a thought.
  17. You nailed it . The 30 amp circuit breaker is bad. took off the two wires and jumped them together and the windows work again. Just have to order a new circurt breaker and I should be good to go. Thanks again for everyones help.

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