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Edsel - The other Ford

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by chevy57dude, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    63 years ago today, September 4, 1957 - Amid much fanfare drummed up by Ford, was "E Day". The day the Edsel was introduced. Some love 'em, some don't. Few were hot rodded. This '58 Pacer 2 door HT has a sleek look, swept trim and a generous cove on the quarter while other makes were heavy on the tail fins.
    Now, this is more like it.
    Post up what you've got!
  2. Wow! That pacer is a really cool looking car !
  3. Yes, a bit "heavy" on the front end treatment. But cool.
  4. I bought a 58 Ranger wagon for parts to convert my 57 ranchero to an Edchero. A buddy with a 57 ranch wagon two door wanted the edsel parts more than I did. His wagon came out gorgeous!

  5. back up for further consideration:D
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  6. BuckeyeBuicks
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    from ohio

    Since ugly seems to be kool these days I guess you could call some Edsels kind of kool:rolleyes:
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  7. Spooky
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    I love these cars. The history of the Edsel brand is an amazing read in books such as The Edsel Affair and Disaster in Detroit. The E car as it was called in secret, was designed to fill in a market the higher ups thought needed to be filled between the Ford and Mercury line. Only to be launched during a severe recession and a design that was so different the public did not know what to think. Add to it that assembly line sabotage, the poor car was going to fail. I am on car number 2 in the fine E car family, and my first one was on the HAMB page back in 1997. This time around I have a 2 door hardtop. Going for a prototype vibe, as I get more done I will share more pics.

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  8. "Dramatic Edsel Styling is Here to Stay".........well, but not for long. 1958-753x1024.png
  9. Marketing people, you gotta love 'em. They sit around a big conference table thinking up catchy slogans in an attempt to promote whatever it is they are working on hoping that it will resonate with the buying public.:)........"The Most Beautiful Thing That Ever Happened to Horsepower". :rolleyes:
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  10. ......All due respect to you, @Spooky. It's too easy for many to poke fun at the Edsel now with the safety of years. I personally don't feel they were inherently "bad" cars as many would have us believe, perhaps a poorly timed marketing foible. I would enjoy reading the book you have referenced and I look forward to your new build-up...........Don.:)
  11. A couple of early prototypes. I think the Ford spies were peering into the Pontiac styling studio windows! 4eeb92c8383bca7d9200dc58203a6cfd (1).jpg
  12. alanp561
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    It's possible! When did Bunky Knudsen move from GM to Ford? Nah, that was '68.
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  13. Don -
    Gotta love the ad showing the kid leaning out the window. Instead of being strapped in like an astronaut.
  14. Wish I knew whatever happened to my aunt's photo collection. She had a photo of her son's car he got in '59 when he got out of the Marines. Red and white 58 Citation. Lowered, lakes pipes, center collar and the lettering taken off the grille. Add Blue dots and Moon discs and if memory is correct a reverb added to the radio.

    Only kept it a year, traded it in for a '60 Ford Galaxie. Not even a Starliner. His cool car factor dropped several notches that time.
  15. Spooky
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
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    In 1959 as the clay models were revealed to McNamara he was shown the designs for the 60 Edsel, Ford was also scrapping the to be 60 FoMoCo designs and were hurriedly redesigning for what would be become the 60 models, McNamara told the Edsel staff to just make the car look like the 59 Pontiac.
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  16. Funny how things go in cycles & what was ugly & got laughed at before is now kind of cool! When I was in high school, we had a saying when we saw things that were funny ...."That is as funny as rims on a 4 door" , because back then we all considered 4 doors to be old peoples cars & we were hot rodders. Same with the jokes & disdain about the Edsel, but now they are gaining some popularity.

    I see them for sale with a price tag that I consider to be fair on a regular basis & if the right one comes along with a close to rust free body that I can do a partial restoration on...I might buy one. I have a very close friend that loves our old classics, but is in no position to buy one or have a place to keep one at this time of his life. He would really like to have an Edsel though & I figured maybe I would get one, have him come out & help work on it then when it is done tell him he can have it on a very long term payment plan, so he can go to cruises & shows with us.

    God Bless
  17. Spooky
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
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    THAT is VERY cool of you! Keep me in the loop when you do find an Edsel.
  18. Spooky
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
    Posts: 1,910


    By the way fellers, I'd be glad to be the Edselpedia guy for the page!
  19. 61SuperMonza
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    I have always liked the Edsel and its design elements have become even cooler over the course of time.
    I have always liked cars that were on the fringe. Just look at my avatar.
    I think an Edsel with the right stance and slight body mods would be a great looking ride.
    "The most beautiful thing that ever happened to horse power"
  20. I have always liked Edsels. Maybe not my first choice for a Hot Rod. But would make a very cool family cruiser.:) Ron...... 20170321_054806.jpg 20170321_055021.jpg

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