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Early Olds / Later Toploader Mating Problem

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 36 ROKIT, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I'm replacing the LaSalle trans. in my '36 coupe for a mid-sixties Ford and found the input shaft to be one inch short of even reaching the pilot bearing.
    If my measurements are correct, the only conclusion I can "reach", is that the already shallow depth of the adapter (brand unknown) would preclude the use of the stock Olds pressure plate unless an extended pilot bearing were used.
    "Goatroper" (Tony, with Ross Racing) makes an ext. bearing for this setup, so this must not be an uncommon problem with swaps that are not of the cookie-cutter variety.

    Would like to hear from those of you who have run into this problem with ANY swap, really, as I've never heard of extending the p. bearing to compensate. Also, those who have done this specific swap, what brand of adapter did you use and what was the depth of it? (Mine is only 3 5/8" deep and I'm wondering if different sizes were used, depending on the type of p. plate; Ford vs. GM, b&b vs. diaphragm, etc...)
    Thanks in advance,
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    from OHIO

    How long is your input shaft from trans face to end of spline and then to the tip of pilot?

  3. Tony
    Total input length is 6.375" from front of case to tip.
    Tip length that slips into bearing is 1.125", diameter is .678".
    (Have not purchased trans. yet, so don't have spline length, but as I recall, they are @ 3".)
    Do you have some "off the shelf" extended bearings, or do you have to custom make them?
  4. BigChief
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    Make sure you have proper engagement between the clutch hub and input shaft splines. If the input shaft is that short your clutch hub may be riding out on the end splines and thats going to cause issues.

    Also, there's only so far you can go with the extended pilot bushing. Lengthening your input shaft pilot bushing snout is a possibility providing the clutch is riding OK on the splines. We've done a couple that way. Involves removing the shaft from the trans, some basic machine work and some welding but it works quite well.


  5. RichFox
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    Had to do that using a Chevy trans behind a early, long bellhousing 331 Chrysler. Plenty of room for any pressure plate in there. Worked fine for me.
  6. Thanks for the responses, guys. Guess I'll jump off the fence, get the trans. and mock it
    up to be sure...(not to be confused w/ mucking it up).

    Anyone else run into this scenario w/ this setup or other swaps??
  7. mullskull
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    did you ever solve this problem...
    i'm dealing with the same issue!!

  8. Rich, What are you putting behind the Olds? Can you elaborate? Good to see that you are making progress.
  9. mullskull
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    I'm running a T5...the gear box is out of a 80's camaro,and the tailshaft from an s-10...the adapter is a eelco (HUGE MISTAKE!)..... With the help of bob from Bentsons I figured out that the pilot isn't sitting in the pilot bushing's short about the length of the pilot...this explains the excessive play in the clutch fork.... from here I contacted Tony at Ross racing....I gave him some measurements and he is making me up an extended pilot get around having a custom TOB made, and dealing with clutch forks and adjustments...I have opted to run a hydraulic TOB ....this I also got through Ross racing... I'll have a local friction shop put me together a 11" pressure plate and yes progress is being made...the frame is all finish welded and now the clutch problem is solved.....on to the next problem!!!! moral of this the complete kit from Bentsons or Ross racing...the sad truth is most people don't know jack(including me) but these guys know their Shit!
  10. I'm using a 65' Ford top loader four speed behind my 55' Olds engine. I have a Speed Gems adapter bellhousing pt. # SG62. With it came a pilot bearing adapter. I used bearing # 1203-FO,or 6203Z,clutch fork from 52'-54' Ford, throw out bearing # AB-7561 A, or N-1439 (NAPA). The trans has two sets of bolt holes. I use the inner holes to match the bellhousing. If using a four speed, the center hole in the bellhousing need to be enlarged to match the input bearing cover on the front of the trans case. I also had to shorten the input shaft about 1/8" as it bound up the engine when I tried to tighten the bellhousing bolts. I hope this info helps .
  11. HMM! I have a transdapt Olds to GM bell I was going to use for my T5 someday. Operative word here is "someday"! Nothing ever seems to get done lately.
    How deep is your Eelco adapter anyway? Just curious so I can compare it to my TD unit.
    And I would agree you are working with the best now.
  12. mullskull
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    with the adapter off of the trans, and face down on the bench it measures 3 1/2".. mating surface to mating surface....
    Tony at Ross racing was saying his is 3 5/16"...

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