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Technical Early Mustang power steering to Falcon - Tie rod ends?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by alteredpilot, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. I have all the stuff to put mustang power steering on a 64 1/2 Falcon sprint. Except drivers side outer tie rod end. The Mustang tie rods are too small for the falcon spindles. Anyone know if there's a suitable tie rod end that will interchange? I'm going to start doing my legwork, but I figured if someone has already run into this i might save some energy.

    The tie rods i need to replace have a 1/2" stud and the taper runs from about .580 to about .630

    The number on the spindle is C3DA-3107J which as i've discovered is a '64 mercury comet V8. i looked at the 427 model. not sure if its the same spindle on the small block. The mercury tie rod looks straight while the ford unit has a slight curve to it.

    Worst case, I could always put falcon spindles on it.

    thanks in advance.
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  2. Joe Travers
    Joined: Mar 21, 2021
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    Joe Travers
    from Louisiana

    The Comet guys use the '65 spindles on the '64 cars for the upgrade. We're kissing cousins :)

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  3. kabinenroller
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    You will find that the Mustang steering center link is too wide for a Falcon or Comet. Are you planning to use the slave cylinder type unit? I have removed that style from a few cars and went to manual steering because of the constant leaking from the valve unit. I have never seen a slave style unit that did not mark its territory every time it was parked.
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  4. junkman8888
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    I think what you're looking for is what's known as a "tie rod (or spindle) tapered sleeve".
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  5. What Joe said - you need to update to later spindles.....I replaced a few early ones due to break age when I was wrenching for the big bucks on those 63 up FoMoCo's in my 20's.
  6. LWEL9226
    Joined: Jul 7, 2012
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    from So. Oregon

    When I changed my '63 Ranchero to '65 steering and '80 Granada disc brake spindles I went to a parts house and got lucky and found a knowledgeable and helpful counter man that helped me find the right tie rod ends....

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  7. Ford had two different steering linkages for the '63-65 Falcon/Comet V8. '63 to about May of '64 was the first version. This version suffered from bump steer because of the geometry. Shortly after the Mustang came out in April '64, Ford switched the Falcon/Comet to mostly '64.5-66 Mustang parts through '65, reducing their parts inventory. There is no interchange between the two linkages except steering boxes. All Mustang parts fit the later version except the center link which is 1.5" too wide for the Falcon/Comet, and the steering box. The steering box is basically identical, but has a different shaft length. There is two steering ratios, 17:1 for manual cars and 14:1 for power steering. You don't want to put power steering on a manual box car as you'll lose all road feel and have 'twitchy' steering. Had one that had been done on, it was terrible to drive, I took the power steering off. The power boxes aren't easy to find, but as a side note Mercury only used the 'power' box in the '64-65 V8 Comet and they were by no means hard to drive without power steering.

    I'm a Ford guy, and I won't use the Ford linkage-assist power steering. The Falcon doesn't need power steering...
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  8. Man I wish I had seen this before I spent a few hours researching the project. you pretty much summed up what I found. This particular car could certainly benefit from power steering, but this is not the way to do it.
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    I have an early Mustang with a Borgeson power steering box. I really like it. You have to get an aftermarket column since the steering shaft is part of the box originally. I have Granada spindles and outer tie rods. The inner tie rods and drag link are manual steering Mustang. Maybe some of that translates to Falcons? Mustang Steve has a bushing that may work on your tie rods.

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