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History Dueling at Detroit Dragway, 1960

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by J.Ukrop, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. J.Ukrop
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    Dueling at Detroit Dragway, 1960


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  2. 56sedandelivery
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    Cool! @ 4.39 is "Digamus" a PNW car originally ran by the Nelson brother's, and then by Kalivoda and Hamlin. That car is now in the NHRA Museum I believe. I saw the car make a pass at Seattle International Raceway at a nostalgia event; it ran intentionally "out of the groove", to not get traction and break something. I am Butch/56sedan
  3. carcruse
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    Hadn't seen that video before. My brother's truck is racing at the 7:52 mark. Wish the track was still there. The truck currently resides about 2 miles from where the track was.
    det dragway.jpg
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  4. bschwoeble
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    Your killing me with this stuff. I keep telling myself, move on, you can't relive the past. Then I see this. So many of those cars I saw in Hot Rod magazine. Here I am stuck again, thinking of those great years.
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    Typical time of the year in the Motorstate. Weather is shit so our minds drift away. Lately there's been a bit of a rash of later "Dirty D", Detroit Dragway pics on FB and IG. Feels pretty good to see "theHIGHLANDER" on the side of that thing. Decorum prevents me sharing a pic, but it's green (go figure) and has a flat white hood, hint...hint...if you're into checkin that sorta thing out. That same weather misery is why we cherish the Detroit Autorama as we do. I used to call it "cruisin 'graph on foot." Nice hit Joey.
  6. Otie's Automotive
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    Otie's Automotive

    Just recently found some Otie pics I'd never seen before on the Petersen Automotive Museum Archives website They have over 2500 1959 pics and 1700 1960 pics for the Detroit Drags, awesome stuff. These are all of the same Chassis Research car that's in that cover shot.
    793522scr_wm_754ce75607b8fef.jpg View attachment 4542721 793920scr_wm_f1aea08694f824b.jpg 793960scr_wm_ac2d5f6943d0468.jpg 794067scr_wm_849688649e8c285.jpg 794246scr_wm_2b1eadf2458ab0d.jpg 794309scr_wm_fe6ba78f2e1e0ef.jpg 794440scr_wm_702951f1d1d73f4.jpg 794441scr_wm_4529912fdb91fbc.jpg 794528scr_wm_48ea63a528ea53b.jpg 794615scr_wm_56910d61ff48b57.jpg 794658scr_wm_bb845b4b29b907b.jpg 794673scr_wm_8273c7521eeace5.jpg 794813scr_wm_4535147d47228a1.jpg 794888scr_wm_5a16a970f5964cd.jpg 794970scr_wm_c75ab4788c4f5bb.jpg 795119scr_wm_846b6d27d695bcc.jpg 795142scr_wm_f5397a3997c732b.jpg 795312scr_wm_32312cd0bb8ba88.jpg
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  7. 47streetrodder
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  8. 477CC1C4-1769-4762-9CC2-A6DB5D444027.jpeg 76959164-8F17-4AC7-98BF-68066743BCF9.jpeg 74AF44F1-C3CC-40BF-8263-CD2F449A6458.jpeg 15B18FBD-DB10-4AA4-A35C-1AF6675E7403.jpeg 1D7E48C3-DB6F-4EE8-A3F1-1726645B4F06.jpeg 20A648EE-1A4E-4BE9-B011-F968DCF17AA2.jpeg 84AABD86-9D0A-4EE1-B298-1CD8A8AE7E80.jpeg B5AADCF4-5B36-4305-97B1-9D48613F6322.jpeg Man....every pic I find, every post I read...makes me really miss this place...spent plenty of fun night out there as a’s one of those places ya thought would always be there...for awhile we all heard “ they’re building another track down the road at 75 and 275”...then it was “by the airport”...well none of that ever now we have Milan..and I have to admit..I got hooked on drag racing I don’t have the time, money, or desire to build anything like these guys are running today...but you’ll find me out there on the first Friday of every month watching the heads up, and 10.5 tire guys doing incredible things with cars...going to Detroit as a kid the big class was “Super Pro” the 9.90 cars were the big if your running in the 10’s it’s yawn city...I guess another reason I go is because today is someone else “my time at Detroit Dragway” and these days too could be gone...I take my Nephews, we get there at the beginning , eat at the track, and stay there way too long..but man do we have fun and I hope they will remember those times like I remember the Dirty D..
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  9. qzjrd5
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    from Troy, MI

    I went there in the early 90s and the track was already sorta on its last leg. But there was so much history there, sacred ground I guess. The racing was still exciting and they raced late in the dark which made it even more romantic. Every time I drive past the Sibley Road exit on I-75 I think about the place.
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  10. street rod lover
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    street rod lover
    from taylor,mi.

    I swear my dad would take us to the Sears parking lot in lincoln park to see the funny cars displayed. I think I still have a few hand out pics. Does anyone remember that?
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  11. Nice....thanks for posting ! Looked like a run made by the "High and Mighty Plymouth " for the win !
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