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Technical Dual AFBs

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 57 Fargo, Feb 3, 2021.

  1. So as of late I have been down the rabbit hole of looking at dual quad intakes for the 383 in my Chrysler convertible, I’ve read a lot about dual quads but have never run them so forgive me if I sound like an idiot...usually pretty easy for me!

    In reading I see John @carbking, mention when using Genuine Carters, which is what I would want, to start with carbs that were installed on a similar engine, now my first stupid question is does this apply to dual quad setups, as in if I used two 4200s carbs? These were used on 383,413 and 426 engines from what I could find.

    I have one already, I also have edelbrocks but would prefer not to run them.

    I’m hoping for some advice on this not opinions on running holleys or stuff like that, if I spring for an intake I want Carters. Just looking at what carbs would be a good starting point.

    Forgot to mention it’s a stock 383, may get a fresh 400 I have which is stock other than a mild camshaft.

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  2. oldiron 440
    Joined: Dec 12, 2018
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    oldiron 440

    I know that using the correct carbs and tuning is everything also Edelbrock does have the correct carbs. I have friends with a 62 Dodge with the 2 4v 383 and fought with the them for a couple years before getting it worked out.
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  3. I’m not afraid of the tuning, just want to start with the best I can, I would really prefer to stay away from the Carter clones, and run genuine carters.

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  4. wheeltramp brian
    Joined: Jun 11, 2010
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    wheeltramp brian

    I have the correct four-barrel AFB I took off of a 66 charger with a 383 that Worked perfectly Somewhere in my junk And I'd let go cheap . I believe it's the same part number you have 4200 . Let me know I can Search it out of my stuff If you're interested .
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  5. Please do Brian!! I appreciate it

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  6. AHotRod
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    Fargo .... I ran twin Carter AFB 500cfm units on my SBC in my Coupe (version#2) for 17 years.
    I utilized a progressive linkage, with the rear carb used as the primary unit. They produced great power and excellent drivability and 17 MPG ..... and I drove it all the time, 40,000+ miles, and I was never easy on it.

    Coupe 006.jpg


    4091205602_a8f92a834b_o.jpg Daytona 079.jpg
  7. I’m excited about it. I plan to run them with straight linkage

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  8. atch
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    I like your thinking about straight linkage.

    50 years ago I had a 440 with a big Holley double pumper. I had modified the carb linkage so that all 4 barrels opened at the same time. I loved it. There was no lag or burst of power when the back two opened 'cause they were open all the time.

    Of course at 19 years old I never gave fuel mileage a 2nd thought.
  9. I’ve been reading an awful lot and think that’s the way to go, I’ll give it a whirl. I have no issue with carbs, just haven’t run two at the same time.

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  10. Oh and I have a factory cast iron dual quad manifold on the way...bought one on eBay, so it’s happening.

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  11. carbking
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    Fargo - give me a call during normal telephone hours: 573-392-7378 (9-12, 1-4 Mon-Tues central time).

    Be careful with using two Chrysler single fours, as some of the Chrysler single four Carters did not have the secondary auxiliary air valve. Most of them do have the air valve; stay away from those that do not.

    I run two highly modified 625 CFM genuine Carters with straight linkage on my 390. Runs like a scalded dog, and gets fuel economy the Holley folks can only dream about! :D

    Started with two 4759 comp series, but these have Chevrolet calibrations and Chevrolet linkage. I took the guts (primary venturii, secondary venturii, primary jets, secondary jets, step-up rods, vacuum springs, and air valves) from a pair of Lincoln carbs and put them in the comp series. Also used the Lincoln throttle arms, so they look like factory Ford. Tried the set-up with the Lincoln calibration which was slightly lean. Made 2 pair of custom rods, and very happy with the results.

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  12. nosford
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    Are you talking about this type of factory cast iron dual quad setup? Pict 18.jpg Pict 18.jpg
  13. nosford
    Joined: Feb 7, 2011
    Posts: 422


    Sorry for posting the same picture twice, I have an old training filmstrip from Chrysler and was trying to post a couple of pictures from it. Some of it is really corny as they use a little doll called techie to point out "important" features. There is a record that goes along with the filmstrip, you would hear a beep and change the picture to the next one. Pict 07.jpg
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  14. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Did they make those in cast iron?
  15. nosford
    Joined: Feb 7, 2011
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    Yes, they did! Have seen several.
  16. Thanks, I’ll give you a call on Monday Jon.


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  17. One of the old (45 yrs) things I have had in storage is a dual off a Chrysler 300....just finally moved it the other day !
  18. nosford
    Joined: Feb 7, 2011
    Posts: 422


    You are probably better off! Those cross ram duals had problems starting in cold weather trying to get fuel to go uphill with the air, the fuel would condense on the runners and run backwards towards the carb. Once there was enough heat for the fuel to vaporize then no problem.
  19. Carter competition series 600 cfm's


    Carter competition series 500 cfm's

    20190617_190456.jpg 20190617_190448.jpg

    Great carbs to use for an inline dual quad

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  20. They just look so damn cool

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  21. After a fantastic phone call with Jon (@carbking) about carburetor selection I am now on the hunt for Carter AFBs off a Pontiac, 3300s or 3326s. If anyone has one please let me know. Jon was a gentleman and extremely generous with his time in directing me in the right direction!

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  22. 4tford
    Joined: Aug 27, 2005
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    I run mine progressive on my 392 hemi and it's great. I'm running two 600cfm edelbrocks though not carters. 1683097-9b88c623f3a83742ebba9a3d8cf45518.jpg
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  23. Killer Hemi! Mine may end up with edelbrocks until I find suitable AFBs as per Jon’s suggestion. Need warm weather first.

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