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Technical Dropping a 8BA into a 1936 Roadster

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by sea2jet, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. sea2jet
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    Can someone walk me through what is needed to drop in a later 8BA motor into a 1936 Ford Roadster? What parts are needed and where to get them. I'm assuming motor mounts, bell housing, possible clutch, and re-running the cooling hoses? Are the gains worth the extra effort? Thank You. Mike
  2. I'd be interested in hearing more on this subject too...
  3. I just asked the same question, I am trying to put one in a 39 coupe. This is what I have so far from dwollam,

    I have a '52 block in my '40 Standard. You need the Mercury or truck bell housing which then bolts a stock '39 tranny to the later block. You also need different water pumps, truck also if memory serves me correctly. Mine actually uses the '51-'53 narrow belt car water pumps with adapters to bolt them to the stock '40 biscuits. I have never seen another pair like them. Fan location is also an issue. I have an adapted fan on the crank that I got with the mounts, but I have quit using it in favor of a plastic fan and a turned adapter to bolt it to the '51-'53 fan hub. I found it cools better with that. My engine also has '48 and older type heads with the bypass holes to the water pumps threaded and pipe plugged as the earlier heads don't have that passage. You can make do with your stock 8ba heads and water outlets but it is a little awkward dealing with the radiator hoses.

    Just realized you have a 49 engine. It already has the wide belts. Mine has narrow belts. Pickup pumps have the wide belts. Exhaust manifolds will be an issue also. Those probably won't fit but stock '39 will bolt on it. I run steel tube headers and dual exhaust.
    Hope this helps, I haven't started yet, good luck
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  4. joe1932
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    from ny

    I put a 49 merc in my 30 coupe. did not cut firewall or move radiator. you can shorten length by going to 1 belt system. i used a 33-38 generator with fan mounted on pully. I had a spacer machined for intake. Maybe this would work for your coupe. check height because fan will be higher. worked great for me. - Joe

  5. 19Fordy
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    This has been discussed on Fordbarn with lots of info. provided.
    Go over there and do a search on putting an 8BA or merc engine in a 1936, 1939 and 1940 Ford..
    Along the way you will find info. that will be "golden".

    Here's a good start. MEMORIZE ALL THE INFO. as stuffing an 8BA in a 36 is the same as a 40 except for the fan clearance problems.
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