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Hot Rods Drop axle kingpin question

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by evobuilder, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. evobuilder
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    I am installing a new drop axle in my 32 roadster and was wondering if my axle should be reamed to the same opening as my spindles or should the axle be tight on the kingpin? My gut says the axle should not be snug (aka tapped in with a brass hammer), but thought I’d ask the H.A.M.B. before making a mistake.

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  2. irishsteve
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    Just this week I installed spindles on a new SoCal dropped axle.The axle ends were so tight I would have had to drive the king pins in with a mallet.I got a ball hone about 7/8 inch,and honed each end to take a slide in fit with one finger.I put a little anti-size on the inside of the axle at final assembly.Someone 30 years from now will thank me.
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  3. alchemy
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    When spindle bushings and axles are fitted they should only be done with the proper adjustable reamer, not some dingle ball or wheel cylinder flex hone.

    Yes, the kingpin should be a firm hand press fit. No hammer needed on a new non-rusty kingpin. And the anti-seize is a great idea. Once the bushings are greased the area should remain well-lubed and rust free.
  4. The kingpin should be a nice slide fit to the axle. It is locked in place with the wedge shaped kingpin bolt and steering stop nuts.
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  5. you would be amazed at what a little time with some emory cloth polishing the inside of the axle will do. I do that with every one I put together and it really makes a difference in assembly and disassembly when needed. also is this a "new" dropped axle or a "new to you" dropped original axle? I have seen some dropped ford axles where the king pin bore gets slightly out of shape and the king pins will not fit with out machining.
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