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Technical Drop axle issue

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by vet57air, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Just received a new chrome 5" drop axle to replace my 4" on my 34 Ford. Installed in the
    car but the spindles would not fit on the axle boss. I called the manufacturer who told me all the chrome ones are like that. "You need to take an abrasive stone and take it down till it fits the spindle". Does this sound reasonable on a axle I just paid close to a $1K for?
  2. OFT
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    Back in the 70's had a Super Bell chromed and had same issue. Couple more after that and same issue. The axle's are intended for painting. Thus the material added during chrome process causes a build up of material. Same thing can happen when you powder coat.
    Sadly yes on the $1k axle-"sand" axle boss a little at a time on both top and bottom until spindle fits.

  3. Im just guessing but is the axle you are referring to a magnum?...........I bought a 5" chrome dropped axle from them and had the exact same problem....It was a nice chrome job with a lot of copper used to fill and make it smooth.........but I couldn't get the spindles on so I a took 2" abraisive sanding disc on the top and bottom and even had to file very carefully on the top of the kingpin hole to get the kingpin in there .............this could have been avoided with a bit of tape on those areas during the copper stage and later removed before the actual chrome goes on eliminating buildup in these areas.
  4. Thx. I did try a little sanding with a knife stone but thinking I will have to go with something a little courser as it was going very slow. What did you use to take yours down?

  5. spooler41
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    My guess would be ,you could do a little judicious grinding on the inside of
    your spindles , it would yield the same results,with out screwing with the

    ........................... Jack
  6. Mine is a magnum also. Was thinking I would have to make a grinding jig to "face it off" but sounds as the "sand off with DA sander and carefully square it off with a stone" works.
  7. FYI, I just got off the phone with Magnum and they tell me they use a stone and sometimes if there is heavy buildup they use a sander and then finish with a stone. Sounds like they battle with the platers as they are suppose to mask off that area.
  8. More shitty aftermarket parts.
    If they know there is a problem, they should FIX the problem.
    Not charge top dollar, and pass the buck to the customer.
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  9. Is this the same Magnum, that has a "bad batch" of axles from China ?
    Bad as in snapping in two, after very few miles.
    Cast from the wrong alloy.
  10. Pewsplace
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    I had the same problem when I had my CE axle powder coated. I used a angle grinder with 80 grit paper and sanded the axle down to fit. The perch areas required the same treatment.
  11. OFT
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    This is what I do. Chrome or powder coat.

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