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Driveshaft Length

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tokyo, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. I am in the part of my build where I am needing a driveshaft. The other night we took some measurements and I wanted to know fi the final number is the correct length (measured from center of u-joint (trans) to center of u-joint (axle)?

    I will let the picture do the talking.

    First time I have ever done it, so I want to make sure I do it right and move on.


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  2. You are going to have to have a transmission yoke to be able to get the correct measurement . HRP
  3. To tell you the truth, you should ask your driveshaft shop. I know when I had mine done they gave me a couple of different way to measure. I assume you will take it to a driveshaft plat to have it balanced? Todd
  4. Are you building the driveshaft yourself or taking the measurements to a shop? If the latter, stop and contact the shop. Each one has a little different way they want you to measure. They will tell you.
    And if you are building yourself, HRP is right, you need to consider the yokes on both ends of the d-shaft. When building my own, I like to assemble all yokes (4 total) and then take measurements between the inner flange edges. Then subtract spline travel.
    Edit: Haha, tug types faster than I do.
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  5. dbradley
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  6. Primer - my plan is to take my measurements to a shop.

    I have a trans yoke. When I put it in to the trans flush then pull it back to the rub line, the distance between the two u joints is 57 1/8th inch.
  7. Master of None
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    Master of None

    Machine shops around here(Iowa) want you to measure from the center of the u-joint in the rear yoke to the center of the u-joint in the front yoke of the trans.
  8. Doublecheck with your driveline shop just to be safe. Make sure that you are all on the same page!:)
  9. Deuce Roadster
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    Deuce Roadster
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    I rarely ever get a driveshaft made :)
    I find them ... in the correct lenght ...

    A 1963 Chrysler abd a 1963 Dodge 880 has a driveshaft that is 57 and 1/4 :D

    So does a 62/63 Fairlane

    And a 68/69 Comet or Fairlane

    The fact is A LOT of vehicles have a driveshaft that lenght. The junk yard I frequent has a room with driveshafts just hanging from racks. Hundreds of them. ALMOST always find the right one for my projects without the expense of a new driveshaft.

    BUT ... LOTS more have them too long. If you can get one too long ( for low $$$ ) with the correct yoke on it ... just have it shortened ...

    As a general rule ... way less expensive than a NEW driveshaft.
  10. long island vic
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    long island vic

    seal of thans too center of u joint on the rear,,,with the car on the ground or jacked under the rear so its at ride height.....vic nassau driveshaft
  11. Deuce...that is SOOO helpful.

    I can now make some plans.

  12. 325w
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    from texas

    Always ask the guy making the shaft how he wants you to measure it. They differ.
  13. 50merc808
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    like everyone said you should ask whoever is going to make the driveshaft for you. But the shop in my area says; go center to center (u joint) at ride height with the yoke all the way butted up, then knock off no less than 3/4 inch from your measurement.

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