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Dream? Nightmare? Vision?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ratmotor, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Had a dream last night that heard a rumble coming down the street. Turned out to be a big block Chevy powered roadster made out of a 57 Belair! Picture a 57 combined with a Deuce roadster and pie sectioned as well as narrowed. It might be easier to picture a roadster that had 57 fins and tail lights grafted onto it as well as the headlights with narrowed grill and grill bar etc. The car was wider than an actual deuce roadster.Front rims were spoked Americans and the rears were Halibrands,car itself was a very dark metallic blue. Roadster was similar to builds here on the Hamb.It also had a Duvall style windshield! Don't get me wrong as the car looked really cool in the dream! I stopped the guy and asked questions about the car and build. Turned out he was a cheque book gold chainer who was more interested in telling me how many watts the stereo was putting out and how much the car cost to build. I said I had to go and the dream ended.... Was it a dream or a nightmare? Maybe a vision of the cruel future......:eek:
  2. man that is known as inspiration for a new build...
  3. toolman1967
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    Did you hear music and Angels singing when you first saw it? Or maybe dark foreboding tones......
  4. slepe67
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    Either I've had the same dream, or I've seen a '57 Chevy Roadster.

    Was it on MFS videos??? This is going to bug the hell out of me now...

    Either way...I wont ever build one & dont think anybody else should either...kind of a waste of good vintage steel :)
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  5. porknbeaner
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    That is called realty bumps into plowboy. he usually builds his creations out of something that is either beyond repair or something that no one would want.

    Well I guess I can't inderstand why someone would want a tri-five chevy anyway. :D:D

    You are going to do this right? I think you have a cruel future ahead my friend. I would do it if I had the vision but I might want to use a nomad. Sounds like a winner to me. :cool:
  6. 345winder
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    hey ratmotor, what color was it?
  8. "Very dark metallic blue".....
  9. flatheadpete
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    from Burton, MI

    Here ya go....dont mind the throw up paint.....

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  10. Bigdaddyhemi
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    I have had similar dreams only mine usually incorperate what I was doing on my ride earlier in the evening. I didn't know that installing a new shifter and e-brake set up could turn into something so Like dreaming about my rides but for some reason I wake up thinking about something
  11. Gator
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  12. More like this but the body was narrowed and tapered as it went towards the front.Roadster body with Duval windshield,about this color. The wheels were outside the body not inside the quarters or front fenders.

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