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Drag tech/advice in Sacramento

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Eddie's chop shop, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Yo Baby
    Joined: Jul 11, 2004
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    Yo Baby

    Ha Ha Ha,I bet you are just scared stiff,LOL
    Wada about me/us all us other poor gasser guy's are you sayin' you're gonna leave us out in the cold for Mr.Beck??
    Who are we gonna race with? Waaa Waaaa
    Do we have dates yet?
    I just fired my old pile today for the first time since last year.Thought I was gonna have to put a flex plate in it but it just ate a starter nose.I feel so much better now after breathin' in a little aldehide.
    The smell has faded from the shop but soon to return.The Hillbilly Hot will Ride Again!
  2. Wesley
    Joined: Aug 12, 2006
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    I have a 27 t roadster that runs nines and although I could run this car on the street it would be difficult at best. First of all a legal cage is almost impossible to work with on the street, not to mention the slicks and the absence of any real ground clearance. My car was built with the low 9 second high 8 second target in mind. That being said, 145 mph is about as fast as you will see a full fendered T go as aerodynamics become a full fedged wall any faster than that. It takes alot of power and a really good chassis to run into the nines. My car weighs 2100 pounds with my lard ass in it and full of fuel. The engine is a 14 to 1 489 cid BBC that dyno'ed at 640 hp at 6600 rpm and 540 ft/lb torque at 5400 rpm. The trans is a race prepped glide with a trans-brake and a 5400rpm converter. The point being is that a 9 second car might be able to be driven on the street, it will almost never be streetable. While this is my opinion and we all know what opinions are like, I have been building and racing cars for over 30 years, I have seen this subject covered before,
  3. dragrcr50
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    well we have for certain the nitro nationals at tulsa as we are on the flyer and in the show june 30th and ahra reunion in mokan etc looks like 10 gassers and the two of us in our uh... altereds
  4. Blair
    Joined: Jul 28, 2005
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    from xx

    I'm not sure about Sac. but I have run at sonoma before (its been a while though) and the cage requirements were something like 11.99 and faster needs a 4-point, 10.99 and faster needs a 6 point, 9.99 and faster was a 10-point. The tubing requirements were something like 1 3/4 .108 at the thinnest point (meaning use .120 wall tubing because it will thin in the bends). I don't think it can be MIG'd either, it has to be TIG'd. I could be wrong though as that is just how I remember it, and I'm really unsure about the type of welding, that sticks in my head for some reason. Call the track and they will tell you for sure.

    By the way, it will take over 600HP to run in the nines in a car of the weight you are building, it has been said already though...
  5. Kingdon is three days this year. may 18-20. $100 bucks lets you race all three days! Come out and watch. Or, bring your Vette! There's a guy out there with a Stove bolt 6 that'll mop the floor with you. Me? I'm shootin for high 12's and might make it if I throw a wrench at it. 293 cu in sbc 400+/- hp
    th350 9in w/ 3.50's Good luck with the 9's!
  6. I'll say right now that your coupe with that rear suspension and those slicks probably won't run in the 11's, let alone 9's.

    And then... add to that a 327?

    The 327 better have 14:1 compression, a roller cam, aluminum rods and a kick ass set of aluminum heads... plan on dropping 10k in the motor.

    You could do it a little easier with a drag race style rear suspension... and a big inch small block... and drag slicks instead of those ratabilly slicks.

    The old addage is really true... speed costs money, how fast do you want to go?

  7. Yea... you're wrong.

    The minimum for a cage is 1 5/8" .118 for mild steel and it can be MIG welded.

  8. 60man
    Joined: Jan 1, 2007
    Posts: 148

    Member had better buy a rule book FIRST. It's not easy to run nines...even with a light car. Safety should be your first concern...for others as well as yourself.....enter the "Rule Book". That will dictate how you have to build your car with the given choices. I had asperations of running nines this season but backed off due to rule changes and the COST of complying..
    FWIW: My car is a Barge!! ....all 4,000 lbs of it. I cranked out 11.4-11.6's last season after doing it for 5 seasons....took 528 RWHP and more important...over 600 PFT/torque..I run a 464 CI race gas Pontiac motor. There is a 750+/- HP motor for coming season. It was going to be about 850 HP, naturally asperated !! Don't ask me how much money I have in the motor. :eek: You say easy to run nines....just drop that motor into a 2,000 lb car.....then ya got make it hook and go straight !! All I'm saying is ain't as easy as you think...
    There are very few 11 second true street cars out there..blown or other wise... my car pulls off 1.50 sixty foot many street cars can do that...even with slicks.
    I do know some guys runing big inch motors capable of limited street use that can run low nines but.....use a 300-350HP shot of N2O....Nitrous Oxide baby..
    Not trying to preach to ya...just relating to you what I've done/seen. Just build it safe !!

    Boy I didn't mean to be yelling on this thread...didn't notice bold key was activated...too late now !!:D

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