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Drag-fast shifters

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Tinbender, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. I bought one at the Monroe swap this weekend. Anyone know anything about them? I gave 20 bucks for it. Are they any good? It looks to be in good shape. I'd like to use it in my 33. If it's junk, for the price I'll hang it on the wall.
    BTW, it was a good swap meet. I got the shifter, a Schwinn deluxe speedster(cherry!) and a neutral safety/LED shift indicator for the Stude(15 bucks) Also met Badpat from the board, and gave him some pictures of his new boat! Nice shirts Pat, thanks! Even the wife liked the Flat Black Bastards shirt!
  2. old beet
    Joined: Sep 25, 2002
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    old beet

    Drag-Fast was a local company, from the Seattle area. I think they sold out to Hurst. The guy that started it ran S.I.R. for some years. Clark Marshall I think.. Also made some cool, round spin on header caps. Sold a pair to Hambr "MARSHALL" some years ago, wish I had um back......OLDBEET
  3. Not the same quality as the Hurst shifters. They were prone to locking up between gears when worn a bit. Possibly one step above a worn out stock column shifter. I wonder how many ford and chevy 3 speed trannys bit the dust because of these el-cheapo shifters.
    It'd make a nice wall decoration.
  4. Oh well, it looks cool, guess I'll find some wall space for it.

  5. 12pack
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    i may have one in my car but i would have to see a pic of yours.i also have a working dragfast tach that i will be using in my roadster.
  6. BigJim394
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    Knew a guy who had one on a 3spd manual. Seemed to work OK, but he eventually put a Hurst shifter in the car.
    Different shift pattern (straight line) than a Hurst Mystery shifter.
    (description from an old speed catalog ad for Drag fast shifters):

    To shift gears, you simply push lever down and forward for low, pull back for second and then push forward for high. For reverse push down and back.

    I was told they also made a shifter for Hydros but I have never seen one.
  7. 12pack
    Joined: Jun 10, 2002
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    yup thats the one i have,it works realy good so i think ill keep it in the car thanks for that info guys.i was wondering where it came from. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. scrotilson
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    Clark Marshall ran Puyallup Raceways (not SIR. Bill Doner ran that one). His company was called "California Equipment Company". They made the Drag Fast shifters, and a bunch of other speed equipment for quite a few years, here in Seattle. Must have been relatively successful. I have HOT ROD magazines from the way early '60s, that have full page ads (first page inside the front cover) for 'Drag Fast' speed goodies. In 1959, he had a Chrysler Hemi powered, nitro fueled dragster built, called the 'Cal-Equipped Special'. First time I seen it run was at the Bay View Drag Strip in '60. He ran that car for a few years. He never drove it. Clark was 6'-5" tall. Clark also was the promoter for quite a few years of the 'Seattle Hot Boat & Speed Show'. The guy knew how to turn a buck !!
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  9. dorf
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    from ohio

    the kids made them in shop class when i went to school .

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