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History Drag Crosley

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by J.Ukrop, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. J.Ukrop
    Joined: Nov 10, 2008
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    Staff Member

    J.Ukrop submitted a new blog post:

    Drag Crosley

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  2. Rocky
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
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    Classified Editor

    From the time I found a Lloyd while rabbit hunting in the sage brush near Bend, Oregon in the mid 60s, I wanted one or so I thought. I happened to find one on the HAMB classifieds in Michigan one day. I had been planning a Lloyd build since the 60s and it was only 500 bux so I bought it and paid Ben D another 500 to deliver it. I parked it behind my privacy fence under a huge pin-oak tree for 10 years...never did a thing to it and it rusted badly, parked over moist ground.
    I finally placed an ad on Craigs list and had to talk a blue streak to get $250 for it! This is it on the new owner's trailer....
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  3. flamingokid
    Joined: Jan 5, 2005
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    s-l1600.jpg I've collected antique radios for the last 35 years or so and I've owned many Crosley radios from the Art Deco era and have many of the "dashboard" style in my collection. I've owned many of their appliances,including a refrigerator,but sadly,never any of their cars.Someday......
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  4. shivasdad
    Joined: May 27, 2007
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    from Texas

    I've been following the "Kami-Crosley" build mainly because the name was so clever. I love the concept of shoving 10 lbs of awesome drivetrain into the five pound sack of a Crosley body. That Lloyd would have made a neat racer as well. good times...
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  5. Marty Strode
    Joined: Apr 28, 2011
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    Marty Strode

    Here's one that ran out of Tacoma, Wa. Buick Powered ! 2012-07-23 153459.jpg
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  6. Gabe Fernando
    Joined: Dec 7, 2008
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    Gabe Fernando

    Looking at the cars in the background & the phone#, kind of establishes some sort of time frame. I think that Crosely for that time period is a pretty 'snazzy' looking machine. Well proportioned and almost looks like a manageable wheel base.

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