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Event Coverage Door prizes at cruise ins what do like?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by fastcar1953, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. Dash Plaques, 50's music cd's and pretty girls
  2. raven
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    Pretty girls without tattoos...

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  3. Around here they have a lot of games, pushrod drop, fanbelt toss, creeper races, etc... they always recognize the veterans present, and do lots for the kids. That brings more people out i think. I've gotten door prizes before that was pretty cool, like a 5 gallon bucket with some car wash, a sponge, window cleaner and paper towels. Worst thing about the show's are hearing the whining because somebody got a trophy and they didn't. I told my son when he was young that he doesn't need 5 guys to tell him his car is cool, all that matters is that he likes it. And if you need a $10 trophy to make you feel accomplished for all of the hours you spent on a car, you did it for the wrong reasons...
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    Amen to that. I’m sick of seeing pretty girls with tattoos.
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  5. Texas57
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    1. 1952-59 Ford Social Group

    A few kinda beat me to it........pretty girls/models offering to do pin-up photo shoots with the cars. Dressed as sexy as possible without being offensive to the community or wives/GFs.
    I never tire of seeing pretty gals...tatoos or not, lol.

    Any historical places in your town that would make for a pre-set-up photo shoot?
    I did a google street view of your tiny as it is, there are lots of places for a good photo shoot.
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  6. Mr T body
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    Mr T body
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    from SoCal

    We get microfibre towels at some of the shows we attend. Always come in handy and not real expensive in quantity.
  7. Back before we sold the theater, we used to donate gift certificates to the local car club for their annual car show. Free movie of their choice, free drinks or free popcorn. Always for two people. Usually they totaled around $100.00.
    Other vendors, such as O'Reillys, AutoZone and Bumper to Bumper, donate gift certificates and/or shop towels, car wax and such.
    Gift certificates or cash seem to be the most popular.
  8. Kiwi 4d
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    Kiwi 4d

    I know door prizes are given by sponsors, but when the event organisers know most people travel a decent days drive away. Then they give away vouchers for a wheel balance or garage for a safety check voucher etc at a shop in their town , it goes in the glove box and gets forgotten.
  9. j3harleys
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  10. j3harleys
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    Many years ago at the Blue Light Special in Loveland Colorado, I won a cooler full of ice and a case of beer. I don't drink but friends really enjoyed it. I'm sure in today's world that's a no no. AS is most every thing we grew up with.
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  11. I won my second door prize ever at a car show this fall! I'm so excited... I got a Jegs hat (just like the one I was wearing), and a bottle of black streak remover. My car lives in the garage, and never has black streaks on it. My fiberglass boat never does either. Oh well, gave the hat to my son and the black streak remover went on a shelf with my other cleaning products. At least I'm a winner!
  12. I've seen several shows and cruise-ins that offered automobile art items. Mostly stuff created by local guys to hang on a garage wall. I enjoy displaying things someone else created.
  13. Blues4U
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    from So Cal

    Car show or cruise in (cruise night)? There's a big difference IMO, and I don't see any reason for door prizes at a cruise in. Are you talking about raffling things off? WTF are door prizes at a cruise in? If there's an entry fee to get in then a dash plaque is cool, a t-shirt is better. No need for "Best xxx". If you want to raffle things off to raise money for a cause, that's cool. But just some kind of door prize? I don't get it.

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