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Technical Door Hinge Pin Help

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Hotrodmyk, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. I have a '34 Pickup with a stuck door hinge pin. I'm looking for "tricks" to get it out. I have used a pin removing tool on the other 3 but the last one will not budge. I have soaked it with all the standard oils to no avail. What have you used? Thanks.
  2. air chisel with a pin punch bit.
  3. 4ever18
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    I use the torch to heat the hinge red then set the pin punch against the pin for a moment or two (as a heat sink) so that the hinge has been expanded more than the pin, then pull the trigger (my pin punch is a specific bit for my air hammer. I have had to jump out of the way of the hot pin being shot into the air, up out of the hinge. ;-)
  4. captainbob
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    from Georgia

    Brute force. Back the hinge up with something heavy and using a punch and large hammer it will move. You may need someone to hold a weighted backup in place. You can also cut off the head and punch it out through the bottom. Also as others say, heat if you can and not mess up your paint.

  5. pins with knurled shoulder can not be pushed out the bottom if the head is cut off.
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  6. sawbuck
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    from 06492 ct

    x2 works every time
  7. rustyangels
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    If it has a shim or washer, cut the pin through that area
  8. verde742
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    1. a veteran died today


  9. 66gmc
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    grind the bottom of the pin flush with the bottom of the hinge, then heat the hinge red hot with a torch and immediately knock it out with a pin punch (if you use an air hammer the pin will go flying accross the room so watch out). When the hinge is heated red hot it expands more than the pin, once it starts cooling the hinge shrinks and the pin will get stuck again.

    When i did the pins on my rpu I didnt have access to a torch so i removed the hinges and beat them out with a pin punch and brute force. It took a long time but they did come out eventually...wouldnt want to do it with the hinge still attached to the door.
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  10. Heat, Heat, Heat..sometimes the only thing that'll work. You want to heat it to the point that it's cherry red then let it cool, that'll expand the metal and let it contract enough to loosen internal rust in the hinge pin hole. Then it'll come out..done many this way.
  11. Got it. It worked X3, just not on the last one.

    Looks like it is heat time. Thanks, guys.
  12. what Verd said.....Bob Drake has a nifty tool.....and heat as necessary....
  13. The blue wrench always works in a situation like this. Even the lowly Bernzomatic torch will work at times.
  14. verde742
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    1. a veteran died today

  15. Will do, thanks for the tip.
  16. Richard Head
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    Richard Head

    I've found that welding a bolt to the top of the pin and then pulling it out with a slide hammer is the most effective way. Hammering up with a punch tends to mushroom the pin if really stuck. I've had some success with the Drake tool, but it will only do so much. I've found that the "push pins" either bend or get stuck in the tool, when you need to switch to another length.

  17. I had one stuck on my truck and I used the Drake tool with heat. I put pressure on the pin with the tool and heated the hinge and applied wax to it. Left it a day or so under the pressure of the tool then heated it again and tried to increase the pressure. Left it again and repeated the process. Over a few days I was able to press the pin out.
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  18. Looks like pin removal tool has already not worked. Heat is your friend in this case, heat the hinge and smack it with a hammer.
    Be sure and back the hinge up with something so you don't warp the hell out of things.
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  19. 35WINDOW
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    Unfortunately I could not get one of the Pins out on my Car after the Drake Tool (bought two-ruined the first one), using Heat, PB Blaster, everything but the kitchen sink-I finally had to drill it (carefully!)-
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  20. Yeah, that's exactly what happened to my Drake tool. Fortunately I bought a second set of pins when I ordered the tool. I like the slide hammer idea.
  21. OKAY Guys, I got the dang thing out today. The pin was flush with the bottom of the hinge, so the air chisel punch didn't work. I started to drill it but that looked like it was going south in a hurry. So what I did was use the hammer head tool on the air chisel and used a starting punch on the pin. Note: I used gloves and a full face shield. After hammering on it for a few minutes (until my hand went numb) I was about to give up and then it moved. It came out smoothly after that. Now the funny thing is, I had been soaking it with PB for literally months. It was still dry and rusty inside. What the ?????
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  22. Glad you posted a followup. A lot of people do not and leave us hanging.
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