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DOH!: How far have you walked after breaking down?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by sgtlethargic, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. A couple miles at around 4-5AM. Circa 1978(?) my street race car ran out of gas on the way home. I get within a couple blocks of my house and I flag down a passing cop (mondo mistake). He flipped a u-turn, got out and slammed my face onto the blazing hot hood of the car. I said, if I was doing something illegal, did you really think I'd FLAG YOU DOWN? Anyway, they kept my face down on the hot hood, where I could read the words "to protect and serve" out of the corner of my eye painted on their car. Needless to say, they refused to give me a ride and expedite the car's recovery before it succumbed to some sort of theft or vandalism.
  2. Lucky77
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    Fortunately only one mile after my Triumph quit. But it wa the longest mile I ever walked. I stopped about fifteen times to try and kick start it while walking directly into the sun in 90 degree weather. Then I almost tipped it over pushing it up the approach in my driveway out of pure exhaustion. Fuckin' Lucas electrics!
  3. Do you know why the English never built televisions? They couldn't ge em to LEAK OIL:D:D:D
  4. Lucky77
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    Haha, my garage floor was relatively clean before I got a Brit bike. One of the funniest picture I've seen was Queen Elizabeth's Bently parked at a charity function and someone put a drip pan under it. The caption read "A lifetime of British vehicles will do that to a person.":D
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    my truck broke down once where the 5 meets the 405 and i had to walk all the way up to mcarthur,im not sure how many miles it was but with work boots on,it fukin sucked!!!!!
  6. safari-wagon
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    Luckily, I never had to actually hoof it, but coming home from a concert in the 70's, I popped a hose on the E-way. I was 7-8 miles fom the next exit & had my GF, sister plus 3 other girls in my 69 Buick. I had no choice but to keep going. When I got to the service station (remember those?) the whole engine was glowing red hot! We had to wait 2 hours before it cooled down enough that I could add water to get it home.

    It took 3 large cans of Bars-leak to seal that POS up & then I drove it to school for 2 more years! Finally scrapped the car when the trans puked. Lost all forward gears 5-6 miles from home, so I did what any idiot would... drove home in reverse! Got some great looks from folks on their way to church when I passed them, backwards!
  7. Thanks for the offer! ... but I wasn't in Simi Valley. I was going from Thousand Oaks to Camarillo, and ran out of gas on Santa Rosa Road.

  8. 2eyed1940will
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    from new york

    Almost made it home on the panhead. Pitch black out, at night, way past my bedtime. It was only a couple of miles, and I knew every twist and bend in the road, but somehow when its completely dark out you loose your point of reference. I began with new sneakers, and small forearms, and ended the night with bald sneeks and Popeye arms... Thats what happens with no phone and too much pride! The old pan still looks at me sheepishly.
  9. bygeorge32
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    from Canton, Ga

    me and a buddy in the old willies jeep. 9 miles deep on the trail and she decides to give up. it took us all day to walk out of there "in flip flops." thats the reson I don't like off road wheeling any more.
  10. havi
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    Maybe OT, but... Got stuck once in the woods, friend stayed with the truck (and mosquitoes), and I tried to walk out (I was more familiar with the area). A couple deer, a sow Bear and cubs, lots of crisscrossing trails, I finally made it out of the woods onto the hwy about midnight. I then walked 20 more miles to the nearest place which was about 6:00 am. Got a ride home, picked up my bronco, McD's breakfast, and headed back out to where he was at. It sucked.

    B.C. before cellphones.
  11. The Lone Wolf
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    The Lone Wolf
    from Malta

    Never had to walk till now thank God.
    But this one time the blocked rad on my shitty Mini overheated the engine till it lost all power , so I pulled off the road onto the grass,took off my T shirt to open the rad cap with and left it to cool down while I kipped down under a tree for an hour.Filled the rad up again from the bottle I always carry and turned for home.
  12. Bettlejuice
    Joined: Apr 27, 2009
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    from WV

    I have AAA, so if I get in trouble I just give them a buzz and let them take care of it, so really the farthest I've walked maybe is a half mile (anything more than that and I'm too lazy, call AAA!). Always pays for itself. Last time I used it was on my way to Florda, heater core started leaking into the plenum ( just my son & I). Had been driving for about 14 hours, was gonna at Brunswick for the night, but had AAA tow it there and drop it at a hotel. Luckly some Bars sealed things back up (I didn't want to bypass the heater core in a full sized SUV's engine bay).

    I've put some serious drunken miles down... Fartest was five miles (@ 4AM). Walk next morning to get my car.

    Worst was a few months ago, been hangin' at a pub all evening eating dinner & having a few, but then went on a bender. Got a ride home that night, but had to walk 2.5 miles to get my car next day. It was about 85* & humid as hell. I REALLY did not want to go. Start walking, got halfway there & sat down on a curb. I THEN proceeded to projectile vomit all over the road, also all over my left leg and shorts. It was horrible, just imagine a buffalo chicken salad, a bunch of beer, and hard liquor. I had to decide if I should go back or trek on, so I decided to keep going. It was one of the most miserable experiences I've gone through recently. Ugh. Still churns my stomach. At least I don't drive, even if the cops see me (alot of them know me for my car & are cool), they don't cite me or anything, just give me a ride!
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