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Hot Rods Does your kid drive is bad as you do?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Pats55, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Latigo
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    “FUN, FUN, FUN till daddy takes the Firebird away!”
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  2. Mr48chev
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    We may be married to sisters separated when they were young. I would have to believe that my wife still holds the Texas record for the number of times one person failed their driving test before they passed it.
    She got better over the years when she had to drive 35 miles one way to work though.
    My first born failed about three times before he got his license and scared the tar out of me just after he got his permit and I tried to teach him to drive.
    My daughter would wheel the Chevy Luv we had around the fields around the house we lived in then when she was about 12. One of my friends did an excellent job of teaching her to drive in driver's ed and if it has wheels on it she can drive it. She is also the best at being towed on a chain or tow strap that I have ever towed too.
    Her younger brother has become better over the years but it took him a while. We won't discuss the amount of money he has forked over for speeding tickets over the years Though.
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  3. gimpyshotrods
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    Even if I had a baby goat, I would not let it drive.
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  4. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    Sound of slapping forehead.
    "I forgot to have kids"!
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  5. gene-koning
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    When my daughter first started driving, I had to buy her 3 cars before she moved out of my house. After that, she started buying her own cars. Most didn't last very long. Any vehicle that survived longer then the payment book (often only 12 months long) was a "survivor" vehicle for her! Yea, if it survived to the end of the payment book before either her or her boy friend killed it, it was definitely a survivor! It took her until in her early 30s before she found a car that actually made it almost 6 months past the end of the payments. The one that followed that one made it a year past the end of the payments. The current ride is a nice ride, and it looks like its going to last a long time. She did get rid of the boy friend about the time the cars started lasting longer..... Gene
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  6. Bill Rinaldi
    Joined: Mar 23, 2006
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    Bill Rinaldi

    34 Larry,Very sorry about you losing La Rae. An all to frequnent story in our lives. As for me, I'm very lucky, been driving for over 65 years (yea 65) only one serious accident, got hit head on by a drugged up young guy, minor broken bones, him too. Have driven 20,000+ miles a year (commute and travel) for most of those years. My wife and I raised 7 kids. The girls are all good drivers, only 1 accident of any consequence, in the pile. Of the boys, not so much. # 2 son, the true hot rod guy, minor accidents only, #3 son wrecked a few, but to his credit only 1 was his fault, #4 only 1, rolled it, wrecked it, and Thank God walked away. Ah yes, #1, Maybe 4 totals, years later as a 25 years professionl truck driver with NO accidents, he had a near fatal accident. By the the grace of GOD he survived--Never the same but still doing quite well, He always points to a sign on the shop wall. "There are 2 types of over the road truck drivers---Those who have HAD the Big one, and those who WILL HAVE the Big one". The voice of experience. Bill
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  7. Ziggster
    Joined: Aug 27, 2018
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    My oldest girl started driving two years ago, and she is a speed demon like her dad. She almost crashed a few weeks ago near our place going around an off-camber curve on some ice, and I almost hit her coming over a hill near our place just a few days ago. It's funny though how she has commented about how many bad drivers there are on the road. She really wanted a motorcycle last summer and we said no way. I think it was the right decision.
    Tbe younger daughter just started driving a month ago so it is too early to see, but so far so good.
    My neighbours kid (18) totalled their minivan just a few days before Christmas a few weeks ago after driving into a ditch and hitting a tree. He wasn't far from the house when it happened, and fortunately he was not injured, but it shook him up some.
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  8. wicarnut
    Joined: Oct 29, 2009
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    5 Kids, 3 Boys, 2 Girls, I'm thankful that they did not drive like I did as a kid, I was a street racer and drove like an Ass in general till I was 20, need for speed, no brains, tickets, suspensions, insurance problems, Ironically and Lucky I never wrecked a car. All 5 kids wrecked a car between 16/18, 1 boy 2 cars , lucky, no serious injuries and most importantly they survived, got the experience and have not wrecked any cars as a adult, now in their 40's/50's. I have read that the first 90 days a person drives is the most dangerous time in one's life as a driver. I remind my grandchildren of this as they are now starting to drive. Now that I'm old, driving appears to be quite an adventure as everyone is in a hurry and on their damn cell phone. (Yes I have one, do not use when driving) Partially my age, but mostly other drivers cell phone use got me off my motorcycle, rode for 40 years and decided to quit while I was ahead.
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  9. v8flat44
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    Well the oldest went thru a 70 Nova, 66 Mustang coupe, 71 Challenger RT clone. All of which he poured $$$$$$$$$$ and has ZERO to show 4 it. Now he has no $$$$ or interest in cars period ?????
  10. 34Larry
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  11. wicarnut
    Joined: Oct 29, 2009
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    I just miss her so much and the post just jogged my memories of her and my other two girls.[/QUOTE]
    So Sorry for your loss, I lost a grandchild, first one, a girl at 7 years old, it's still hurts to this day.
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  12. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
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    My son was taught by the best…me. He showed signs of nervousness, but every teenager does. He learned on a 4 speed stick and went through the basics of defensive driving well. He was a good learner and remembered everything, including looking at the rear view mirrors like the DMV mentions in their handbook paragraphs. Once he was comfortable behind the wheel, he got his license and the driving took off as a single driver. Every day after school, he took off to places we knew and of course, approved. It was a lot of miles of driving.

    But, when we all drove together, he did not want to drive. So, it was suspect as to the lessons learned and now applying. After our granddaughter was old enough to start playing soccer with her friends, we had to drive to Timbuktu for games in the So Cal age league. I was unfortunate enough to have to go with her family in their car to a soccer game 120 miles in a round trip. (Freeways and surface streets) My nails dug through the arm rests and seat surface as I was gripping for dear life.

    My granddaughter was in the rear seat with me, so we took our minds off of the radical driving with games, laughing, and stories. It was a combination of family tension in the front seats and being late for the starting of the games that caused the odd ball, scary driving.

    One was difficult enough, but for the sake of the family, another similar distance soccer game took place several weeks later. The driving was less hectic and the tension in the front seats must have gotten better over the weeks that passed. It was not pleasurable as if I were driving. But, as my mom used to say about anything important…endure.


    Endure is what I did and if we all were going out to a family dinner, somewhere, I usually drove everyone. It was comfortable and safe. Those evenings had a calm time getting to and from those restaurants. He likes old cars as he knows his mom and dad were involved in the early pre-kid days. He is not a mechanic, nor a hot rodder, but has a canny way to get things done around the house. He uses his knowledge along with his social skills and remembering what his mom/dad did in any situation.

    He learned to drive a 4 speed in two cars as a teenager. Then he took his DMV test in an automatic station wagon. When it came time to buy a car, his choice was a 4 speed, 2 door sedan. Then it was a 5 speed sporty sedan for a couple of years. Now, his last three cars are automatic family sedans and mini SUV models. He has always appreciated our unusual family cars and what it took to keep them running well. He never knew that one reason my wife and I sold the 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery was that we could not get a baby car seat properly bolted in the rear section, safely. That was his involvement in a hot rod.
    Me, I am a good driver with no accidents or tickets in the last 20 years. The last ticket was a 66 in a 65 freeway merging, lane change, with only two cars on all of the lanes. I saw the B/W sitting on the on ramp a mile back. The CHP was many miles back following the flow of two cars, but must have needed a minimal ticket quota for that day.

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  13. WB69
    Joined: Dec 7, 2008
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    He used too. Now older, married and a daughter he has definitely slowed down and has become the most responsible driver on the road. He drives almost 200 miles a day to and from work. Still likes the occasional cruise in one of the old hotrods. Grand-daughter thinks it is so cool!
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  14. Good morning, It's a slow HAMB day, so what the hay. lol I taught my two daughters, and my wife to drive. All three were sweet sixteen at the time. I know I robbed the cradle. lol Myself I waited in line at the D.M.V. the same day that I turned sixteen to get my drivers license. All my girls learnt to drive on 4 speed manuals. We have always lived out in the country So they still like manuals the best. My wife learnt to drive on our 69 BB 396 Camaro Drag car. Which by the way, one day she hopped the crub and ran over a parking meter. When she and her mom were shopping in town. But that's another story. I taught both my daughter's to drive on my 68 Vette. My oldest did okay, but it took a little patience from old dad. But my youngest took off just after few minutes. She drove it like she was born to drive. I drove that Vette in high school in{ 1970 }. So I let her drive it to school too. She will inherit it after I'm gone. Maybe one day my grandson will drive it to his school also. But to answer you question. YES I think we are all good drivers. But my wife, youngest daughter, and I have gotten a few tickets. But I blame that Corvette! It's so hard not to cry the tires going through the gears. It's geared a little low. But it's a FUN Hot Rod. I do think that we're safe drivers. You need to know when, and where not to play. They know to think of others first. But my driveway is covered with lots of black marks! I do have better pictures. But I'll post this one, because of the HAMB friendly truck in the back drop. My wife at sweet 16. Ron...... 731.jpg
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