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Does anyone have info on Lee's Speed Shop & Tornado Speed Equipment?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jimmy B, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Does anyone have info on Lee's Speed Shop & Tornado Speed Equipment?
    Also does anyone know if They casted an aftermarket Oldsmobile 3-port head? If so is there any literature about it?
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    I have a old 1940's Lee's catalog,I'll have a look......
  3. Thanks Vaphead :)
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    Mine only shows this early 6 cylinder head.
    Nothing at all for 4 cylinder Chevy.

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    from SIDNEY, NY

    In an old interview with Ak Miller I read, he mentioned running a Chevy 4 cylinder with a "Lee Chappel head", but I don't know if it was an aftermarket casting, or a reworked stock head like the 216 version that Vaphead printed in his post.
  6. If they modified the 216 head they more then likely did the same for the Olds 3-port.
    Thanks Vaphead, HEATHEN.
  7. LB+1
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    from 71292

    I know this post is 6 yrs old, I steel find it interesting. Building heads for engines using Babbitt Rods. I still love old inlines and speed equipment that was made for for them!
  8. 1948 sedan
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    1948 sedan

    I have a Lee Chapel 2x2 Toranado flathead intake, He had a Speed shop in Oakland Ca, my buddy have an old rod mag, with a 4 page right up on Lee Chapel,,,,billzip5@gmail
  9. steel rebel
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    steel rebel
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    The aluminum headlight brackets on my roadster are Tornado. We used to go to his speed shop in Oakland in the '50s and '60 to get some of his products. It was pretty small but he had a lathe and a mill I think in it. He tried to sell me a set of his flathead overhead conversion heads. He wanted $250 in about '60. That would have bought a pretty good used car then. Speedy Bill has a set of them in his museum. He also made a steel plate to go between aluminum flywheels and pressure plates as a fix after they wore out. It bolted on with the pressure plate bolts.
  10. Bearing Burner
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    Bearing Burner
    from W. MA

    I had a chance to buy a set of his over head valve heads for a flathead in the mid 70's. Price was $750
    which was about a months pay,not take home.
  11. I have some info! I'm his great granddaughter...
    My real name is Amy, and I'll share what I know with you, if you return the favor.
    I'm currently researching (at a snail's pace) and seeking funding to write yet another book on Bonneville and the early LSR's.
    Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to share a story, or contribute.

    It's very nice to see all the kind words and neat stories....MORE PLEASE!!

    ~Chassis Passwell
  12. If you don't mind me asking....where were his heads for sale?
  13. unkamort
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    I'm also interested in info about Lees Speed Shop

  14. steel rebel
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    steel rebel
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    I'm interested in what comes up on the HAMB too Amy. Don't think enough has been written about Lee. Pretty much all I know about him was in my first post. He was pretty old (or seemed like it through my teenage eyes) and at the end of his career (in racing anyway) in the '60s when I was buying parts from him.
  15. BDH
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    Made many visits to Lee's Speed Shop, on East 14th street, next to the fire station, bought a floor shift conversion for a 1949 Chevy coupe from him, he was a good guy.
  16. Cyclone Kevin
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    Cyclone Kevin
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    Very Cool Info guys, Glad to read that Amy (his Great Granddaughter) is on looking for info as well.
    Lee started @ Broken Drum Garage off of San Fernando Rd, then was near Legion Ascot off of Alhambra Ave (Presently Valley BL.) in Lincoln Heights during the Hey Day of the Millers Reign at the large oval off of Soto St. Lee's Sped Shop sold some of the very 1st Gow Job parts for flivvers.

    Don't know the reason why he relocated to Oakland, Perhaps you know Amy???

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