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does any one no about cutting curved glass

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by kyle paul, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. does anyone no how to cut curved glass besides putting in a sand box and grinding or does anyone no some one that can cut it i have a 1950 chevy with a 6 inch chop if u no someone cheep or in califorina let me no thanx
  2. Shit, that's gonna be tough dude. A 6 inch chop is serious... chances are you'll end up spending more money then it's worth trying to find a shop to cut it, and then getting shit loads of windsheilds when they brake them trying to cut them. My buddy Robert has a sick ass '53 Chevy that's been chopped about that much... he sleaved his. I'd go that route and find some information about sleaving it into the firewall.
  3. fordiac
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    from Medina, Oh


    that is all
  4. Go back through the archives.There was someone a few months ago cutting curved glass with a diamond saw.

  5. May have been others -But I have been practicing with the wet tile saw......seems a good way so far.
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    Hey guys cutting the glass on your car is very tricky. I cut mine and luckily my Dad is incredible......and yes we had to cut 2 pcs (50 chevy split) and didn't break them. Allot of people put in a Oldsmobile 1 pc if you're into that. This way you only have to cut 1 pc. Some glass shops send them to be sand blasted. I suggest hit your nearest glass shop and see if they'll send them out for you. Shouldn't cost you more than 500$.
    And for the record it took us 35 hrs to cut both pieces. Inch by inch, pc by pc. Then use a belt sander to smooth. PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE.........
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    I will step by step it for you to try and simplify it. You're curved windshield is 2 pieces, so you need to make sure that you cut both sides of the glass exactly on the same cut (with a glass cutter) this tool can be picked up at any glass dealer. It's no bigger than a sharpie with a tiny wheel on the end of it. You MUST make sure that your cuts are exactly the same on each side of the windshield. Guys do not cut more than 1-2inches at a time. Like I said PATIENCE! Once the first cutis done, get some Methyl-hydrate (this is "the" trades secret) pour it on the cut, this will start to melt the vinyl that seals the2 pieces of glass together.
    Some guys light it on fire, seriously no joke. The reason behind this is that it just quickens the process up. But quite frankly if you are not a "glass man" and you don't have experience with a burning flame that you cannot see then DO NOT do this!!!!!!! It also helps if you have a plier for glass (with flat teeth) this is how you are going to move the piece back and forth to loosen it free after the Mythl-hydrate melts it. Good luck!!
  8. 345winder
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    ....about all i can say is that this thread is almost 9 years old,,, pretty sure the guy got it figured it out by know! :eek: lol...
  9. carzwy
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    The problem with sending them out is if it is cut too small you are sol! Most hot rod glass shops want the car so they can make sure the cuts are right. Troy with Hot Rod Glass in Casper Wy. Just cut down a 56 Merc Front and he not only cut the top but the glass rolled in with the cut and he had to cut both lower corners also. You might call Troy at 3072660023 and he might be able to give you a few tips. Or practice with the old glass first.
  10. I use a regular glass cutter, Oil, alcohol, and 47 years expierence. If you can gather all those including the expierence it's fairly easy.

    I just cut a pair of 49 Chev windshields the other day. I probably cut 3-4 a month. cutting is one thing, fitting is another.

    most windshields have about 1/8 inch free play and most chops are cut in the middle, so it's not a matter of cutting a little off the top and drop them in the opening. there are so many varibles to consider. I've written several techs on the subject, but it always gets run over with other ways to do the job. I know almost any system will work sometimes. I'd like to try a 5 axis waterjet but I'm short a couple hundred grand lol.

    get an old windshield and play with it. the outside usually cuts easy. the inside takes a little more. I find that 2 or more inches have better odds. I've developed a few tricks and tools that help a lot. please don't think I'm an expert. I've just made most of the mistakes a long time ago. but I still hold my breath every time the cutter touches the glass. also some manufacturers of glass are better than others.
    it's a crap shoot at best and you'll never know till you try. good luck
  11. Cutlassboy68
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    from Boone, Nc

    When you say cut 1-2 inches. Do you cut 1-2 inches, pour the mythl-hydrate in than cut another 1-2 inches, or do you cut both sides 1-2 inches than pour it in?
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    Yeah what he said .... when i was in California i used to cut a lot of 50's chevy windshields . these are the easiest of all windshields to cut but thats not saying that they are easy by any means.i to hold my breath every time and i like to use a broken one the make a test piece. i now live in the dfw metroplex area and have done a 54 chevy and a 53 stude pickup front and rear ( i used a chevy suburban windshield for the Studey rear as the curve was very close) since i moved here. Im trying to get a 53 ford and ill try to post progress pics of the glass after i chop it.

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