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Dodge wavy tube axle - can I fit Ford spindles?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by hemisteve, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Little Wing
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    Little Wing
    from Northeast

  2. gladeparkflyer
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    ok, no pictures BUT.... i managed to get drum brakes and spindles from a 59 D100 pickup on my wavy tube. all it required was hogging out the kingpin bosses to .875 (truck size) and doing the same thing to the steering arms. now, if i could just get some camber adjustment info! i need to know if i can press the camber outta this thing and if so, should i heat before bending? not heat before bending? take it to a machine shop? heavy equipment outfit?.... any advice?
  3. BTT!

    If anybody has developed a "how-to" for this, I'd like read it.

    Timmy T, I know it's been a while; but do you know how and at what point they bent the axle to remove the positive camber, and by how much?

  4. Xtrom
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    from Forman, ND

    I also have an axle that I would like to install ford brakes on. Subscribed.
  5. Shaggy
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    from Sultan, WA

    I always figured, they made these with my 30 plymouth in mind, the dip in the center should give me extra clearance for my supercharger....
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    I been there done that, I used Ford spindels and wide 5 stuff. Don't get too hung up on the reaming talk. Lets go from the start, the axle holds the kingpin solid ,no movement ,locked in with a bolt it does not need a reamed fit. I drilled mine ,easier and cheaper than a reamer. Because of the locking bolt it doesn't have to be a precision fit. Now the place for the reamer and the good fit is in the spindels and the bushings ,not in the axle. Obviously you wouldn't want to drill it .250 oversize but it is not that critical because of the locking stuff. I think everyone is focusing on the bushings as far as reaming and fit go . anyway I did it and it drove and worked fine.
  7. Thanks Joe --
  8. samurai mike
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    samurai mike

    check out
  9. designs that work
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    designs that work

    There are two ways to ream the axel bosses. One way is to find a vertical mill, chuck the Dodge king pin in the mill chuck, clamp the axel to the mill table. Adjust the axel until the king pin goes thru the boss smoothly. Make sure axel is tight, remove king pin and put a .813 reamer in. Ream axel boss. The other way is to use a adjustable reamer and ream boss to .813. Took me about forty minutes per side. Truck Alignment shops bend axels for camber. The .813 king pin diameter is early Ford, pre 1948 cars and supposedly 1949 to 1952 Ford PU. Good luck.
  10. Rand Man
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    Rand Man

    Just what I was looking for.
  11. I have a couple of these axles that and would like to attempt this install .
    Any updates or further info on camber issues ?
  12. Johnny Sparkle
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    Johnny Sparkle

    I drove my Model T with a Dodge axle for several years without any camber issues. The front tires still looked nearly new when I sold it.
  13. As long as you get the hole straight there are no issues.
  14. I bought two disc brake kits from plydo in tennesse a few years ago. The original owner has died but his kids i heard run it now. On my 40 dodge pick up the kit used 80s era monte carlo or camero pieces. On my mas axle with ford ends on it we bushed it down for 38 ply spindles. That kit used volare brakes. That set up required the axle to be bent for the correct camber. I would machine the axle in a mill and use a inclenometer to get the angle correct.
  15. rusty rocket
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    rusty rocket

    I put one on my T with 47 spindles and brakes. Sorry about the fat guy in the picture. IMG_2237.JPG
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    It is easy to convert and works great.

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  17. Thanks for the answers guys . I'm sure I will be asking more questions as I get further into it.
    And its now BTTT and maybe we will get this subject going again.

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