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Projects Dodge This - 1939 Dodge Southeast Gasser Build

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Dog_Patch, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Oh no not another gasser!? Yeah I caught the bug. This will be my first race-only build. All the other cars have been a compromise of driving and racing. Not this time. Basic plan :
    1939 Dodge D11
    392 Hemi
    Injected race gas 12:1 or more compression
    Manual trans
    Attempt to build to the Southeast Gasser rules - why? Because I like what they are doing for the sport and when they run we all crowd into the stands to watch, so it must be heading in the right direction.

    Here we go - sold my 56 Olds - sold my wife's 64 Falcon. Look at all this room! Let's look for a car that will fit a SEG build. Craigslist delivers :


    Its a couple hours south so borrowed Shawn's trailer and talked him into going for a ride ....
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  2. Lots of metal needs to go on this front end. Its really solid though for a 1939 which is great since I hate body work.
    DSC03543 (Copy).jpg
    DSC03544 (Copy).jpg
    DSC03555 (Copy).jpg
    DSC03548 (Copy).jpg

  3. DSC03659 (Copy).jpg So before getting too far into this, the crazy idea of putting in a 2 post lift hit me. (Wish it had hit me 10 years ago).

    How hard can it be to install ? Borrowed Shawn's trailer again ....

    IMG_1492 (Copy).jpg

    Attached Files:

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  4. OldColt
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    This should be GREAT !! An injected 392 Hemi in a 39 Dodge. Different & exciting. I'm a big fan of the Southeastern Gassers too. --- SUBSCRIBED ---
  5. Sorry having issues with the photo upload .... anyway - voo waa laaa ! Let the games begin!!

    DSC03667 (Copy).jpg
  6. First order of biddness is to cut some heavy stuff out and wash off the Alabama clay.

    DSC03687 (Copy).jpg

    Did I mention how nice it is to have a lift?
    IMG_1517 (Copy).jpg
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  7. Then a plasma torch is the next best thing to a lift!

    DSC03688 (Copy).jpg

    Moving right along - off to the sandblaster.
    DSC03702 (Copy).jpg
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  8. How much weight is in A arms, coils, leafs, drums , a rear end, all the steel from the cross member and some loose stuff like windows and non race junk? 670 lbs !!!

    Made $60 to boot.
  9. Which will only barely offset the weight of this 392 hemi :)
    DSC03678 (Copy).jpg

    Scored this several year ago when a junkyard was crushing out. The guy running the place was selling CDs of his country band and he sang to us while we loaded up. Not kidding.

    DSC03682 (Copy).jpg

    Anyway this might be why it was in the yard.
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  10. Looking good so far ...
    DSC03683 (Copy).jpg
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  11. Back on the body - got the wife involved for the cleaning.( When they are under 50 years old they say "Stop looking down my shirt!" after they hit 50 "Did you get my cleavage in the pic?")
    DSC03705 (Copy).jpg

    DSC03707 (Copy).jpg

    A proper doctor's exam - rubber glove an all.
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  12. Everything was full steam ahead - until - Lulu got bit by a copperhead 3 times. The vet said thank you! College is just starting and the kids have bills. I said ouch and things slow down a bit now. Stay tuned though.

    Oh and this is the same dog that has a rod and a bolt in her elbow. One expensive mutt.
    IMG_1515 (Copy).jpg
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  13. Wow, you ain't screwin' around. Well, you weren't but now you are, so quit it and get back to work.

    Lulu looks like she's having a rough day. Hope she pulls through, so you can kill her for messing with snakes. Stick to possums.
  14. ss34coupe
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    Nice project! I have always liked the clean lines of a 39 Dodge coupe. Good luck with it and keep the pics coming of your progress.
  15. Rocking right along. Subscribed.
  16. Gasser_Dave
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    from St. Louis

  17. captmullette
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    Member verbage......great looking car and solid
  18. Can't wait to see this one progress. :cool:
  19. Roger53
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    That's one nice looking body! Keep the pic's coming. Roger
  20. X L ent body, and the door handles aren't droopy either :D
  21. Awesome. Had to laugh at the rear in the air/doctor comment. Proctor on sir. Looks great. Cough cough
  22. Looking good brother
  23. Orn
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    Real nice project!

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  24. Dave mentioned you were going to build something to beat on Gene and Quain with! Cool choice in cars. Definitely won't see another. I'm watching this one progress. You going to have it ready to race at Wares Sholes in Sept.?!
  25. Mac30
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    1. S.F.C.C.

    Looking like we got a awesome build here!! Hammer down and wheels up! I'm tuned in!!
  26. Dave's words - not mine :) I kind of know which direction the beating will be going. My target is Greer in the spring. No time to waste.
  27. Ha! I added the Gene and Quain part. Can't let Dave go down for that one. You can do Greer in the spring. Go man go! Can't wait to see it on the track.

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