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Technical Do you recommend “Acorn” or “Mag” style lug nuts?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Just Gary, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. Acorn lug nuts

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  2. Mag-style lug nuts

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  1. I’m about to buy some ET-3 Classic V wheels for the rear of my ’28 Tudor and the order form asks what kind of lug nuts I want. What do you prefer and why?

    According to the Team III website, “We use 60° Bulge acorn lugs with all wheels, but we can also drill Mag style lugs if needed. But the preferred lug is conical seat Bulge acorn.”

    The car is a ‘60’s drag style ’28 Ford Tudor on ’32 rails. Drivetrain is a mild 354 Chrysler Hemi, 700r4, 9” Ford. It’ll be 95% street-driven, with an occasional trip to the dragstrip.
  2. do the wheels have steel inserts for the conical nuts?
  3. tylercrawford
    Joined: Jan 30, 2011
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    from Buford, GA
    1. S.F.C.C.

    Conical seats are easier to put on IMO so I would probably go with them if you have the choice. There's a lot more material choices with the conicals as well where as the mag style has those crappy chromed ones where it chips and then rusts the nuts/washer everytime
  4. They're not mentioned so I don't think so.

  5. Either are fine by me, I have learned if you put the chrome acorn style dont use an impact or they will chip and rust.
  6. squirrel
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    mag wheels with conical nuts? must be some new-fangled thing? I have old wheels, that use old shank type lug nuts. They seem to work ok. I have long studs and the nuts are open ended, so tech inspectors at the drag strip can see they're legal.
  7. Anybody else?

    My front wheels are 15x3.5" Fenton Gyros that use mag (shank) lug nuts so I'm leaning toward using those...
  8. Well, all you saw on alloy wheels 'back in the day' was the 'mag/shank' type until ET came out with a tapered seat variation on the uni-lug in the 70s. With that said, the shank type were always a PITA to use, the needed washers always got gowed up over time, and having each lug torqued carefully and evenly was very important. Pretty much everyone has gone to the taper nuts now, and while not strictly traditional, it's a better system....

    But if you're matching the existing wheels, the different lugs will be noticeable.
  9. etwheels
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    from ca.

    The type of lug you choose depends on your usage. Bulge Acorn lugs, easy to install wheels, lugs stay tight , no washers to bend and rust, and easy to find replacement if one is damaged or lost on the road, these are perfect for most uses. Mag shank lugs and washers great to match those period wheels we all use, need to watch washers and washer seat,(the spot face on the wheel needs to be flat), to prevent bent washers and damaged wheels, we recommend heavy washers and hardened if you can fing them. For full on drag cars the shank hole is what Drive Studs use, but the lug is just a flanged nut with a larger spot face on the wheel for ultimate strength, not pretty but strong. Which is better is up to your taste.
  10. HotRod31
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    I have the tapered seat on my ETs, no complaints
  11. coupe man
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    coupe man

    If you use the shank type lugs make sure the threads inside the nut go all the way into the heads of the nut.There where some on the market that were only threaded in the shank.These could snap at the shank and nothing would be holding the wheel on.
  12. Thanks guys- I appreciate all your input.
  13. ol55
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    from Virginia

    If you have not bought these yet, I can drop off a jar full of different sizes/types you can test.

    pm sent

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