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Art & Inspiration Divine Intervention: Have you ever been "led" to a car or parts?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Pinstriper40, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. That's awesome... Odds alone are incredible in a warehouse of parts, so this surely was the Universe giving you what you needed!
    Old cars have a funny way of giving a guy a reason to live! Way to go!

    People tell me that all the time! Girlfriends rarely understand it...

    That's what hot rodding is all about! Good for you!

    That's a great story, thanks for sharing!

    Lon, it'll be chopped soon enough! Hopefully by about February!
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  2. Bruce Lancaster
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    Bruce Lancaster
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    My girlfriend said almost the same thing...apparently I smell LIKE an old car.
    Another, minor paranormal intervention:
    At a little car show in Pennsylvania, I was walking past a booth selling Mustang parts that had a coffee-can way at the back marked "T-Bird parts." Or maybe "Mustang" and "T-Bird" should be swapped. No matter, as I wouldn't give a rat's ass for either... legs just started moving on their own and I walked right over to the can. It contained a nice '40's Ford distributor that I got for $5.00.
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  3. chinarus
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    from Georgia

    Several years ago I called about a CL ad for a "rat rod" sitting outside the barn.
    It was pretty ratty looking and the owner had nothing good to say about it but it looked like it had 40 brakes so I decided if was worth a few hours to investigate.
    I ended up bringing home a 36 3 window from inside the barn that was not for sale.
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  4. jnaki
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    A couple of years out of high school had my 58 Impala race ready with as much stuff I could get into it without doing a full blown motor for the street. The drags had lost their flavor because of the factory backed stockers and full sponsored, Gas Coupe/Sedan Classes. So, we spent most of our time cruising around before trudging back to college.

    I thought with some money saved, it would be cool to have the Impala roll around on some Buick Skylark Wire Wheels. So, off to Henry’s Machine Shop, just north of Bixby Knolls. The Impala was out of commission while the change over was taking place. When it was finished, those Skylark Wires added a real, custom touch to a fast Impala.
    upload_2018-8-22_4-27-2.png thanks Moose...

    We had been making the rounds from Laguna Beach/Newport Beach area all the way north to Harvey’s Broiler Drive-In located in Downey, just south of LA. Our final stop was the local favorite in Bixby Knolls. Then after a charging run down the Cherry Ave. Drags, it was back to our little Belmont Shore apartment built from a converted garage.

    This one summer I had saved enough money to live in a tiny apartment in the heart of Belmont Shore section of Long Beach. It was the first time away from home other than a week at the 1953 Boy Scout Jamboree in Newport Beach.

    There was A,B,C,D apartments and we were in F. But, the location on Park Avenue was superb. We wedged the 58 Impala with some new, Buick Skylark Wire Wheels into a parallel parking spot and were satisfied that no one could hijack the car out of that tight squeeze spot. (there had been a rash of hot rod thievery in Long Beach at the time, mostly parts.)
    We were settled down listening to music and were ready turn in for the night. When just before 11PM, another friend stopped by for a late night visit. She asked where we parked our cars as there were no spaces out in front. “Didn’t you see the Impala on the street parking row?” NO…now it was jump up and go check immediately. It was gone without any traces of glass breakage or dented parts on the surrounding cars. That was very mysterious.


    We searched all over Belmont Shore and Eastside Long Beach. Something told us to go back to the favorite hangout called “The Annex.” We knew of most parks and large lots in the whole area, so we knew of one last place near this Traffic Circle hangout place. It was around 3:00 am and our friends just finished cleaning up The Annex, so we asked if anything was odd about “talking of cars” in the building. They mentioned something was up, but that it was strange.

    Our last resort was a very dark parking lot and park just down the road. So, we drove to check it out. My friend said that he had a premonition that something was going to happen when we got there. After looking at 10 parks/deserted parking lots and known alleys, we pulled into this last resort, dark lot. Way over in the corner was the Impala sitting on 4 sturdy milk crates. It was hard to see from the street.

    In a walk around checking for damages, none was found. The only exception was 4 missing Buick Skylark Wire Wheels/tires and my custom black aircraft tachometer from the dashboard. The trunk was left locked and untouched, the glove box was still locked and closed. The idiots must have been after the Skylark Buick wire wheels and tires only. They probably took my custom tach just to make me mad, as it was one of a kind.

    The aftermath was that the insurance paid for replacement of wheels and tires…not new Buick Skylark wires, as they were custom additions. (Wow, $15 factory steel Buick rims and new Firestones.) But, the kicker was a brand new Buick Skylark Wire Wheel and tire sitting in the locked trunk. They never looked in there and it was glistening in safety. I sold the remaining Skylark wire wheel for more than I paid for the whole 5 wire wheel set a year earlier.

    Divine intervention indeed.
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  5. wheeldog57
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    Around 1989 I went to a Super Chevy Show in New Jersey. A few months later I was showing co- workers the pictures I had taken. A girl says " I know what that car is, I have one in my yard" The picture was of a 57 Chevy.
    I followed her home that day and bought my Chevy.
    Divine intervention, no, but . . .

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