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Technical Disc brakes with 5 1/2" bolt circle

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 550Coupe, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. I called Wilwood to order a front disc brake kit for my 34" Ford gasser and was told they do not offer one with a 5 1/2" bolt circle. Right now I have early Ford hubs w/ Buick drums & 39" Lincoln brakes and a nice pair of Ansen Sprint alum. slots which I hate to give up because of the bolt pattern and I don't want to re drill them. I know I can get the Speedway kit with the heavy GM calipers but that's not what I want. Looking at the photos of the Wilwood hubs it doesn't look like there would be enough meat to re drill them either. So...anybody got know of a combination that will work or am I stuck with getting another set of rims? Thanks,

  2. studebakerjoe
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    Art, I would start looking at some Ford pickup rotors or newer Dodge Ram rotors since they're the right bolt pattern. You can likely get Wilwood calipers that would work with them. You will probably have to fabricate some brackets for the calipers.
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  3. V8 Bob
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    V8 Bob

    SoCal offers a Wilwood calipered front disc kit with hubs that can be changed from 4-1/2, 4-3/4 or 5 -1/2" bolt circles.
  4. Newer Dodge rotors are hat style rotors.. They slide onto the hub not part of it like early trucks where the hub/rotor was one piece.

    on second thought that maybe a idear.. Make a caliper bracket to fit the old spindle and hold the dodge caliper? Slide the rotor over hub and utilize stock bearing in the original hub.

  5. deathrowdave
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    from NKy

    All of the kits that I have looked into move the wheel mounting surface out about 5/8 an inch per side also . The GM calibers are heavy heavy stuff , the work well but not so good for the power to weight ratio
  6. rockable
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    Ford Granada?
  7. enjenjo
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    from swanton oh

    You can use the stock hub with a Geo Tracker rotor mounted on the back side of the rotor. This is an unvented rotor about 3/8" thick. You would need to do some machine work to the hub to center the rotor. Or you can use an 1995 F150 rotor mounted to the back side of the hub, similar machine work to the other one. Vented rotor 1" thick 11.71" diameter. You do you on the caliper make and bracket.

    Wilwood does make an aluminum replacement for a GM caliper Front Caliper Kit

  8. Weedburner 40
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    Weedburner 40

    Magnum makes a kit with the 5 1/2" bolt pattern, uses Wilwood calipers.
  9. Thanks a lot guys for all the info. Really appreciate it!
  10. Warpspeed
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  11. karl share
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    karl share

    These are really good, I have them on my 32.
  12. southcross2631
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    what's wrong with drum brakes ? You can only put so much braking power on the front with the skinny tires anyway. You can upgrade to rear discs if you don't already have them.
    My gasser stopped fine with 4 wheel drums running in the 9's in the 1/4 and 6 flat in the 1/8 th on some pretty sketchy tracks in the south. 10x2 inch in the front and 11x2 1/2 in the back. faded memories.jpg
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    That’s 4 1/2 bolt pattern

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