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Disc brake conversion for 1956 ford fairlane

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 56 ford custom, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Well I know i can use granada brakes and all that for my car, I just dont have the time to go to the junk yard and pull these parts and get them reamed out to fit my car. So i typed in 1956 ford disc brakes on ebay and a kit popped up for $699. Yes it seems a bit high but its a complete bolt on kit. I was going to copy and paste it in here but for some reason my computer is acting up again. Anyway, the seller said i might not be able to run 14's, why is that? Well if anyone here can give me any indo on that, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  2. tony31a
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    I belive my old 54 customline used the same front suspension and it has granada discs and spindles the guy I bought it from had already done it and said it bolted straight in. Its been on the road for years now with no problems. I would rather spend a day at the wrecking yard than spend $700 but im also cheap.
  3. Yes so am i, well not too cheap haha. I just dont have the time. I dont even know what year granada or what they even look like nor do i know what all to take and what would work on my car. This kit is all brand new with: master,booster,proportioning valve,brake pads,calipers,caliper brackets,brake lines and all hardware. Im probably missing something.
  4. No knowing the kit you're looking, but there are bracket kits out there that use the stock spindles...then you can put the rest of the kit together with off the shelf parts store goodies. And a dual master cylinder from a Granada/Monarch has the same hole layout as our mid-late 50's Fords (if you don't use the booster, you only have to rework the brake lines off the master cylinder.

    I saw this done on a '55 T-bird.

    And the Monarch/Granada years are 1976-1980
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  5. Thanks bigred. I just really dont have the time to hunt everything down.
  6. tony31a
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    Its like late 70s I think mine was out of a 78. Mercury Marquis and Linclon Versailles were the same. Mine had everything from the car including the rear brakes master cyl and proportioning valve but you could put in aftermarket parts.
  7. tony31a
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    Oops, Monarch is right
  8. 73RR
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    Just a simple case of the caliper being too big to fit inside of the 14" wheel. But, since there are plenty of variations in wheel design, you might find one that works, or perhaps look for a caliper with a slightly different design. Because parts like these are almost always made by outside vendors there can be some differences in areas not controlled by the functional design.

  9. Damn..Well i guess i cant run my supremes then..
  10. JeffB2
    Joined: Dec 18, 2006
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    from Phoenix,AZ

    So here is an interesting fact from the past,1954-56 Fords had some of the shortest stopping distances in the Motor Trend tests from back in the day,Why? because the shoes have a large contact area.The shoes on your '56 are the same shoes used on the '67 & '68 Mustang big block cars (front) and the '61 to '67 F-100 trucks (rear) You do not need to waste your money on disc brakes! You can get a new power brake booster and bracket and dual master from an ebay supplier for $175,if you want about 20% less fade and less drum wear check your yellow pages for a clutch and brake shop and have your drum brake cores religned with Kevlar.Now you have a win,win solution your Supremes will fit and you won't be on your hands and knees cleaning that nasty disc brake dust off your wheels and you will have an extra $500 bucks in your wallet to buy some fun stuff.
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  11. Jeff you are awesome! I will have to find them on ebay then.
  12. Granadas and Monarchs came stock with 14" wheels so a stocker swap is doable. It will depend what the kit is based on whether 14's will work.
  13. Well i will have to figure what is best for my situation.
  14. Late '70s and early '80s big LTD's had 14" wheels, those should clear whatever disc brakes you have.
  15. I will just have to find the brake components then and hope my 14inch supremes fit
  16. You almost have to buy online. 99% of the Granadas (if they even show up in the yard) have the front brakes and rear diffs pulled BEFORE the cars go in the yards. Core buyers and overseas buyers have made deals with the yards to get first dibs.

    Maybe not the deal in all areas, but SO Cal..pretty much it.

    The 14" Supremes are possibly made to clear the all hope is not lost there..Until you install the brakes..then you will know.
  17. Damn.. So i might aswell just buy the kit online then..
  18. FWIW,

    I have discs on my 55, it is a Master Power Granada based setup.


    The F'n car does not want to stop, no pedal travel..this shit was put on new by the previous owner.

    I'm tempted to remove it.
  19. I had grandas on the 57 and stopped like a champ. I used a GM master tho.
  20. Anyone want to sell me a good kit?

  21. Kit has GM master, booster that all those kits come with 7" or so.
  22. I need to get all of this soon. The car is going to the shop for air ride this weekend.
  23. I found some granada brakes on ebay just not sure if they are the right ones. Damn computer wont let me copy and paste.
  24. '72-'78 Torino, Montego 14" wheels should clear your calipers with no problem.

  25. I definately dont wont to run those wheels. Or are you saying since they are 14s that supremes will fit?
  26. 59 brook
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    59 brook

    master power brakes on my 59 ford ranchwagon went with the small power brake booster due to the closeness to the 292 , dual master and everything else was around $750. also i understand about the junkyard right . my time is precious between work, family, and stuff. most of the junk yards around here may have 1 old car but mostly 90's and ricers .so going to them is a total frustrating waste of time. my kit didn't have the right pushrod to the pedal( ford's brighter idea not to make things more standard) but M.P.S. customer service was good and they got the part out right away
  27. My old man put spindles and discs from a early 70's ford australian falcon on his 56 Victoria. I *think* from memory they might even lower the front by an inch too. I believe the aussie ford falcon of those years is what you guys call a granada :)

    The aussie car he used them from looks like this, so if you find a granada that looks like this, i guess your in with a chance :)

  28. hotrod428
    Joined: Feb 7, 2007
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    I sell a complete bolt on kit for $525, you don't have to change spindles. check my website.
  29. I sent you a pm hotrod428
  30. Since i have never had problems with these brakes i think im going to stay with the manual drums

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