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Hot Rods Deuce Grille Shells 0n 32's & Model A's

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. triumph 1
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    triumph 1

    Original on my tudor. Top filled back in the day.[​IMG]

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  2. pecker head
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    pecker head

  3. 36and63
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    from Wisconsin

  4. Lil32
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    from Aussie

    cruizin cover.jpg
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  5. 5window
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    I started to look through these photos again and realized this is an excellent picture of a '32 ford without a big rake. :)
  6. pecker head
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    pecker head

  7. Fantastic
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  8. clem
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    you guys are the reason that the ‘32 aftermarket/reproduction business is going so well.........:D
  9. clem
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    Probably a little late to reply, - I missed it first time around....
    The ‘32 was built in 30 different factories, different countries - no computers, just drawings for tooling/stamping etc. - there was bound to be discrepancies.
    I have a few uncut grilles and some are a different shape and one is even 3/4” longer/taller.
    We cut two up, to make one good one, painted it without realising that the shape was different, and now can’t make either insert fit, so it will have to be a custom made insert.

    the grille below was on a well known NZ hot rod back in the ‘70s, and last year I put it back on a ‘32.
    I had intended to take the better one off my fordor, but it hit the headlight bar. When I made the headlight bar, I set it up without the insert in, and when the insert was fitted, it was too close. The purple grille has had the bars bent from hitting something, and fitted perfectly.........they won’t be straightened anytime soon !

    4F8E995F-8F2B-4F38-84B5-E637FC4F160A.jpeg 32ECDFD7-C59D-46D2-A00A-449339C68693.jpeg
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  10. jnaki
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    Clay Smith Cams had a shop within several blocks near our last Westside of Long Beach house. It was near Speed Engineering (McEwen/LeGrand) shop on the next corner. My brother and I went over to Clay Smith Cams a couple of times. But, it just wasn’t a place to visit and hang out. It was a place to ask questions and place orders for their products.

    On the other hand, Reath Automotive at 10th and Cherry Avenue was “THE” place to go buy stuff and hang out talking to the employees. The highlight of every visit was listening to Joe Reath, as he grabbed you to give you some words of drag racing wisdom.

    At Lion’s Dragstrip and elsewhere, the Burkhardt and Brammer, and Reath Automotive sponsored roadster stood out anywhere it raced. The bright orange paint made it so. The larger the name on the side, the larger the sponsorship and goodies go into the build/repairs.
    upload_2021-8-23_3-44-5.png 1958
    “Reath Automotive was so strong in the drag racing circles that everyone wanted to be sponsored by them. (at least get some engine work or parts from them.) The work on various motor parts and assembly was far superior to other local shops. Quality meant winning.”
    "Burkhart, Brammer, & Burns, Potvin-blown Desoto, Mike Burns, who worked the counter at Weiand, drove, big George Burkhart and Everett "Hippo" Brammer owned the car...they retired it after the lighter roadsters made it obsolete, and after the Sadd, Teage, and Bentley roadster was badly damaged in a return road accident at Bonneville, the Burkhard, Brammer, and Burns roadster gave up its body as a replacement...Hippo was a Blair's regular, and could entertain for hours with racing stories...died a few years ago…”
    “Burkhart, Brammer, and Burns '29 roadster, Rudy Perez photo, at Half Moon Bay. Mike Burns in the seat, "Big George" Burkhart (6'4", over 300 lbs.) standing behind the roadster, and Everett "Hippo" Brammer bending by the engine. The blown fuel Desoto had quite the exhaust note.” @296ardun
    From Rockerhead, Don Montgomery: “Some great performances by the roadsters of the Brissette Bros. and Burkhart-Brammer & Burns and the coupe of Gene Mooneyham, plus others, were such crowd pleasers that the fuel roadsters and coupes were reborn in the early 1960s.”


    The 32 roadster, like the Burkhardt, Brammer, Reath Automotive was a nice looking build all by itself. The body flowed from the large grille all the way back to the rear. So, the idea of a smooth design was in the books and it took over the hot rod world as the go to look for a lot of people.

    As far as 32 grille shell on a Model A, anything, why ruin a good design with a different shape? The Model A shell was one of the most popular for many years and continues to this day. Some like the stock smaller appearance that made the Model A look fast and the large grille from the later year was just a way to clog up the front of a Model A style. YRMV

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  11. grdra1
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  12. j hansen
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    j hansen

    ^^^^^^So nice^^^^

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