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Derek's 1950 ford coupe shoebox build and introduction

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by El Batidor del mono, May 5, 2011.

  1. thanks buddy, wil do
  2. last night went in to Waddingtons street rod restorations were ahron works and we started trying to change the shape of the qaurter window panels, we first used this crazy shrinker stretcher machine, we worked it in one area shrinking it then went to the other side change the teeth in it and stretched it the other way, then we put a bit of heat in the form of the oxy to the underside of it on the inner panels and then moved it abit that way, its deffinatly moving where we want it to go but we only had a quick go and were going to have a look tonight and maybe do it abit more, were just taking some of the curve out of it so we can make the qaurter window flow with the roof and we want to do it with out making to many cuts in it and moving it that way. she'll all work out,

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    You guys are great! Old cars and good food! Was that Kangaroo meat on the barbie?
    This inspires me to get going on my '49 which I've had over a year now but not taken time to get it on the road. Keep posting those pics man!
  4. ha ha ha no fuck that, that wasnt kangaroo meat, just chicken and lamb, ill keep postin, you keep watchin.
    thanks man
  5. msalamanca
    Joined: May 25, 2011
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    This is awesome. Giving me some great ideas for mine. Have had my 51 coupe for less then a week, and have everything gutted on the inside.
    Wish i had a shop like that.
  6. did a bit of polishing on the manifold and carbies, this is going to be fucking time consuming but worth it if it looks half decent, i did a bit of one of the 97s to see how it looked and was happy so thats whats going to happen now.

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  7. ha ha ha, yeah i wasnt going to do much on mine when i got it just wanted to drive it and enjoy it and look what happened a couple weeks after getting it, got carried away, but its no fun just havin it sit there, the most fun you get out of em is working on em i reckon and seeing the car change all the time and getting cooler.
    cheers man
  8. AV88
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    hey dude off to the states today hell yeah but heres another michael ahrens old car trick,when we put the filler in the boot of mine we made it stick out the floor about four inches and put some 100mm pvc plumbing pipe (five inches tall) with a screw cap over it and putty around the bottom it definitly stops any fumes in ya boot and would keep the cops happy i wish i knew how to put on pics then you could see yourself maybe michael could show me that too haha,keep going dude
  9. Deu55
    Joined: May 31, 2009
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    Show us what happened over the weekend ...Rod...
  10. What your off to the states? Awesome. I only have three weeks till I leave. Yeah I was thinking about fumes in the boot. That's a good idea. I may have to pick Micheals brain soon. Uploading photos is easy. Go to post reply not quick reply and click the attachments button. The little paper clip. Give me some pics to look at brother. Will be doin a full day on the roof sat with a few guys will post pics and screwing the flatty back together.!!!!
  11. A bit of work on the qaurter window panels but forgot to take my camera. But spent a whole day sanding and polishing my intake. This weekend is going to be extremely productive. 4 days off. I'll upload some pics
  12. Deu55
    Joined: May 31, 2009
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    Des keep up the good reading ya posts / pics ...Rod..
  13. Cheers rod, I'm havin fun posting em and seeing peoples comments.
  14. Ok Guy's where's the update from the weekend, there's a few of us checking up on you guy's

    Mark Shearer
  15. ha ha ha. not much roof action went on this weekend, we did take the qaurter window panels into waddingtons and start playing with those, ahron and me started making a peice we need and he's going to muck around with them this week, were having a full day sat and how ever much they wanna stick around to do on sat, other than that i can upload pics of what i have been doing on the intake and stuff soon.
    keep watching hopefully this weekend the roof will come back together a fair bit more.
  16. Remind your companion that I still need the A panels, and to pull the section into seperate peices to reshape if the need arises, might be faster than trying to move the whole lot as a unit.

    Anyway he's boss is away and he has nothing better to do at night after work anyway.

    Looks better every update, you guy's might actually be better looking driving around in the 50 when it done.

  17. ha ha ha, yeah thats the plan, start off looking like some shabby dudes from castlemaine, but when its done we'll be hipp looking guys cruisin round in a loud chopped 50 with all the girls chasing us, maybe not good girls but still girls ha ha,
    yeah ill make sure i remind him, yeah calvin doesnt care if were in there after hours fuckin around, i think he likes seeing the young blokes havin a crack.
    cheers mark
  18. Aushotrods
    Joined: Jun 19, 2003
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    des if you feed us enough beer we'l glady wear skirts and flash our boobies
  19. a little bit of progress on the engine tonight, my seal kit for the engine and gearbox roxked up in the mail which means im screwing the engine back together tomorrow night and torqueing everything down its going to look cool all painted with the manifold and stuff all polished up. i also fixed the common leaking dip stick tube problem buy drilling out the pop rivets and cleaning everything up butting out a gasket and putting bolts in it.
    should do the trick.
    big day coming up sat hopefully, tex and ahrons are coming round nice and early and sean and his mates are coming down to hang out and talk shit, wanna see this roof start taking more shape, stay tuned.

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  20. ha ha ha, ill feed you beer then, plenty of it, what time u guys rockin down on sat, we'll be there all day, prolly have the esky loaded up and some meat for the bbq.
    hope to see you and ur tit flashin mates down in eldoradoville.
  21. Any hambers close by feel like coming for a drive and a beer to lovely castlemaine and bring there flathead valve compressor tool with them and help me re-seat these valves. It's worth a shot. Any help won't go unrewarded.............
  22. XM_HADDY
    Joined: Feb 9, 2010
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    drop in to work tomorrow mate, harry has one he will lend ya!
  23. a few updates, engine assemby, fitting up the qaurter window panel to see how the shape is goin, have to lap the vavles to get them to seat right cause found that one of the rear cylinders is leaking through the exhaust valve, probably best to do this anyway, gearbox pulled apart with some issues of broken peices in the overdirve part of the box, didnt wanna find that, not sure what to do about this yet, i would love any feddback from some people who have rebuilt these gearboxs.

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  24. gotta love rippin a sick day just to work on ur car.
    the good ol boys at the castlemaine rod shop hooked me up with the big bar with a fork in it to lever the valve sping to remove the tab that holds in the valve guide, thanks fello spinsman shannon cato for helping me with that one while he was at home sick aswell.
    spent most of the day with the chicken man re-seating the valves, time consuming but soming up neat as and will be great help for the engine. was running well before and there is a few valve seats that had noticable burn marks or pitting, the valves are all good as some have been replaced in the past but there all sealing up nicely, new valve stem seals on the intake ones cant hurt either, then we went into waddingtons were ahron was on a mission to get one of the quarter window peices apart and the new part in, i drilled out all the spot welds and took the panels completely apart and shaped everything to were it needed to be with ahron and got it all nice of our template, then i re-welded all the spot weld wholes back together and got all the clamps off and with a bit of panek beatin from brother jeffree and more shaping it will be right, i bought it home to trial fit it and looks like weve got the right shape, will require more work but nothin is easy about these panels, but i thinkit will pay off soon, Ahron is keen to get a shitload done on the roof sat and a bit monday so looking forward to that, tomorrow night were going to start on the other side qaurter window, stayee tuned for some updates this weekend unless i decide to go on a bender and get drunk al weekend and do nothing which could always happen,...............

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  25. It looks cold there, the profile on the side shot looks really good, well worth the extra effort to make it happen. Hopefully drunkness is kept to after the work is done.

    Three days off for the long weekend, at the rate you guy's are going the spinner will worn out from crusin the country roads before Chooped arrives.

    Mark Shearer
  26. ha ha ha, thanks mark, yeah that sounds good but i dont know if it will happen that way, im just gunna keep up the pace and make sure its back on the road soon, one of your customers Justin dropped in and had a look and a chat the other day, he liked it. looking forward to gettin a heap doe before july.
  27. alright, got one ide of the valves all re-seated and have compression, time consuming, the other side will get done today.

    stripped around the boot lid and the rear qaurter, has had a car park scrap but nothing to major, just absolutely no repair just fill the whole with bog.
    body is pretty damn good though,
    ahron and myself had a bacon and egg breakfast yesterday then tex rocked up and we gpt into it, bassically we had the panel made up but still needed some tweaking to get right and had to lean the c piller in a bit to get everything to line up and flow, a few whacks, a bit of heat and she was getting somewhere, and a few mearuements of course.
    we got all that tacked in, the c pillar and around the rear window scribed and neatly cut and oxy welded all that together and tex and whron taught me a few great lessons on heating to shrink and stretch steal, and showing me how they heat spots to then beat it and move it to were u want the metal to go, pretty switched on my two mates, still alot of work but the amount of metal they mves and smoother out by heating with the oxy then hitting it with the hammer and dolly to get the right shape was awesome, i also fulley welded up the a piller inners and grinded them smooth and bit and cut out the fuel filler area and made a new panel that we will weld in monday and i can clean all that up.

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  28. a couple

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  29. looking great boys, never doubted your combined skills, but it is still amazing to see it come together.

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