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Derek's 1950 ford coupe shoebox build and introduction

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by El Batidor del mono, May 5, 2011.

  1. always next year, im coming along alright, i just gotta keep going. and not spending much time on this ha ha.
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    Lookin good mate! good to hear you'll be draggin it at chopped!!
  3. ha ha thats the plan, maybe you should take the sedan this year and do that same, that thing goes nice.
  4. rdo today, got a bit done in between goin to the tax lady and buying booze for tomorrow arvo/nights eldorados and caballeros joint club meet at my house of course, should be a good pissup and alot of hotrod talk. cant wait
    annyway enough about the social life of a dude thats just been hangin in the shed weekends since getting back from the states, feel like a looser but at the same time feel like a cool cat cause i know i'll be cruising this baby soon.
    got my inner gaurds all primed screwd back together and primed again, no welding panel beatin, grinding or filler work was done cause they are coming off again but they look nice as is for now. got the firewall all finished and primed, this also will have a few wholes and stuff welded and drilled once i have everything ho i want it, so that can all come later but its sealed for now, got some gold mixed up for the flatty, am pretty happy with it, at the moment i feel it looks a bit cheap but i think once it has a gloss black radiator sitting in front of it anf some shiney stuff bolted on in the way of my intake and some chrome nut covers it will look neat, and the photos change the colour abit but i must say it did come out looking pretty neat, i will upload some pics sunday of the progress and ill chuck all the shit on the flatty so you can see what it will look like, happy with todays progress though cause now i can start putting all the running gear in soon, and bolt all the inners and fenders back on and start on frenchin front and rear tail lights. my good buddy ahron has now offered on top of everything else hes doin for me and teaching me in the way of the roof, he has offered to teach me some lead filling when we do the tail lights and stuff so this will be cool, also once the roof is filled up and beaten smooth he wants to run some lead over the welds and stuff to get it really nice, so this car will be in every sence of the word a "lead sled" not a bogged up low ass spinner that calls its self a lead sled, which makes me happy that i can say that ha ha ha, maybe thats stupid but thats just me........... anyway stay tuned for progress updates on sunday although i did buy 3 slabs of beer today for the club so not sure what will happen we may just end up getting waisted at a very early stage ha ha. des

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  5. Deu55
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    Hey what happened at the party?
  6. Aushotrods
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    this haha <iframe width="420" height="345" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. Nekronomicon
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    Is that Ryan losing his eyebrows at the start there....? :D
  8. Aushotrods
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    haha wasnt the only thing he lost that night! ol whistlin pete knows how to pardy pardy
  9. well my interenet was out for a few days, maybe the guys burnt it when they were burning everything else outta the shed.

    late update but ill just say we got the roof filler panel all welded in and a rough shape which too a bit of work, i got all my inners and fenders back on, which makes it look a little better, started on finishing up my flatty, finish carbs and intake which is a lot more work to get that intake really good.

    long story short, ripped the wheels off mine and chickens olds, got the tyres stripped off, took all 8 wheels to the sandblasters, rang antique tyres, they only have 3 tyres in the 670/15 firestone vintage that i want, so i found this mob, and they will airfreight to aus, alot of places over there wont cause they have a deal with antique tyres, but the way i see it i want the tyres now not in a months time when they get there next shipment so i got them from this place, with postage they came up 200 and something dollars cheaper than what i could get them here, chicken got some firestone rags for his too.

    as u can see a couple pics and seans vid the fire got a bit outta control, 20 year old fuel mixed wth sump oil outta the oldsmobile will do that, ol whistly pete aka ryan ford nearly copped that flame, also i dont think the eldorados and the cabalerros will be welcome back at the elpho pub after the lady owner chased a 59 chev full of dudes up the road while they idled away with her pot glasses in hand....................good night but....

    will upload further progress on sunday once we drink the rest of the beer from last weekend.

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  10. ol whistly pete, not sure if he wants me to tell the story but youll get the idea if you talk to that whistly son of a bitch.
  11. just a couple things i got in the mail for the car still waiting on other stuff to, a shitty iphone pic of the flatty, my frenched tail light buckets and my new breather for my manifold, and the notch that will have to wait till after chopped. the bootlid all stripped were i found a nice dint full of filler unfortunately but u cant win em all. and of course the rags im waiting on

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  12. Car looks great, last weekend looks to of been interesting.

    Us Townies cant have fires.

    If those ugly square plates are to notch the rear rails, tell Ahron to ring me and I'll tell him or you where to take templates from and we'll give you some that should be fitted to such a cool car, not that mini truck looking crap.

    Yes free

    Watching the updates and looking fine.

    Mark Shearer
  13. Yup big night on the mini bike after 5000 beers!!

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  14. ha ha ha, ol whistly pete, thats what happens at an eldorados party, shit gets outta hand and ryan ford ends up riding a mini bike after wards for a bit of drunken fun and looses it at knockshalf a tooth off and the obvious carnage on hands and face, ha ha ha good night but
  15. ha ha ha, not a fan mark, i dont mind them, they are the gambino notch kit for a shoe box, but hey there not going yet so im always open to options, we'll have to talk at chopped.

    what would u have in mind that would be different, are u thinking a c notch nice radius one???
  16. sat arvo, roof shaped up a bit more, a bit of tweaking to get both side looking nice with nice flow off the roof down the c pillars, rewelded the parcel tray back up into stock location and plug welded the spot welds back up on the brace for the parcel tray then i cut out the rear window braces ("the jail bars")
    alowed ahron to have a nice sitting position to get in with the dolly and shape up the roof and do some shinks and stuff, i drinded down all the oxy welds over all the roof for him to beat it, while he was doin that fitted uo the cap and tacked all that back in for the a pillar passenger side and then redid the drivers one, thats all ready to weld just gotta make sure the front screen is still sqaure.
    ahron found a nice way to use the left over caps off the a pillars tp cut up and use as out little filler peices for the gutter and roof, with a bit of work they will work nice and we dont have to make any custom little peices up.
    i measrured and cut the passenger side window frame and its nice so going to cut the tacks on the drivers one and move that, i cut out the nice radius peice from the b pillars then ahron scribed that in i cut and tacked the new bit in, all making for a god sat arvo, the roof see,s to be coming back together quite quickly now which is good, really looking forward to seeing ahron and tex work there magic on the hammer and dolly and see it all smoothed up, ahron beat the roof on one side for about half hour and it realy cleans up and takes shape, but that man is a perfectionist so it wont be done till he's happy its good enough and then he wants to lead all the welds and stuff to get it really realy nice all out of metal, which is cool by me cause im still learning a shitload from that dude.
    i also cleaned, polished and rebuilt all the 97's. they look pretty nice at the moment but its a shame tht they dull off after a while, im happy with em, i want it to be obvious that they are cleaned up old ones, not new thats why i didnt go to the extra effort of sanding and making them really nice with no marks, although it did cross my mind.
    i made templates of cardboard for the door handles to be shaved, we have left them till now cause it was handy to be easily gettin in and out of the car, but now there gotta go, out the templates onto some pane steel and scribed them in, then cut them out with tinsnipes and just used a linisher lightly untill they fight nice as they are gunna be tigged in next weekend, so that will be good to get that done too.
    too many of those buds = lot less productivity and more sitting around talking shit..........
    chopped - 5 weeks
    times a tickin fellas, des gettin nervous.................

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  17. Its always trouble when those cameldildo's ooopps I mean cabalerro's turn up :D...

    Cars really taking shape, be good to see it in person at Chopped.
  18. hasty
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    Very nice...
  19. Nekronomicon
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    We're gonna make you a member now for that comment
  20. sp1ke
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    I do believe that your car the way you are going might turn out to be one of the best 50 customs ever!!!If I had a choice I would have mine and one like yours but of course I can have only one so will keep the one I have..Keep up the great work.

  21. ha ha ha, the old cameldildos are good fun, cant wait to have a massive piss up at chopped with them,
    thanks mate, im pretty damn happy with it.
  22. ha ha ha, love it, fucking cameldildos, the eldorados ae so much cooler, we can merge clubs and become the eldorlerros....................
  23. wow, thats a mighty big ass call there brother, but we'll take the compliment, im just lucky i got a couple skilled mates to help me along, theres still a long way to go on this car, but i have alot of good ideas and inspiration on interior and paint along as some other custom body mods, we'll just have to wait and see.
    cheers mate, des
  24. Now if it was the elderlearers I'd be set... :D
  25. Aushotrods
    Joined: Jun 19, 2003
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    i always liked dildoleros better
  26. ha ha ha the dildoleros is pretty nice, imagine the club plaque pic on that one

  27. Too funny. Maybe your new plaque might look a little like this.


    (copied from a post by 4t64rd)

  28. FE / FC Number plate surrounds work well with the Aussie size plates....

    ...awesome job, look forward to seeing it at Chopped!


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