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demonstrating techniques of replaceing billet, my 40 update

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by roadstar, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Me and Race got some mad progress done on the 40 today. Actually pulled it out side so we could flog on it without any obstructions,. Walls other cars,junk in the garage ect.

    I really wanted a look that didn't enclude a bunch of billet brackets and polished aluminum, but I still wanted to keep the air that was already installed in the car when I got it. So I think the painted steel bracketry and painted a/c and alternator look clean and functional.
    I even painted the aluminum intake, makes the color on the engine stand out more too. The valvecovers and aircleaner arecast so I managed to have a nice clean contempoaryengine compartment without all blister pack billet junk [​IMG]

    We got the whole rear of the car done today too. These bumpers came with the car also and I almost replaced them with stock style ones. But once I took off the stupid billet licence place bracket and frame that was hanging down under the tailpanel and put the 49chevy style licence guard I really like the look now with the decklid being shaved and all.

    There are other custom body mods like the door and trunk corners are rounded and the windshield is peaked to match the rear window, the hood is louvered too.
    SO thats why I think the Ribbed bumpers go with the car.

    I'm planing a copper interior for this car that will match the wheel and engine color(a badass copper custom mixed by Race) I think it will ROCK all copper and lots of chrome on the dash (stock speakergrill and all the stock dash trim.

    Here are some pics. your comments and critisizim are always welcome [​IMG]


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  9. Looks good with the intake painted.
    The trip two's really stand out.

    As far as the billet brackets etc. go, I think Sammy boy - Sam Iyam - was the one who had to buy a billet piece for his A coupe.
    It got ground down and painted which disguised the billetness pretty well.
    Powder sticks to aluminum real good too.
  10. studeboy
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    Rudy, That is already one of the nicest 40's I have seen. The copper is awesome. Can't wait to see it finished. The rear bumper looks like Henry shoulda put it there. Keep up the good work. Oh and by the way, Don't let Kustombuilder drive this one he might end up in jail or something. [​IMG]



    49 Studebaker P/U
  11. Looks like you did a really nice job on all of it. This was the car hit in the back a few months ago, right? The shiny black paint would show any waves in your body work and it all looks smooth and perfect to me.
    I think I'd have gone with either satin finish aluminum or copper paint on the a/c compressor and alternator, tho.
  12. Rocky you are thinking of Deuce Roadsters 40 that was rearended at a show this summer. And he also had a 32 roadster. Only differance his is real steel with fenders. And my 32 is Tupperwhare with no fenders.
    I bought this car as an unfinnished project that was going in a different direction. But now I am real happy with it and can't wait to get it on the road.
  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........that cleared it up for me. There are so many people on the HAMB now [a few with similar names] that it's hard to keep everybody straight. The only way to do this, is to physically meet everybody on the HAMB and commit thier faces to memory. I'm attempting to do this chore as we speak.......or type.
  14. Rudy, that thing looks better everytime I see it. That is one that i'd hold on to.
  15. nailhead60
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    Im diggin that alot !! way to go RUDY @ RACE with that mad krazy family skill !! Beautiful work
  16. Thanks guys. We're on a mission to DRIVE this bad boy real soon.
    Spent sunday putting the front end togeather. Almost done. 40 fords are kinda tricky to get the front sheetmetal lined up. The trick is spend alot of time geting it right BEFORE you paint the car [​IMG].

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