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Technical Define "Driver Quality" paint

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by s55mercury66, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. s55mercury66
    Joined: Jul 6, 2009
    Posts: 4,298

    from SW Wyoming

    New paint job, or already existing, let's hear it defined.
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  2. lake_harley
    Joined: Jun 4, 2017
    Posts: 2,039


    This is probably going to be a long thread.

    To me it's old paint that's faded, worn through, possibly a patch or more of primer, spiderweb cracking and more.

    New/newer paint that isn't so perfect and shiny, orange peeled, some runs, and even thought it's more a reflection (no pun intended) of the time spent in prep it probably shows some waviness in the body panels.

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  3. flynbrian48
    Joined: Mar 10, 2008
    Posts: 8,090


  4. 19Fordy
    Joined: May 17, 2003
    Posts: 7,937


    Paint that covers the car but, is weathered and faded.
    Looks good right after you polish it
    but, fades back to its deteriorated condition quickly.
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  5. scrap metal 48
    Joined: Sep 6, 2009
    Posts: 6,078

    scrap metal 48

    You get in, you drive it, paint....
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  6. A Boner
    Joined: Dec 25, 2004
    Posts: 7,287

    A Boner

    Any paint, old or new that isn't you can USE the vehicle and not worry about wrecking the finish.
  7. Baumi
    Joined: Jan 28, 2003
    Posts: 3,023


    I guess everyone has his own definitions. To me a rust free car is a car without rustholes or severe surface rust. To others rustfree means rust holes filled with bondo. I think the "driver quality paint" discription is nonsense. A car can drive pretty well without any paint at all. And a perfectly painted car can be a mechanical nightmare. Plus everything in between.
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  8. drtrcrV-8
    Joined: Jan 6, 2013
    Posts: 1,683


    Just like a "Twenty- Footer" : open to definition, but usually taken to mean that it's definitely NOT show quality, but good enough to drive without worrying about chips & dings, & doesn't need to be washed every day : "It's a driver, so who cares?"
  9. Cliff Ramsdell
    Joined: Dec 27, 2004
    Posts: 1,341

    Cliff Ramsdell

    I painted it and now I drive it. That’s the best it’s gonna be. It’s all one color.

    Cliff Ramsdell
  10. john worden
    Joined: Nov 14, 2007
    Posts: 1,815

    john worden
    from iowa

    Yup looks good at 20 feet.
  11. Mr48chev
    Joined: Dec 28, 2007
    Posts: 33,337


    Yep reasonably fresh paint but not main room show car paint. The shoot it yourself paint or shot by the local gun paint that isn't done with all the cut and buff nor endless hours of perfection block sanding before it is shot. It still looks good when you pass it on the street or see it from that 20 ft though.
    More like what you see with fresh paint jobs on used car lots on Auto row. There is actually a rebuild shop in town that rebuilds cars and sells them that I want to talk to about painting my truck when the time comes as they turn out front row paint jobs that quite often look better than what you see on the new car lots.
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  12. Beats me, how far is up?
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  13. RmK57
    Joined: Dec 31, 2008
    Posts: 2,425


    Doesn't have too many bugs in it.
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  14. Fogger
    Joined: Aug 18, 2007
    Posts: 1,785


    x3 on a 20 footer. A driver quality usually indicates either a amateur attempt or a very aged original paint job. Good enough to protect the sheetmetal.
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  15. deathrowdave
    Joined: May 27, 2014
    Posts: 3,386

    from NKy

    Look at my car a rolling definition to the question !
  16. My opinion Driver quality and Ready to Restore mean the exact same thing. Which is absolutely nothing.
  17. driver quality: doesn't need to be painted, but not a show winner.
  18. squirrel
    Joined: Sep 23, 2004
    Posts: 54,960


    Not show quality.

    Sent from my Trimline
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  19. slowmotion
    Joined: Nov 21, 2011
    Posts: 3,324


    Good'nuff for who it's for.
  20. oldiron 440
    Joined: Dec 12, 2018
    Posts: 3,158

    oldiron 440

    Nice but not perfect, kinda like a good woman.
  21. 427 sleeper
    Joined: Mar 8, 2017
    Posts: 2,685

    427 sleeper

    No... How Long is a Chinamen's name...
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  22. 0NE BAD 51 MERC
    Joined: Nov 12, 2010
    Posts: 1,753

    0NE BAD 51 MERC

    What over half the people said they wanted before they tried to screw me into giving them a show finish for a quarter of the price. I would not do Driver paint. The very term it self is a crock of shit! like pantina ! Larry
  23. Flat Six Fix
    Joined: Feb 6, 2010
    Posts: 1,270

    Flat Six Fix

    Here driver quality paint.
    Wavy panels, not enough finessing with guide coats and blocking.
    Paint has some peel and dry spray and is a cheap quality enamel with a hardener.
    Or old paint chipped faded etc. Mine a tru 50 footer. I did it my

    Attached Files:

  24. tubman
    Joined: May 16, 2007
    Posts: 6,803


    This : 51Ford.jpg

    The paint job on this car was done in the mid 80's. Everyone who sees this car compliments me on how great it looks. I agree; just don't get too close.
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  25. steinauge
    Joined: Feb 28, 2014
    Posts: 1,507

    from 1960

    If its good enough for you.No one elses opinion matters.
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  26. southcross2631
    Joined: Jan 20, 2013
    Posts: 4,413


    This is original 1958 English paint and I drove it every day , so I guess it's driver quality. New paint would be Maaco quality. 0520131953a.jpg
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  27. 0NE BAD 51 MERC
    Joined: Nov 12, 2010
    Posts: 1,753

    0NE BAD 51 MERC

    This I agree with, one my wife's ot 66 mustangs was painted 32 years ago and has always been driven almost daily in the summers. it was never a show car just a nice original that needed a little floor pan work and a fresh coat of powder blue paint. But if your talking about going into a guys shop and telling him you want driver paint, do not be surprised when he tells you to go back out the door you came in! And hopefully he tells you nicely! Larry
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  28. sunbeam
    Joined: Oct 22, 2010
    Posts: 6,166


    I'm not going to send the money for new paint.
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  29. blowby
    Joined: Dec 27, 2012
    Posts: 8,656

    from Nicasio Ca

    If a bird shits on it, you wait until you get gas and use the squeegee.
  30. gene-koning
    Joined: Oct 28, 2016
    Posts: 3,750


    Driver quality: A new or recent paint job with minor imperfections on a body that is not perfectly straight. Looks good driving down the street and is acceptable up close.

    Show quality: A new or recent paint job without any imperfections over a very straight body. Has mirror smooth paint that is capable of winning indoor car shows. Perfect. One most people would be terrified to drive down the street because a bug squashed against it might damage the perfect paint.

    Give me driver quality any day. A show quality paint job at my house would be a major waste of someone's time, and my money. It wouldn't look show quality after a few days. There is no claimant controlled storage, and there is no big box trailer to haul around a show queen at my place. The vehicle will be sitting outside for the most part, and it will get driven everyplace it will go. Gene

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