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Technical Death wobble update

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by spillaneswillys, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Well I decided to install a steering damper from Posies that was made by Pete and Jakes. The bracket welds on to the wish bone. Voila the wobble is gone. I am still going to replace the steering box as it is shot. Maybe next year the bias tires to radials.
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  2. Engine man
    Joined: Jan 30, 2011
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    Engine man
    from Wisconsin

    Thanks for the update!
  3. Had a similar problem with our roadster. Installed a steering dampener and "Viola the wobble is gone". I replaced the unmarked likely off shore "vega "style box too.
    And since you brought it up, yeah, the bias tires look the part but not that much fun if ya really drive the car.
    Probably never buy another set of bias tires......
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  4. abe lugo
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    abe lugo

    Guys. I hate to bring this up but is the dampener just a bandaid fix?

    Does it not cost the same to fix/replace the steering box first or check all the joints that may be worn?

    There are plenty of people on this board running bias ply tires on old f100 boxes and not having issues enough to add a dampener.

    I digress, you came back with an update. Please let us know how it goes after 500-1000 miles on it.

  5. manyolcars
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    Its funny how a simple typo can change the meaning so much. A viola is a kind of violin. :) and Voila means, "There it is"
  6. Voila, French I believe. And not walla. :)
  7. F&J
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    You are correct, and the OP is aware of that from his first long thread on this particular car.

    However, there will always be a group that don't believe what you say, and you will never be able to convince them that it is purely a masking of the original problem.

    Like painting a car that has a rot hole, and the car owner uses house screen and body filler. The car appears to be properly repaired, but the original problem(rot hole) is still there. That repair is good enough for one group, but not acceptable by others.
  8. Not to hijack the discussion but regarding tires...
    Like lots of folks here, I've driven many miles on bias and many miles on radials. Currently have three sets of bias tires in service on three vehicles.
    From my experience, there is only ONE REASON to use bias tires. It's for the looks. And looks only.
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  9. tfeverfred
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    Member Emeritus

    I used to and still do spot 'em all the time, but I got tired of being a grammar nazi, so I let 'em go.
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  10. Rusty O'Toole
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    Rusty O'Toole

    A lot of German cars came from the factory with steering dampers. They had light, sharp, accurate steering. The secret was in the alignment, they were set up with very little or no caster. They needed the damper because of the way they were designed and set up. I would consider using a damper and setting up the front end this way.
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  11. Neat car , when I grew up in the Midwest those types of cars were what I knew as a "hot rod" . I couldn't go to a car show or cruz and see a 32 /33 fender less , loud, fast fords . We went to "Pioneer Speedway " in Des Moines to watch the races . And seldom did I see anything on the streets like that , just read about them in the little pages. So thanks for saving that one , and I hope it is as much influence on future rodders as those old jalopies did on me

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  12. jcmarz
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    from Chino, Ca

    I thought it was "Boila!"?
  13. I intend to change the steering box but did have some trouble finding one but did so recently on the HAMB. The damper will allow me to drive now while there is still some summer. It drives like a custom made viola. Voila there it is!
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  14. 1932tub
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    Good to hear you have a cure
  15. flatheadgary
    Joined: Jul 17, 2007
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    from boron,ca

    here's one for you to think about. a friend of mine had a '39 chevy sedan with chevy disc's on it and it rode perfectly fine. then it got t boned by a semi and he decided to build a t bucket from the remains. i did what had to be done to make the front axle into a transverse leaf set up. everything went fine until we drove it. death wobble at about 30 mph. we used a corvair box that seem to be ok for the steering. i have built several front ends like this and never had a problem before. we finely put a vw damper on it and it went away. i know the history of this car as i know the people we bought it. never been a problem again. i often thought it was those big disc brakes would get to oscillating and caused it. maybe some play in old parts? maybe the weight of the sedan masked the play in it. who knows?
  16. dave plmley
    Joined: Oct 24, 2014
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    dave plmley

    I have a 41 Merc/Ford box that is like new but the shaft is cut off above the box. You can install a rag joint and have no vibes. You can have for the shipping fee from middle Tennessee. Can post a pic if interested.
    take care, Dave
  17. Well the steering problem should be over. I recently had the steering replaced with a little arm twisting from a great old hot rod builder. From the steering wheel to the box to the pitman arm to the drag link to the bracket on the disc brake assembly. He tweaked it to perfection! Thank you Carm! $1000 in parts and some more in labor and I am just happy as can be. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Now I am starting a 51 Dodge truck will post soon.
  18. Forgot to say I am waiting for a really cold day to drive home about 30 miles so the slush is frozen.
  19. dave plmley
    Joined: Oct 24, 2014
    Posts: 142

    dave plmley

    Rebuilt the front end on my Merc that didn't have a wobble just old. Put in new steering box, brakes, bearings, tie rod ends, drag link and after some reading on the HAMB also installed a steering damper. The car is a pleasure to drive at any speed. I've had it over 90 and is rock steady. I remember driving VW Beatles back in the day and if the damper was bad you were in deep shit. Jus my two cents.

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