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Daves Nationwide Classic relocation.

Discussion in 'The H.A.M.B. O'Dex' started by David Robert Phelps, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. Single Transporter with a 24ft Carmate avaiable for your classic or automotive relocation. As a classic fanatic of not small blocks or big blocks but of Pontiac fast blocks. I will provide exceptional service and personal care of your classics and or parts. I am located in western Pennsylvania . Will haul about anything that won"t damage my equipment . It is prefered to have running and drove on how ever winch avaiable as long has wheels to roll on .Will do my my best to accomadate if other means are needed . Cost will be determined on how much effort is needed to get it on the trailer if not able just to roll on . My equipment is well taken care of . Please contact at 724-815 -6266. I am a memeber of most pontiac groups on Fb to include a member of GtoAA club. Have hauled anything concourse to basket cases and treat each transport with equal care for you the customer , Feel free to text or phone or email
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  2. I just sold my 36 Plymouth to a HAMB'er here on the board, and David picked it up.
    Really nice guy, looked the car over, took pics first, we loaded in his enclosed trailer and I watched him tie it down. Really paid attention to what was going on.. I'd recommend him..
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  3. ratfink56
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    Took delivery of the 36 Plymouth this morning. The car arrived safe and sound. Dave really logs the miles. Nice late model truck and trailer. Great guy and a straight shooter. Highly recommended. Thanks Dave.
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  4. A FEW OF MY TRANSPORTS 20210404_121231.jpeg 20210322_171212.jpeg 20210318_110422.jpeg

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  5. Will be in Two Rivers Wis, around April 28th looking to head to Detroit Mi, area with my winch equipped 24 ft enclosed if I can asist anyone relocating a part or toy in that direction please contact me .Thanks
  6. Due to Detroit to California cancelation I will have an open space in my 24ft enclosed with an open schedule. IF we can asist please contact.Thanks. FB_IMG_1607527062621.jpeg

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  7. After delivering Sky Six sweet 48 Chevy last week . I have a schedule delivery next week In Two Rivers Wis. and I will have space on my 24ft enclosed for anyones transport in any direction,
  8. Good morning we still will have a spot on my 24ft enclosed in Two Rivers Wis.tomorrow April 30th. We are also trying to asist someone to get his antique from Arizona to New Jersey. If anyone is in need of transport from the east to the soutwest which could consist of California Nevada New Mexico Arizona or southwest Texas Please contact me .724 815 6266. Thanks

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  9. Dave just dropped off a 39 pickup I purchased. Very decent guy, kept me in the loop with everything. Highly recommend. Thanks again for all the help making this work.
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  10. Was great to have the pleasure of transporting 62pan goodlooking 39. 20210505_092601.jpeg 20210505_092543.jpeg

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  11. I will be finishing up a transport with my 24ft enclosed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana area around June 9th .I will consider all transport request from the west to all points east .Please feel free to contact me by email text or phone .Thanks 20210509_120922.jpeg Screenshot_20210520-173239_Maps.jpeg 20210501_120823.jpeg

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  12. I have received a request to asist another H.A.M.B member with transport out of California to Massachussettes .I will be making a delivery to western Louisiana on or about June 9th. I am looking to connect west out of Texas etc that would asist us in getting to California from Louisiana. Thanks .
  13. Trying to get in contact with MantuaJohn .I believe I just might beable to help him with his transport from Las vegas to New Jersey , I may be heading to Arizona soon . I am unable to reply tells me I dont have the privelege to do so.not sure why replied to others in past. Would be greatly appreciated if someone would pass my info to him .thanks
  14. We are currently have space on my 24ft enclosed headed to the west Utah Arizona ,etc. If you have parts and or a car that needs transport from the east to this direction give me a hollar etc. Thanks
  15. Delivered this beauty from Wisconscin to New York
  16. Resized_20210604_093245.jpeg Resized_20210604_100215.jpeg Resized_20210604_093245.jpeg Resized_20210604_100215.jpeg Resized_20210604_093245.jpeg Resized_20210604_100215.jpeg some of my recent hauls with my new rig.
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  17. We will have space in the 24ft enclosed the week of the 26th out of Houston Tx . to Oklahoma City , week of July 26th ,I have a committment from ther to St,Louis , I will then have an opening from St.Louis to all points east . While here want to thank all the folks who entrusted me with their cars for delivery .I feel blessed to have met all the great folks from THE H.A.M.B I have provided transport for . Thanks again.
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  18. I will be making a transport delivery in Maine for a fellow H.A.M.B member the week of Aug 13th if you are considering a transport of a car and or parts . Please give me a shout .Thanks
  19. I have filled the space from Maine ,Thanks everyone for checking my post .
  20. ochamsrasor
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    I want to thank Dave for a great double transport experience a fellow Hamber and I traded cars he is in Maine an I am in Florida, Dave handled to double run fast and professional. He is worthy of praise on this site.
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  21. Had a busy couple weeks delivering some beautiful cars for ochamsrasor to Fla.and Maine . Along with some others .I will have a possible trip to Florida looking to fill my 24ft back north .Have a planned trip from New Jersey to Iowa 2nd week of Sept looking to fill the space back east from Iowa . Want to thank ochamsrasor for trusting me with the job. 20210808_162831.jpg 20210806_143822.jpg

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  22. Just had space come open the second week of Sept. from the west coast in my 24ft enclosed trailer. To all points east.
  23. Space avaiable in the 24ft enclosed from Florida to Alabama /Tennessee area week of aug 23rd .Car and or Parts. Have committment in North Alabama ,Attempting to connect the dots to cut fuel cost .Thanks.
  24. WilliD
    Joined: Oct 12, 2013
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    from Illinois

    Dave delivered a pair of doors to ILL. for me out of PA. Did a Great job of staying in touch & following thru with the transport ..Greatly appreciated ..
  25. Heading to California Sept 10th. Will have a spot on the 24ft enclosed coming east. Thanks

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  26. Headed out west to California this week for another great H.a.m.b. members car. I will have a spot on my 24ft enclosed headed to northwest area for a commitment out of Montana. Will entertain any requests out of Arizona California or Nevada and deliver Washington Oregon Utah Idaho or Montana. THANKS.

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