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History Custom Tubs , mine from 1985 -Thanks Lynn & Rik Hoving for many of the custom tub pics featured

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by John Lee Williamson, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. 1936 Ford phaeton for sale asking $38,000 OBO , fresh SBC, turbo 350 and 9 in., New Carson top and upholstery, straight body and paint. Contact Billy at 818-652-2512

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. rotten ron
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    rotten ron

    I owned this car about 20 years ago. I sold it to Bob Chrisman. When I sold it, it had a Duval windshield and only the frame of a Carson top. Bob passed and his son-in-law, Billy, is selling it. If you are looking for a nice phaeton this is a sweet driving one. Ron
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  3. 1937 Lincoln Le baron convertible sedan
  4. One of my father's good friends had this exact car.. Same colours and everything. When he was 17, right after WWII he put a Buick fireball straight 8 and Buick trans in it. It worked great until the first time he walked on it and it spun the back wheels to toothpicks...
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  5. 40 Chevy tub from a 4 DR Sedan
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  6. A new rendering from Rik Hoving, slick tub from a 4 DR.
  7. One that just got out of the box.[​IMG]
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  8. 1928 Rolls Royce tub
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  9. More from Lynn Deuce tub high shot with a great Teaneau Cover
  10. 1915 Cadillac Tub
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  11. Duesenberg "J" Model tub
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  12. Cast iron tub.
    upload_2021-2-2_23-51-40.jpeg upload_2021-2-2_23-51-56.jpeg
  13. Channeled 32 Ford tub at the races.
  14. The beginning of 26/27 Ford tub selling here on the HAMB
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  15. 2 Tubs at the races[​IMG]
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  16. missysdad1
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    I know I've posted on this thread before, but here's an updated photo of my tub. Currently covered up and waiting for warmer weather. It was originally built by Bob Perrault almost 10 years ago and I have made numerous changes since I got it from him. Still the same color, though. It's a Wescott body on repro rails, exactly what I wanted for use as a daily driver in today's crazy world. Just too dangerous to drive a low-production original on a daily basis. The interior is strictly business and the rear seat area has been modified to carry stuff, not people. Most people have never seen a phaeton before, so it's always fun to stop and talk and bring them up to date as to what old cars were like back in the day...and what we've turned them into. Fun car.

    phaeton 191.jpg

    phaeton 141.jpg

    phaeton 195.jpg
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