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History Custom Tubs , mine from 1985 -Thanks Lynn & Rik Hoving for many of the custom tub pics featured

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by John Lee Williamson, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Slick Duesenberg Model "X" tub, one of 4 remaining out of 5 built.

  2. Joe Uritta's 41 Ford tub by Barris built from a sedan, chopped, channeled, sectioned Carson top, Teaneau cover, Studebaker dash, skirts, 47 Olds grill, highly customized -Tub
  3. Blake 27
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    Blake 27

  4. The above Chevy Tub was AMBR winner.
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  5. Watching the sun come up driving down P.C.H. to Malibu one last time before the lock down here in SoCal.
    P1040559.JPG P1040561.JPG

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  6. socal34
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  7. Blake 27
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    Posts: 814

    Blake 27

  8. More nice tubs from Lynn, chopped with a folding top, not so easy to do.
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  9. Also from Lynn - Stick em up!
  10. Another great tub from Lynn
  11. [​IMG]
    Looks like a tub from a sedan
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  12. 36 Ford tub and folks ready to travel.[​IMG]
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  13. Another tub from a sedan, needs to tuck in the front wheels and add stock fender wells for a great look.[​IMG]
  14. New old blower Bentley, continuation series.[​IMG]
  15. Early Tub Jalopy Racer at Ascott Park in L.A.[​IMG]
  16. verde742
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    1. a veteran died today

    ( I just don't understand how it can leave the shop without narrowing the front suspension )
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  17. I believe that car was on a newer frame.

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  18. Reversed rims and shorter "A" arms should do the trick, then some stock wheel well openings. Also a dark color with no flames so you can see the car "Uninterrupted" .
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  19. 32 Tub from the Sat HAMB ART page
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  20. Tub full of fun from Pat G. and a deuce tub behind it
    [​IMG]The car is a ’27 T tub. The grille and 3-carb V8 I can only guess. But these guys look like they’re having fun, and there are a few nice rods in the background, too.
  21. Paul Gommi's Chopped 34 Ford tub from Pat G.

  22. [​IMG]Looks like a 35/36 Ford tub with a later frontend like the Bruns build.
  23. 1935 Packard 12 tub
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  24. The 39 guy
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    The 39 guy

    Saw this 39 Ford Tub at B and J auction 2006
    Byron and Jackson 2006 013.jpg Byron and Jackson 2006 014.jpg
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  25. Another angle on a tub.
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  26. A tub rendering from Rik Hoving - Cad Hubcaps, bumpers and rear window.

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