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History Custom Tubs , mine from 1985 -Thanks Lynn & Rik Hoving for many of the custom tub pics featured

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by John Lee Williamson, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]
    The Wescott hiboy Phaeton is one of my loves also. from Lynn
  2. Kids having fun in a "T" Tub.
  3. 1941 Olds 98 4Dr convertible - tub
  4. Blake 27
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    Blake 27

  5. [​IMG]
    Steel wheels and primer will fix this tub
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  6. The 39 guy
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    The 39 guy

    Yes, she has potential!
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  7. 31Apickup
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    I remember looking at that one for sale at the Nats North about 20 years or so ago. It was fenderless, has bobbed rear frame horns had a 305. Fiberglass body. It was also in either Street Roddder or Rod Action in the 80’s.

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  8. CadMad
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    FC75051C-36B1-4155-A666-D4A881AF3851.jpeg 0007F048-64FA-4C35-98D0-69AFF4BA0A5C.jpeg CCE2594B-9700-42EB-88F2-670B19FABFB5.jpeg 58BBBF81-E8A3-4893-984F-D3DE6C5E12EB.jpeg AA8C028C-32C9-495D-8EF6-752CD80771A5.jpeg 9D7CE573-B7CE-4F91-9B20-D9E0315471C5.jpeg B30A5FA0-ABB0-4BA2-8557-F1C43E6055F9.jpeg Not custom yet... but my brother found this very rare Studebaker Dictator. Looking forward to having some fun Apparently one of only two known survivors. So we’ll have to be mindful of retaining and preserving what’s there.
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  9. The 39 guy
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    The 39 guy

    Wow,that tub is unique! I hope you will do a thread on the build of this car.
  10. The Studebaker tub is a great looking car, their straight 8 cars were fast as well, in their day.. The first picture with s skirt and motorcycle tires makes it a custom sort-of. Thanks for the picts.
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  11. [​IMG]
    1930 Auburn phaeton
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  12. Cool 40 Ford tub made from a 4Dr
  13. Boones
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    from Kent, Wa
    1. Northwest HAMBers

    My Dad owned this for many years. Tried to get him to put steelies and caps on it. it was a really nicely done car. Sold it to his buddy. Do not know if I ever seen it with a bra on it. maybe this is while his friend owned it. I heard the car might be forsale again.
  14. 1-SHOT
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    You should buy it
  15. Our family had cars like these, my Dad had an Auburn 851 Speedster and I had a 53 Buick Skylark.
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  16. Royalshifter
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    from California

    In the classifieds....hint hint phaeton.jpg phaeton1.jpg
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  17. [​IMG]
    A repeat, but it's just so cool, had to do it.
  18. And our original Tub Inspiration, The Ray Vega 38 Ford tub by Valley Custom Shop

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  19. Here's a long lost one, a "T" Tub with a tractor grill shell, the owner and Norm Grabowski.

  20. And a great tub shot from Lynn

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