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Technical Current (2022) sound deadening and heat barrier options?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by SDS, Jan 18, 2022.

  1. stanlow69
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    You we`re looking for options. And I gave you one.
  2. okiedokie
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    from Ok

    Did the same to my 40 coupe.
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  3. gene-koning
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    I used some of the thinner bubble wrap from a home improvement store on a few builds. The last time was on my coupe on the 1st round. the coupe spends its time outdoors in the north west corner of IL year around. The roof was painted white, and the car is always dry inside. The temp range was between upper 90s and -20. The biggest problem is the glue to hold it in place doesn't hold up well over time. I'm sure the swings in temp had an effect, as did rolling down the road with the windows did.

    I installed the bubble wrap on the roof, the floor, the firewall and under the door panels. I used the 3M spray glue as per instructions for the permeant bond. The bubble wrap was glued to the steel roof, with out a head liner. The first year or two was great, but then it started falling down as the glue let go. The cleaning and re-gluing only lasted another year or two before it started coming down again. The stuff on the firewall stayed only because it was held in place by things bolted to the firewall, and the stuff on the door panels only stayed for the same reason. The stuff on the floor held up pretty good, even under my feet (car has a 5 speed and very thin carpet).

    In 2018 I redid the car, so I pulled the bubble wrap out and cleaned the sheet metal again. That time I put the NOICO stuff inside of the car (all the inner panels are covered with the NOICO). The car sat outside until this winter, it still has a white roof, the temp swing is the same, and it still gets driven with the windows down. There are no signs of the NOICO letting loose, and the car is noticeably cooler in the sun then it was with the bubble wrap, and is much more quite. Gene
  4. The sound deadener stuff is a waste of time in a hot rod.... to me at least. My cars are pretty loud, and tend to have a lot of wind noise. Plus I drive with the windows down most of the time. Gotta wear ear plugs anyway.
    Heat(from exhaust system, engine) insulation is much more important. I use the blanket w/foil type which works great. A friend of mine used that spray expanding foam throughout his entire car:eek:. I told him he was crazy....but it never leaves the garage anyway.
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  5. stanlow69
    Joined: Feb 21, 2010
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    Never trust glue in a spray can. Sewed up a tuck-n-roll headlinr for my dad`s Vicky. 35 years and still hasn`t fallen down. Glued it up with Weldwood vinyl top adhesive from a 5 gallon can.
  6. VooDu52
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    I personally use kilmat. Have had great results over several builds with it. I also use a heat gun to preheat the pieces before sticking them down, no problems with loss of adhesions.
  7. The butyl rubber with adhesive on one side and foil on other side, aka the peel and stick type products, do a pretty good job of insulating. Of course there main purpose was for sound deadening, but being that the material is also a poor heat conductor it functions as a reasonably good insulation. It does make a difference vs plain metal floors or firewall. I also use it on roof inside, it is especially effective to reduce radiant heat from the hot roof inside.

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