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Coupla questions on 1950's Buick Dashboard

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by big hugh ness, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Folks, I am pretty excited about finding a RHD dash for my 52 Super. Only thing is, its out of totally cactus 53 Roadmaster. From what I can tell they seem pretty much the same deal. The roadmaster and super are gonna be the same size anyway, and the instruments look to be the same. My question is: has anyone unbolted one of these dashes? I have only had a quick look under mine. (Every time I go to do something on this car the mrs is saying "mow the lawn...take the dog for a walk...come and do the dishes...)
    I can see bolts, but wondered whether it was acutally welded at the back. It doesnt appear as if I'd have to rip the windscreen out, so that is something. Any ideas?
  2. Sorry cant help on the dash, but it sounds like my wife has lots in common with yours,....
  3. Lol! And it's always when you're on the ground, covered in grease and shit from head to foot and the wife says "oh, can we go up the street...I need you to help me pick a new doona cover" or some such thing like what happened just yesterday. so I had to go and get cleaned up, change clothes etc etc just to look at a doona cover. (Asif i care?) And its not just one thing once we are up at the shops... So there goes half the day.
    todays rant was brought to you by the letter R and the numbers 5 and 2.
  4. Ha,..I am sure mine waits,..and waits and as soon as you are in the most awkward difficult spot - balancing the engine on one hand and the body on your left foot,..thats when you get the call to come. Oh and its not like you are doing anything important, just working on your dumb car.

    Oh and to end my rant - She knows I dont care what "doona cover" we have, if she badgers me enough to actually have an opinion, she will just ignore it anyway and say I am stupid (who wants a Cadillac doona cover!) so why are we dragged somewhere to help choose something we have no interest in, to be ignored anyway and when she knows I dont want to be there. Icing on the cake is when you get a hard time for being surly because you were dragged along!

    Sorry to go o/t,..but sometimes its good for a laugh!

  5. nofin
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    from australia

    The other half doesn't take you shopping for your opinion, they take you along to carry it!

    Sorry, can't help with the Olds.
  6. I pulled one out of a 1950, they unbolt. The car was pretty rusty and needed some of the bolts cut though. Also couldn't get the screws out holding the garnish mouldings on because of lack of space. Had to remove the windshield to get at them.
  7. csimonds
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    Hey Hugh,
    I answered you on the Buick forum, but no you do not have to take the windshield out. the screws are under the interior windshield trim, and then 2 bolts on each side next to the door frame...... Ok and here we go with the stupid american question, What the hell is a doona? I could look it up, but you aussie's telling us makes it so much better! Let me know if you need any other tips about ripping shit out of that Buick.
  8. Hi Chuck

    The answer to your question is not that exciting I am afraid. A doona is a duvet or quilt, idea at all why we call them that!
  9. I wasn't saying you have to take out the windshield. That's just what I did for the lack of proper tools and rusty screws. My windshield was junk anyways.
  10. As always, many thanks, guys. Time for me to stop asking questions and knuckle (head) down methinks :)

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