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Cool old ice chest - lets see yours.

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. I have a couple of old ice chest, the aluminum ice chest was given to my father-in-law as a bonus for sales when he worked for the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company here in Anderson,South Carolina.[​IMG]

    I bought the blue Pepsi Cola ice chest from a friend having a yard sale. HRP

  2. I know I can't be the only guy to have the old coolers, not too good for what they were designed to do but they do make good storage space for clean up supply's. HRP
  3. 3W JOHN
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    3W JOHN

  4. 41rodderz
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    from Oregon

    I guess I better take some pics of mine.:D I have a an old tall Coke with galvanized interior,Vernon ginger Ale aluminum with embossed letters as is the Coke and an aluminum ThriftMaster that is completely finned with the V shaped emblem like a 1957 Chevy . Both the above Pepsi and Budweiser are very cool.
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  5. barryvanhook
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    from Mesa, AZ

    431D3C7C-38AB-448A-BBA7-55AFF3B9EF36.jpeg The old man drank Falstaff but I didn’t care for it and only drank it when I could steal one of his. But when I saw this cooler I had to have it in remembrance of him.
  6. daddio
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    I have a full size refrigerated RC and Fanta cooler that you open the top on to get your sodas. Works but needs help $400
  7. jim snow
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    jim snow

    6FE4F70C-DF53-4E85-8941-A39B1F5DDB0C.jpeg Older Coleman striped by East Coast Artie. Snowman
  8. 65B2644B-BF48-4064-88F6-571478C0FC61.jpeg 16B07271-E8C4-4F64-B8BF-9C2DDA8D4429.jpeg
    I’ve had a bunch over the years, but these two are all I have left. I like the “Griesedieck Bros.” Beer cooler. I was never sure how it was pronounced until I read that it was referred to as “slippery Richard” so “greasy dick” must be right!
  9. 500caddy
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  10. Moon50F3
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    Here’s a bump for ya, HRP. It’s sorta cool, but definitely old. I think it’s a Preway, 30’s to 50’s era.
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  11. Moon50F3
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  12. I have one very similar to that one I picked up at a yard sale for $3. It even has a smaller box inside for ice as there is no drain for the water. Of course I had to paint it up a bit.
    Here are a couple I have painted up for others. The Coke machine has a hand painted graphic. The refrigerator was in our first apartment in 1968. ANiceBox8.jpg ANiceBox7.jpg Box17 1.JPG Box17 2.JPG Box17 5.JPG CocaCola1.jpg CocaCola2.jpg PelhamsCooler 001.jpg PelhamsCooler 002.jpg PelhamsCooler 003.jpg RefrigeratorInChelsea1968 Top.jpg View attachment 4251679

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  13. lonejacklarry
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    Griesedieck Bros. was an old, old time St. Louis, MO, brewery. The label was revived in about 2002 and is being sold in and around St Louis.

    (Scotty T--If you ever decide to sell that cooler, please let me know!)
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  14. [​IMG]

    Just the thought of someone offering you a ice cold Grieasedieck just sounds wrong! o_O HRP
  15. 40two
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    07.Mai 2019 027.jpeg
    Hi Danny, this is my Pik-Nik Cooler, i bought it when Ebay was young (more than twenty years ago) for iirc 15 bucks. shipping was ten times of that :confused: i use it very often, it holds the bottles of a german crate, 20 bottles plus two bags of ice cubes. Works well!

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  16. catdad49
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    Here's mine, been in the Family long as I remember. Wish I had some of the others, seems like we had the whole collection of Scotch coolers along with a few of the drink coolers (you know the ones with the little spigots on the bottom)! IMG_1875.JPG

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