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Hot Rods Cool cars built for under $10 grand? Let's see them!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Fordor Ron, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Sheep Dip
    Joined: Dec 29, 2010
    Posts: 1,572

    Sheep Dip
    from Central Ca

    $6000 Bucks. Sold it about 2 years ago
    FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_0088.JPG
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  2. Ron,I built this Model A pickup in the early 70's and it was a amalgamation of junkyard parts, I only used funds from a part time job so it took a few years longer than I would have wanted.

    I learned a lot building the truck and readily admit I had a couple of fellow club members that helped guide me along the way.

    This photo was taken the first time I drove the truck and at that time I had less that 2 grand in it.

    BTW,Looking at the photo I can almost smell that coat of fresh red primer. HRP

  3. IMG_1260.JPG

    I'm a cheap Muther so if I'm building it, it's gonna be under 10g.
    Two young kids and a wife with health problems means I'm a lucky guy to be able to even have this great hobby.
    This '39 pickup started as a $500 big truck/flatbed. A $100 chassis with no axle and then a 66 mustang 8" with 3.00 gears that I traded from my cousin ($100 worth?), a low mile 307 sbc with the obligatory flat cam (did they make those cams from cheese or something?) for $50 at an estate sale, added a comp 262he cam, a Craigslist intake, carb. Bought an 80s camaro split with my uncle for 250 each. He wanted the 350 for his truck and I took the Saginaw 4 speed, and sold the hulk for $100. Traded a Ranger stepside bed (free) for a '41 bed that had been made into a farm trailer. Bed was off a one ton so got to trim the rust holes out when shortening it to length and narrowed it a few inches as well. Brought the bottoms of the trailing edge of the front fenders up a few inches so they weren't below the ground level. Some small bits and rattle cans and it was under $1500. I got anxy and sold it before it had side glass or figured out running boards for it but I got 6900 for it running and driving. Still not sure I should've sold it but was a fun project.
  4. Count Scrapula
    Joined: Oct 13, 2004
    Posts: 585

    Count Scrapula
    from Mid TN

    I've got about $4200 in this one so far. I was shooting for $5K, but it will be a fudge over.

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  5. ^^^ Excellent! I want to build a flatbed some day. Hit Home Depot on Saturday morning and the cruise in on Saturday night.

    Do you have a build thread?
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  6. plym_46
    Joined: Sep 8, 2005
    Posts: 4,009

    from central NY

    From this

    To this for about 4 grand.
  7. What's new out there?
  8. lake_harley
    Joined: Jun 4, 2017
    Posts: 1,185


    I won't say how much I have in my T roadster because if I ever sell it I want to make a HUGE profit and hopefully the buyer won't ever find out how badly I gooned them :)

    Never mind...I'll play too. About $4500 to $5000 to date.

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  9. Roothawg
    Joined: Mar 14, 2001
    Posts: 20,467


    I think if you guys kept a spreadsheet, you would find that you have a lot more in them than you realize. Just nuts, blots, etc add up. I had a tendency to undervalue what I had in mine. Now, I keep a sheet on every build. It makes me cringe sometimes.
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  10. alphabet soup
    Joined: Jan 8, 2011
    Posts: 1,432

    alphabet soup

    I really like the truck in post #53. It reminds me of the one in the movie Hot Rod.
  11. anthony myrick
    Joined: Sep 4, 2009
    Posts: 6,639

    anthony myrick

  12. texkbc
    Joined: Apr 27, 2007
    Posts: 398


  13. johnc451
    Joined: Dec 2, 2008
    Posts: 132


    This is my wife's truck. She had an $8K budget from the sale of a Morris convertible. It had been a nicely restored truck that got T-boned. We bought the wreck and a rotted suburban 1/2 ton for the chassis. Sold off many of the salvageable parts to a restorer to help fund the project. It is running a fresh 283 with 300hp cam, ps/pb, most of the paint from the original restoration, original interior, gauges, etc. She loves driving it. Still $$$ left to do fresh wood in the bed this spring. untitled 6.png IMG_2449.JPG IMG_2049.JPG
  14. Game over. You win...
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  15. 562roadster
    Joined: Mar 2, 2008
    Posts: 1,190


    I bought a ruff rpu body and bed. Then found a running A chassis om craigslist. Found all the missing parts on the hamb and at swap meets. I did all the work myself and had a friend paint it. Im in around $5k on this one[​IMG]

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  16. ckdesigns
    Joined: Jan 21, 2004
    Posts: 619

    from Ogden,Utah

    I built my tub for less than $10k


    I hope to build this truck for less than $10k too, still collecting parts for it.


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  17. Let’s bump this one again too...
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  18. carlos Sanchez
    Joined: Jul 16, 2008
    Posts: 3

    carlos Sanchez
    from Orange Ca

    Sorry guys I’m new here just what’s to show what I have build for under $8000

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  19. carlos Sanchez
    Joined: Jul 16, 2008
    Posts: 3

    carlos Sanchez
    from Orange Ca

    I do have to work on my engine I’m stuck at wiring and carbs to make them work any tips will appreciate
    Thank you

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  20. carlos Sanchez
    Joined: Jul 16, 2008
    Posts: 3

    carlos Sanchez
    from Orange Ca


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  21. lukey
    Joined: May 27, 2009
    Posts: 668


    3000 for the car
    900 tires & wheels
    100 crap paint
    1800 302/aod swap
    200 brakes
    300 upholstery
    1000 misc

    Sold original motor/trans $500

    $6800 total over a 3 year build span.

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  22. BuckeyeBuicks
    Joined: Jan 4, 2010
    Posts: 2,171

    from ohio

    You will get no love for the wheels and tires around here. The truck looks like it will be bitchin otherwise, maybe not the most "traditional"
  23. stubbsrodandcustom
    Joined: Dec 28, 2010
    Posts: 1,318

    from Spring tx

    56 dodge truck, on the road 10 years now, was an under 3500 build when it started, after a rebuild on motor, few other things through the 10 years along with many miles, and finally a vintage air that doesn't work worth a crap, I'm about 9000 in right now. Many miles, and smiles and a lot more to go.

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  24. gene-koning
    Joined: Oct 28, 2016
    Posts: 2,125


    I'm building a new pickup project right now. I can tell you its a lot more expensive then it was when I built the coupe, just 6 years ago.
    The sheet metal was cheap, but I spent a lot of time replacing rusted places.
    The donor truck was cheap, but rebuilding the components is costly, I've got over $1200 just replacing brake parts on this 25 year old truck frame. Every time you make a trip to the parts house to get something little, it costs nearly $100. Another bag of nuts and bolts, this one was over $25! Its amazing just how many nuts and bolts go into a truck!
    My best guess it I'm somewhere around $4,000 - $5,000 in this project right now, and I know as we (it and me) get closer to the road, the trips to the hardware store and parts houses get more frequent, and more expensive. The truck just moved under its own power for the 1st time Sat morning, I've gotten a new sense of urgency to finish it.
    I just ordered replacement flat glass, cut locally for $365, (cheaper then anyplace on line).
    I just ordered new rubber for the glass, door seals, cowl vent gasket, and window channels, and a new steering U joint to connect the column to the rack, over $200. The steering rack, tie rod ends, and belts for the motor were another $355.
    There is still body panels I have to make, paint and body work (even me doing it will cost for materials), and tires yet to buy. I think this one will be very close to that 10 K number by the time it legally rolls down the street. It won't be a trophy winner by any stretch, but it will be a great driver, which I will do a lot of. Gene
  25. jetnow1
    Joined: Jan 30, 2008
    Posts: 1,641

    from CT
    1. A-D Truckers

    ask my better half how much I have in my toys, she will tell you I have very little in them, I told her so....
  26. rwrj
    Joined: Jan 30, 2009
    Posts: 640

    from SW Ga

    Mine is right at $2,500. That's doing all the work myself, and a good many old/leftover/scrounged parts. Started with a rolling chassis with the original engine. The tires were the biggest expense after the chassis.
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