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Technical Complete car re-wire

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by BLUDICE, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Thanks guys, I did my last car and for that reason plus due to a couple of recent health issues it's best I don't do this one. I asked the same question on a different forum and got the same response - DIYS and a quote for $3500! I just wanted a rough idea until I can stop by a good shop I know of. This is about a car I'm thinking of buying, and the wiring is a major reason I didn't buy it a couple months ago. I've always done all my own work on cars, and having someone else do work for me is new and frankly hard to accept. I'm not going to let this health issue keep me from the car scene this summer, so I'll just have to make a few adjustments - thanks.
  2. Larry W
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    Larry W
    from kansas

    Do the planning ,and do it yourself. If you can navigate the internet you wire your car.
  3. stimpy
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    since I read your predicament , at the shop when we were open we charged 100 a Hour plus materials . and we often asked the customer to supply the unit in question ( like here some had different preferences than others ) so 1200-1800 for labor should be around the ball park on the high end , but if its a car like a older Gm were they hid the wiring behind the interior above the door the price will go up .
  4. Thats the range Im in (and I do a lot of them around here). Most non computer cars are $500 plus the kit, usually back to you the next day, if you schedule it in with me.
  5. tfeverfred
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    With all the kits and info available, I would never consider paying someone to do this.
  6. The37Kid
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    oldschool66, Thanks for being the first guy on the HAMB to ever post a photo of a Rebel kit, I've always wondered what they looked like. What got added as seen it photo #2, it doesn't look anything like the stuff in photo #1.:confused: Bob

  7. I do just about everything to build cars and hire nothing out, but we all have limitations and different time vs money standards.
  8. Ratrod.piper
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    from canada

    I agree, tho I've been procrastinating about putting in the new harness.. I have open it up and let it out inside my car I bought an ez-wire woff of ebay for about 150 bucks including shipping I bought a better quality 21 circuit.. Every wire is actually labeled where it goes and I mean there's writing all along the wire so it's pretty hard to mess up.. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.. As for myself I googled how to solder was very helpful with that.. Picked myself up at $12 soldering iron set from China on eBay and I've been practicing on scrap wires and after about the 4th attempt I got it down pretty good... now I just gotta get some uninterrupted time in the garage
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  9. buckd
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    To do it right even at $50.00 an hour it's gonna be $1000. plus the Harness kit. Ive done a bunch and it is time consuming even with the best kits. But It's not that difficult if you think it out and don't be rushed. There is nothing more embarrasing than being out cruising with your buds and your car breaks down or won't start just because you cut corners. AS far as where to buy. Get a HotRod magazine or about any other one out there and they are advertised. Also they all have websites. Good Luck, BUCKD
  10. Just some headlight sockets I wired in to be able to unplug everything, plus some plastic wire loom, which I got rid of.
  11. young'n'poor
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    Let's get this on track for the OP. He explained in a second post he can't do it himself for health reasons, so maybe some hambers nearby can help the fella out.

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  12. If your car is a hardtop gary, the hardest part is wiring the interior lights and the turn signal. Otherwise, its simple, straightforward and gets rid of the nonsensical '54 ford stock wiring.
  13. cajundixie
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    all good advice.... don't make the mistake I made and go with an original style wireing kit.. did my 40 2-door ( Ford ) with no problem but 2 years later the cloth is falling apart, should have gone with a good after market wire, like Ron Francis are e z wire..l
  14. Ratrod.piper
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    from canada

    .. Oh I guess I missed the health reasons Part... I would still suggest ordering yourself a good quality kit.. And find someone that can solder.. Perhaps a local mechanic school, or high school electronics class could do it for you for a small fee..

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