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Competition Coupes post some pics please

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 61cad, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. rfraze
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    OK, I gotta clear this up. Fuel Coupe was a different classification than Competition Coupe, right? Dragster chassis with a coupe/or sedan body draped over the cockpit area and evolving wheelbase as the years went on was Comp Coupe, correct? Modified roadster was the same with a roadster body.
    Stretch the chassis on an altered beyond a certain point and you were in one of the two classes above.
  2. rfraze
    Joined: May 23, 2012
    Posts: 1,995


    This great car (from page 1) was campaigned by the Lewis brothers at NW tracks and now lives in Texas with Don Smith.

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  3. rfraze
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    Check page 4 post #61. Looks like it to me. What a showman!
    Excellent thread, thanks!!
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  4. dragsled
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    from Panama IA

    Lookin good Ray, nice clean pass, Keep it up,, Tim Jones
  5. dragsled
    Joined: May 12, 2011
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    from Panama IA

    Two flatheads Gotta love this car!!!!!, Tim Jones
  6. 296ardun
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    Yes, fuel coupes and gas altereds had similar rules, no more than a 6" chop or channel, no more than 25% engine setback on the wheelbase, used to require stock front grille, but that went away......

    competition coupes, fuel or gas, just required a body, chopped as much as you wanted as long as you could see out of it, no stock frontal area, engine where ever you wanted it, some slingshot style, some rear engined...
  7. rfraze
    Joined: May 23, 2012
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    Thanks for the rule info and clarification on these classes.
    I was trying to remember what the body is on The 2 Flat Coupe. Finally came to me - Simca. What a nice racecar. I saw it in some pics from the Texas Thaw at North Star Dragway Denton, Texas.
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  8. Sandman68
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    from New Jersey

    I will I am picking mine up from the builder this weekend
  9. ^^^^^

    Post some pics
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  10. Speed Gems
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    Speed Gems

  11. Butler 65
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    Butler 65

    I have a 99% original comp coupe, ran out of the Bakersfield area. Built around 1960, 120" WB, 62 Vette 327FI with Hilborns. Also have it's original 12' single axle trailer. I'm looking for some history on the car but I've been off the site for a while and don't see how to post. I would really like to take it back to the way it was. Actually, all I need is the paint scheme. Everything else has survived. Any help would be appreciated. Mike.

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  12. gnichols
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    from Tampa, FL

    More from the just wondering department... it would appear that all kinds of bodies were eligible in this class, and that modifying them was no biggie... so why not many 33-34 Ford coupes? Those coupes are every bit as slippery as the Fiats (they look like big and little brothers in profile). I could see 33-34 Ford coupes with Pierson Bros. style chops making pretty cool comp coupes. Gary
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  13. kasselyn29
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    image.jpeg What class would my car run in, this was built I'm told in the 60's. You sit all the way back on drivers side, have to climb in from passenger side. 327 Hillborn Muncie m21 and big olds rear axle. Have 12 spoke American spindle mounts for front just not on it right now.
  14. some years back neil got sideways at kaukauna. it was a early spring race. the cold night air came in and the track got slick. the car got loose hitting the wall then flew in the air breaking it in two. neil built a new car and still has it. the last time it was out was a cackle event a few years ago at union grove. his crew member jimmy young was only a kid at the time of the crash. jimmy won back to back march meets.
  15. RichFox
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    looks like an Altered.
  16. A/C
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  17. luckys8ba
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  18. jnaki
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    Hey B,
    The biggest organization for drag racing history in the Bakersfield area are the Smokers Drag Racing group. Starting in the early 50's and ran the 1st Smokers historic drag racing event in 1959. That big event brought most of the big names in from all over the USA to compete against the west coast drag racers. Google search 1959 Bakersfield Smokers Drag Racing.
    Most of the oldest guys started in the late 40s and their club history goes back quite a ways. Use the contact page above and explain your search...

    Our foray into the world of the Bakersfield Smokers was at the 1960 March Meet. I do not recall that particular race car, but there were so many race cars and fans there that it was a real "gathering of the tribes..."
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  19. The red full bodied car was Hank Vincent's "Top Banana" Sadly, Hank lost his life in the car.
  20. A friend of mine is finishing this one up.
    Cut down Prefect, narrowed of course, split the back/front doors in half then welded the front half to the rear half, Cragar blower, Hilborn 2 port and double hump heads 20190219_143157.jpg 20190219_140656.jpg 20190219_140707.jpg 20190219_143304.jpg 20190219_143209.jpg
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  21. AldeanFan
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    My buddy’s that I helped build and paint.
    Name: Two Stupid

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  22. rd martin
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    rd martin
    from indiana

    DSC02021.JPG I KNOW THIS THREAD IS OLD, but here is dave cranes comp coupe, sadly dave has passed on us, but were going to get it out and show it in daves honor. this is the original steel body from 1959 when it ran a flat head, then hemi. it was raced in Michigan and Indiana. two of the original owners are still with us, and the second owner is living in north Dakoda. I have enjoyed talking to them about the early days.if ya this this car at any of the events,stop and say hi.
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