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Folks Of Interest Clutch Popper Wednesdays

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jalopy Kid, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Model A Mark
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    Model A Mark
    from dallas
    1. Holley 94 Group

    yep its been a while, glad your back ..
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  2. plodge55aqua
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    from Alberta

    Holy. I received the email. I have not been here for quite sometime. Life took some changes along the way. Hope you are doing well in BC. As well as everyone here.
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  3. Outback
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    from NE Vic

    Good to see the thread & more importantly you back!
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  4. Wednesday night update! Tonight we worked on my 47 Ford. It just passed inspection on Monday and is now registered and insured on the road. Time to start working the bugs out.
    We had vermicelli for dinner from the Saigon Grille by the dog park.
    One of the issues I’ve been having is the car stalls when I stop at an intersection or step on the brakes hard. My first thought was maybe the float is set too low, but my friend Charlie had the exact same issue with his T roadster (same drivetrain) and he solved it by playing with the timing. That’s easier than pulling the carburetor apart, so I started there.
    It was originally set on the 3rd notch, so I moved it to the 4th notch and went for a drive. Felt a bit sluggish, and still stalled. Went to the 5th notch, and it was even worse.
    With that information, I jumped up to the 2nd notch, and had a noticeable increase in power, and it sounded better. But it still stalled. Tried the 1st notch, and it still stalled, so I set it back to the 2nd and moved on to the float bowl. The float was in spec, but the float bowl was full of crud!
    When I got the car 4 months ago, it wasn’t running and the gas tank was full of sand. I initially got the car running off a Jerry can, then cleaned and sealed the tank. The fuel filter and sediment bowl are clean, so this must have been residual from the last time the car ran, before I owned it.
    I cleaned the bowl out, but I don’t have a carburetor kit, so I just put it back together. I’ll add a carb kit to the shopping list.
    While I was doing all this, Shannon was on rattle duty. I hate rattles, and this car has a lot of them! She also fabricated a master cylinder hole plate from scrap aluminum and installed it.
    Afterwards we went for a road test to see if cleaning out the float bowl magically fixed the stalling issue (it didn’t haha) and then stopped at the old abandoned roundhouse for a photo, and I made a YouTube update video.
    Anyways, that’s all for this Wednesday. Next week we’re back on Shannon’s Comet.

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