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Classic Car Pig Roast at my place and you're invited!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by hotrodladycrusr, May 16, 2012.

  1. Denise,I sure would like to drive up and surprise you,also see your great kitchen remodle,,,but a hug and a kiss here will suffice till next year at the Roundup...Cheers for your pig roast
  2. so_dak_kid
    Joined: Oct 12, 2010
    Posts: 324


    Ditto! 5 stars here......
  3. Brandi
    Joined: Sep 1, 2007
    Posts: 1,041


    I've got expedia emailing me flights everyday. So, ya never know...
  4. hotrodladycrusr
    Joined: Sep 20, 2002
    Posts: 20,763


    Jealousy probably. :rolleyes:
    Thanks for the support and maybe one of these days you can come to visit? Doors aways open.

    Tours of the remodel will be given on the hour. :D

    My fingers are crossed sweetie. I'm about a short 20 minute ride from the airport. Let me know your arrival time and I'll pick you up in style!
  5. hotrodladycrusr
    Joined: Sep 20, 2002
    Posts: 20,763


    thanks bud!
  6. MilesM
    Joined: May 28, 2002
    Posts: 1,203


    My brother, brother in law, and I are doing the Power Tour and might make it by to say hi. There is a swap meet in Midland starting Friday we are going to try and swing by as I think we will be coming down from the UP. Brother in law lives in Davison by Flint.
  7. HighSpeed LowDrag
    Joined: Mar 2, 2005
    Posts: 968

    HighSpeed LowDrag
    from Houston

    Pig roast = yum

    Pig roast at HRLC = yum yum

    Too bad I'm in Texas.
  8. roughneck424
    Joined: Jan 10, 2009
    Posts: 1,084


    Wish I could make it !
    I love a good Pig Roast!! I can bring my roaster too :)
  9. The Redskins (David's Football team) has an 8pm - 9pm game at Stevenson - just up the road a piece...
    Maybe we can all come by before or after - when ya kicking this thing off?
  10. hotrodladycrusr
    Joined: Sep 20, 2002
    Posts: 20,763


    GREAT! It will ne nice to see you again and meet the rest of the posse.

    Wish you could make it too. We could have a roast off!!:D
    You're looks as yummy as my buddy's that cooks mine.
    NOTHING better then a properly seasoned and cooked pig :cool:

    Anytime after 5pm, will probably start eating at 7pm and start toning it down at 11pm as everyone has an early Saturday. Hope you and the family can make it.
  11. koolkemp
    Joined: May 7, 2004
    Posts: 6,006


    You aint lived till you have some of her cookies!!:D
  12. Buckle
    Joined: Feb 17, 2005
    Posts: 380


    Thanks for the invite Denise!! Me and like 3 Suspects will be coming down for this :D

  13. thewildturkey46
    Joined: Dec 4, 2005
    Posts: 748

    from Rice, MN

    Denise, wish I could make it, but I'm heading west to the LARS on Thursday....thats the other direction.....darn!! Maybe see you in Salina or ?? Dale
  14. hotrodladycrusr
    Joined: Sep 20, 2002
    Posts: 20,763


    Thanks for the kind words sweetie

    Looking forward to seeing you and your posse.

    Have fun in Cali. One of these days I'll make it to LARS.
    I'm not doing Salina but I will be at teh Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling green in a couple of weeks and the Jalopy Showdown Invitational in July and the HAMB Drags in Aug. Hoping our paths will cross this summer. Drive safe bud! :cool:
  15. hotrodladycrusr
    Joined: Sep 20, 2002
    Posts: 20,763


    I talked to Jack at the Hudson Museum and just wanted to let you know that the cruz nights in Ypsi's Depot Town do not start till next Thursday, June 7th. Bummer.

    Weather permitting we are going to hit the Power Tour cruz night in Ferndale tonight. Woodward and 9 Mile area. If you roll into town meet us there.
  16. Sorry Denise, I just can't make it up this weekend. Too many things already going on. :(
  17. Brandi
    Joined: Sep 1, 2007
    Posts: 1,041


    There could be a Brandi sighting at this one.
  18. Dammit, I will be stuck here in S.E. Pa for awhile . Have fun gang
  19. Rain or shine? ;)

    See you tonight, I hope!

  20. derbydad276
    Joined: May 29, 2011
    Posts: 1,324


    I hate it when somthing comes up and I cant go hang out with the cool kids

    cant make it tonite ... hope to see ya at daly burger on the 11th
  21. dvlscoupe
    Joined: Jul 21, 2004
    Posts: 761


    That's to bad Derb, we could have annoyed the neighbors some more.
  22. Oldmanolds
    Joined: Jan 16, 2006
    Posts: 930


    Damn It would have been cool to see your place. Make it a Saturday next time for us folks a few hundred miles away. And OH those cookies!
  23. Stu55
    Joined: Mar 30, 2009
    Posts: 82

    from Dallas Tx

    Looks like I cant make tonight. Had to do some work on the truck in the hotel lot! Maybee I'll see you at Woodward cruise sat night. We're exactly on Woodward is the cruise? What's with the crappy weather? Thanks again for the invite. Stu
  24. Kona Cruisers
    Joined: Feb 4, 2007
    Posts: 1,074

    Kona Cruisers

    Sorry Denise, my wife won't allow me in youre state unless its up on the UP (and only then only for my BIL wedding.) for my own safety. (OBNOXIOUS THE Ohio State University fan... Im "THAT GUY"... )
  25. You guys missed some good pig....:p

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