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Chopping A 51 2-door Sedan?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by MR_WIMONE, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Bill Hines And A Few Others Chopped A 51 In A Recent Mag Of Ol'skool Rods, And I Have One But I Wasnt Impressed By The Way A 51 Sedan Looks When Its Chopped, Is There Maybe A Wrong Way Or A Right Way To Chop A 51 Sedan? I Know Fast Back Looks Real Cool But A Sedan Has Just A Way Different Look..

  2. '51 Ford Fast Back????????
  3. [​IMG]
    Heres my '50 sedan made into a fastback:D ......Shiny
  4. Nekronomicon
    Joined: May 23, 2005
    Posts: 814


    Just do it like this and you'll be alright...

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  5. rustymetal
    Joined: Feb 18, 2003
    Posts: 534


    wondering how much is the purple 51 chopped, real nice
  6. rebstew187
    Joined: Jan 17, 2005
    Posts: 1,476


    why are you screaming LOW VINTAGE BOMBS,FNG! calm down..little large isn't it?
  7. Circus Bear
    Joined: Aug 10, 2004
    Posts: 3,237

    Circus Bear

    I thinkMr himes did a chevy in that particle. Will mad respect towards and his insane talent. I think the top looks too flat and doesn't flow very well. His craftmanship was and incredible as usual, but who ever decided the roof line must have had left over shroom pizza for breakfast.
  8. arkiehotrods
    Joined: Mar 9, 2006
    Posts: 6,034


    That's what I call "just right!"

  9. Just Right? Hell, its PERFECT !!! What a jawdropper !
  10. heavy
    Joined: Mar 17, 2006
    Posts: 358


    that's all palmer right there noone chops 'em like him.
  11. Redneck Smooth
    Joined: Apr 19, 2004
    Posts: 1,344

    Redneck Smooth
    from Cincinnati

    Assuming for a moment that we all don't study Ol Skool Rodz with every passing moment, is this dude talking about a ford or a chevy?
  12. True till Death
    Joined: Mar 1, 2006
    Posts: 123

    True till Death

    Sorry to ask a question on your tread Mr. Wione but i have a 51 fordor that i am interested in chopping anyone have any pics of a car like this chopped? is it even do able?:confused:
  13. DIRTYT
    Joined: Oct 22, 2003
    Posts: 3,264

    from Warren,MI

    here is my old 50 two door sedan hardtopped with a 6" front and 8" rear. just lay the back window down alot and it will flow out nice like the other two pics posted.

    And it was a chevy in osr.. but in case you ment ford here is the 51 ford i just chopped. 6.5" all the way around. im just a pic posting whore when it comes to my cars sorry:D

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  14. the "eliterate"redneck
    Joined: Jun 26, 2006
    Posts: 341

    the "eliterate"redneck

    hi just wanted to say each car has its own lines every chop is different but on a 51 ford i think this is a good example of a chop that doesnt take away from the cars look. 512.jpg

  15. the "eliterate"redneck
    Joined: Jun 26, 2006
    Posts: 341

    the "eliterate"redneck

    that green one s sick. the lines flow.perfect chop.ya need a little more on the ford to get that tail dragger look.but still looks good:rolleyes:
  16. pompadour
    Joined: May 9, 2006
    Posts: 558


    what are we looking at for a $$ range for a wack? anyone know?
  17. the "eliterate"redneck
    Joined: Jun 26, 2006
    Posts: 341

    the "eliterate"redneck

    a girl told me one time the lower i go the more it will cost me :eek: ..................a 5'' chop on a two door in primer/flat black no paint runs about 2000-2500--and if you are going to paint it 3000-3500 plus paint cost. thats just me some are cheaper some are more. and hambers get a break:D $$$$$
  18. pimpin paint
    Joined: May 31, 2005
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    pimpin paint
    from so cal


    It's most doable, lots of work, but doable. The sail panel area will take the
    most work, on a fordor, to pull it off. You may wanna look into the fordor-
    ta two door route on this one.
    Go to the archives section under chops, here on the HAMB.....there have
    been pictures of fordor chops featured. In a pinch, study the Mercury four-
    door chops for ideas on problem solving.

    Swankey Devils C.C.
  19. *right click* save...perfect.

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