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Event Coverage Chop/Metal Working Class *NEW DATES ADDED*

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Pinstriper40, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. That has a good look... what you take out 3 inches?

    Yesterday was a NICE day even though it called for rain... Only showing to be mid 50's today BRRRR and some rain
  2. Thanks! 6" out of the A pillar, not sure how much in back... Till it looked right!

    What an awesone weekend! The car has been finished nd given away, and the results speak for themselves!
    What do you think?
    IMG_20190114_050506_810.jpg IMG_20190114_050506_804.jpg IMG_20190114_050506_808.jpg IMG_20190114_050506_795.jpg IMG_20190114_045657_715.jpg
  3. dragonknucks
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    This class was a blast! Joel is a great guy with a lot of knowledge. Ed Smooth of Smooth Engineering, where the class was held, is also a great guy with a wealth of knowledge in regards to metal shaping/finishing. The other guys who attended the class were also good guys and willing to help everyone else out. No fuss, no drama of any kind. If I get the chance to attend another chop class, I would sign up without hesitation. Hell, I'm already planning on heading the the next PHX class to hang out and see how the chop on the next car looks!

    Highly recommend this class to everyone looking to learn and have a great time doing so. Joel is no scientist, but he's pretty damn good at teaching others.

    - Rocky 34384.jpeg 20190112_111251.jpeg 20190112_152432.jpeg 20190113_181141.jpeg

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  4. Voodoo Trucker
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    Voodoo Trucker

    So glad I signed up for this class! Great time with a group of hot rodders, where each one of them brought something to the table. Joel is a talented young man with an eye for style that will help us keep hot rodding alive for the future. Ed Smoot is an amazing metal shaper and fabricator with a great attitude, willing to teach anyone that wants to learn. I look forward to hearing what those two come up with for possible classes dedicated to metal working and fabrication.
  5. TrailerTrashToo
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    I can't say it better than Voodoo Trucker. Repeating what was said above, the attendees all helped each other. We learned from Joel and Ed, and from each other.

    Hood - Med res - Cropped.jpg
    It did happen and this picture proves it. This hood was twisted and dented. The dotted line in this picture was a deep groove. On a show of hands, we all thought that this hood was junk. Ed got it to this stage in about 45 minutes of demonstration.

    I was the only person that did not intend to take this Ford home: "At 74 years old, I do not have enough time to finish the car". This was an amazing Colorado car, except for the rocker panels, no rust - the fenders, floor, trunk, door bottoms all had no rust penetration. It did go to a good home.
  6. TrailerTrashToo
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    Also, we got to do metal projects. The equipment was available to hammer form, shrink, stretch, English wheel, bead roll, weld (and I probably missed a couple). Ed was there to teach us new tricks. And we all helped each other with suggestions.

    Fender skirt prototypes - Med res.jpg
    I had a wild idea about fender skirts. I grabbed a couple pieces of 18 Gauge and a sharpie marker and set out to learn about English wheels and bead rollers. These are learning prototypes, not designed to fit any car.

    The first attempt (left) taught me that rolling in the stiffener lines flattened the curvature of the piece. It also taught me that I did not have the skills to tip over the curves and hammer the edges over a wire brace. The resulting "curve" is jagged.

    On the second attempt (right), I English wheeled more curvature into the work, before rolling in the stiffening lines. After bead rolling the stiffening lines, I hand twisted some of the curvature back into the piece. I then bead rolled all the edge lines, which gave a smoother curve when the edges where tipped over. After tipping the edges, the edges were hammered over, with a thick welding rod in the bead for reinforcement.
  7. Thanks for attending @Voodoo Trucker @dragonknucks and @TrailerTrashToo you guys were great, and thanks for taking time to share your experience!

    We are planning to hold a metal finishing class March 23rd and 24th as well, featuring Ed Smoot as the instructor! This will be a hands on class that will teach you how to fix those big dents and save time and $$$ on bodywork!
    PM me for details.

    20190113_162206_HDR.jpg 20190113_171248.jpg
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  8. Voodoo Trucker
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    Voodoo Trucker

    Thank you!, for putting it together Joel. Sadly, I am working that weekend but will try to attend the next one.


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  9. TrailerTrashToo
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    Thanks Joel and Ed, to steal a title from a favorite 1968 record, you guys put on a "Super Session". I have an OT truck needs some "character lines" and warts removed. PM sent
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  11. I saw you just signed up. Thank you Russ!
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  13. TrailerTrashToo
    Joined: Jun 20, 2018
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  14. For those of you attending, we will be chopping a '52 Chevy coupe this weekend, and the schedule is as follows:
    5-8 pm friday night, meet n greet and prep party
    8am-10pm Saturday
    8am-6pm Sunday

    Pm me with any further questions.

    As the wise farmer once said, " Never damn the rain".
  15. And who sez that you shouldn't chop a coupe?



    The roofs altitude was lowered about 3 inches over all to get rid of that Gorge Jetson's space age look.
    The B pillars where tilted forward just a hair and gave it a good flowing look..

    This is a good HANDS ON class, Techniques of metal finishing, proper ways to fill those voids with real metal instead of a whole bunch of sto0pid pie cuts...

    Most in attendance did get there hands dirty, But there was a few that just sat on there ass playing on there phones WTF !

    The long 14 hr days did play hell on us old pharts a bit though….

    I really don't want to say what the winner of the car drawing has in plan for the car. The car is to be built but NOT HAMB FRIENDLY !
  16. Two more chop classes scheduled for late April and May in Cheyenne Wyoming and Florence Colorado! These are smaller classes, so get your spot reserved today!
    Click on the link below for more details.
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  17. Erwin
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    The Ford turned out good . Fine design on that top. Way to go, guys.
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  18. Thank you! I actually bought that car back, I plan on getting it in primer and collecting a few more parts for it, maybe adding a couple other kustom touches, then selling it.
  19. This is the level of finish we accomplish in a weekend with a full chop... Given a few more days of metal finishing, it could all be smoothed out! Thanks for the kind words!
    20190204_104144_HDR.jpg 20190204_104155.jpg
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  20. There are 6 more spots in the Cheyenne, WY class at the end of April, 13 spots left for the class at my shop in Florence CO the last weekend in May. Hope to see you there!
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