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Chevy Inline six supercharger

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by CheatersPete, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Do you know if there is something existing to run a supercharger on a 53 chevy???

    I had saw an intake for it, but it was on ebay and i miss it!

    if you have any pictures...please post it

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    from SIDNEY, NY

    The intake you're talking about is no longer in production. It was made about 15 years ago, so I'm afraid you're stuck with looking for a used one.
  3. cruisinkruty
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    Me and a friend at the club were kicking around the idea of installing a Eaton supercharger off the supercharged V6s that ford uses. That blower has a rear exit on it and could be mounted on the side of the block with bracketry similiar to an air conditioning compressor. A carb mounting flange could easily be fabricated and a duct from the rear of the blower right into the existing intake manifold. Play with pulley sizes to alter your boost and you will make loads of torque on the cheap. These blowers can usually be had at salvage yards for around 200 bucks in nice usable shape. I would probably use the rochester dualjet carb,you know, the one that looks like the front half of a quadrajet or possibly a 390 cfm holley.:rolleyes:
  4. tommy
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    Make your own! This guy did.
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  5. lakesmod
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    Inline six supercharger manifolds
    42650 S.E. Highway 26 (Shorty's Corner)
    A product of Larrowe & Sons parts
    P.O. box 1239
    Sandy, Oregon 97055

    A add from The 12 Port News,Inliners International
  6. Leebo!
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    from Yale OK

    HEy, for what its worth, ive seen 2 supercharged 6's on ebay. The details said they were factory and came out of early fifties utilities trucks. (like these big old 54 chevy flatbeds you still see in hayfields down here) Unfortunately I havent actually been able to find one in these said trucks, or score one on egay.
  7. Leebo!
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    Posts: 800

    from Yale OK

    Oh, and the ones i had seen had 671's(i think) that were mounted up agains the sides. Wished i had saved pics, they were sweet
  8. You used to be able to buy the manifolds fron either Patrick's Antique Cars and Trucks, or Clifford's. Mounted a 3-71 or 4-71 GMC style blower at an angle. Crazy looking set up. I'll go look through the archives. Then I'll let you know who it is for sure.
  9. Found it on the last page of my Clifford catalog (No. 21)

    Hunter Performance Inc.
    9302 Livernois
    Houston, TX 77080

    (713) 461-BLWN
  10. patrick87
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    from brenham tx

    Try a search, there was a post awhile back with pics of blown 6s.
  11. kenergy
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  12. Thanks to all!!

    very helpfull!

    I will keep you guys in touch about what my friend Stefan going to do with his chevy 53!

  13. OLDSKEWL61
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    what year/modle diid the super carger in the pic come off ANYONE?
  14. mink
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    from CT

    Hate to start a thread so i will post on this on. Where can i find more info on the v6 gm superchargers. Which one is pictured in post 3
  15. mink
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    from CT

  16. 33-Chevy
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    I just ran across this. We make the supercharger manifold referred to above. Still in production, have had one on our 1934 Chevrolet for more years than I can remember. It is on our website at I am a H.A.M.B. member..
  17. xrwagon
    Joined: Sep 21, 2013
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    from australia

    company in Australia do supercharger manifolds for chevy six, you can bolt a weaned 142 or Eaton one up, i have brought one for a Ford 200 six with a 2V head. The company is AussieSpeed
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  18. Shaggy
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    from Sultan, WA

    Anyone that can weld can build a stovebolt supercharger manifold for christakes, it isn't rocket science, make up 2 flanges, get some prebents and some welding wire!
  19. you did not say what engine you have, here is a later (292) supercharger intake on evilbay super-6-gm.jpg

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